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Packers Not In On Dez Bryant

There has been plenty of chatter about former Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant landing with the Green Bay Packers. It appears that’s all it is.


The latest came from former teammate turned analyst Jason Witten, who predicted Bryant would end up with the Packers.

Ian Rapoport says that does not appear likely. The Packers are not interested in Bryant now and aren’t expected to be.

The only team to have known interest in Bryant thus far were the Baltimore Ravens, who offered him a multi-year deal. Bryant turned that down because he wants a one-year deal. That would allow him to hit free agency next year after what he assumes will be a big season.

The Packers, meanwhile, have plenty of depth at the receiver position after drafting three of them. You couldn’t say they have much proven depth, however.

After the top two of Davante Adams and Randall Cobb, the next most experienced guy is Geronimo Allison. He has all of 35 career receptions and 455 yards.

If he doesn’t step up, the Packers could be forced to rely heavily on one of their rookie draft picks. That, as we have seen in the past, can be problematic when Aaron Rodgers is the guy throwing the football.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Turbo May 15, 2018

    If you guys are looking for bloggers contact me. Seriously. 0 comments?

  2. cz May 15, 2018

    The Packers didnt draft 3 RBs last year and then pickup one after that.
    This yr, they didnt draft wrs to pick up one after that. They have too many receivers as it is.

  3. Phillthy May 15, 2018

    Thank god. Dude is a drop machine. Combine Aaron Rodgers hard throws and the cold weather, this dude would have lost us games in the clutch part of the season.

    Im honestly excited for Allison, him and Adams will be a great tandem combined with Cobbs inside routes and Graham capable of running up the middle.

    If our ground attack can stay potent with a 1 – 2 punch of Williams and Jones fresh legs, we could see a more dynamic offense than before.

  4. Moolla May 16, 2018

    It will take some balls to offer anything for Dez from this front office.

    1) You’d get the “You released Jordy for that!!!!!” all year long.

    2) While I don’t think Dez is the locker room cancer people make him out to be, Packers don’t want a potential Martellus 2.0 situation on their hands.

    3) Hampering the development of all the young WR currently on the team, just so Dez can get his shot at getting a bigger deal next year from another team, doesn’t sound like a sensible thing to do. Even if rookies are statistically unproductive with Rodgers.

  5. Deepsky May 16, 2018

    Bryant isn’t only a drop machine, there are many in the Cowboy media who say he lost a significant step. He didn’t have a single 100 yard game all last season. He hasn’t had a 1000 yard season since 2014 because of injuries.

    You don’t get rid of Jordy Nelson because he’s lost a step, then pick up a guy who also lost a step.

  6. Skinny May 16, 2018

    As I have been saying for over a month now. Complete stupidity on the Packers part that Dez isn’t in GB. Not even close to same guy as Bennett. With Rodgers throwing Dez is good for 80-90 catches, 1200 yards and 10-12 tds.

    1. PF4L May 16, 2018

      So, kind of like Jordy, but with less touchdowns.

      1. Skinny May 17, 2018

        I cant think of one reason not to with how below average our WR core is after Davante and how many rookie WRs we have. And the difference between Dez and Jordy is Dez still has legs, still has juice, Jordy doesn’t.

        1. PF4L May 17, 2018

          That’s the difference between Dez and Nelson huh? You’re the expert i guess.

          1. Skinny May 17, 2018

            I am expert on getting older. Jordy had the look of older guy not willing to admit it. Happens to most of us at 33,34. Dez is hungry and only 29. With Rodgers throwing its a no brainer. You cant lose with that combo. Gute is going to regret this.

          2. PF4L May 17, 2018

            Ok expert, then explain to me why Bryant has a 52% catch rate, and Nelsons is at 65%.

            So when did Nelson look old to you? After catching his 6th td pass in the 5th game against Dallas?

            Yea, a lot of you football experts feel that’s when he “lost it”, starting with the Minnesota game.

            I can’t argue with that kind of logic. Thank you for educating me.

  7. PF4L May 16, 2018

    There are at least 10 solid reasons why you wouldn’t sign Bryant, and they aren’t that hard to figure out.

    And then the one reason some people want him, is he “might” have a break out year.

    Seems like he’s Gutes kind of free agent though, had some success in the past, but lately, not so much.

  8. Gute May 17, 2018

    I hope we don’t he’s such a tool bag.

  9. Jschizl May 17, 2018

    For anything more than the veterans minimum wage would be bad. Personally I think he wasn’t ever as good as Jordy. But at a veterans min he can go get paid next year or be out of football.

  10. PF4L May 17, 2018

    There is nothing unselfish about Dez Bryant, NOTHING. I’m not paying even min. salary for him to come in my locker room with 4 young receivers including Clark and poisoning them.

    Not to mention the (good) chance of him lighting players and coaches up on the field or sidelines. Dez Bryant isn’t getting this team to a Super Bowl.

    I don’t see any upside here.

    1. Cheese May 17, 2018

      Exactly. He turns down $7 million a year for multiple years with the Ravens because he wants to have a breakout year and sign a bigger contract with possibly another team. He doesn’t give a shit about contributing. He wants to up his stats so he can get a bigger payday. Imagine how that would go over when he doesn’t get the ball or things aren’t going his way? Instant drama, which is why Dallas got rid of him.

      Fuck Dez Bryant. End of discussion.