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Marcedes Lewis Is In the House

The Green Bay Packers and general manager Brian Gutekunst are serious about beefing up the tight end position. They went hard after Jimmy Graham when free agency opened and they got him. Today, they added veteran Marcedes Lewis to a mix that also includes veteran Lance Kendricks.

SAY ????!!

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Lewis was released by the Jacksonville Jaguars earlier this offseason. The former first-round pick isn’t what he used to be as a pass catcher, but is still considered a top-notch blocker.

He caught 24 balls for 318 yards last season. Lewis’ best season as a pass catcher came in 2010, when he went for 58, 700 yards and 10 touchdowns.

It’s not quite like adding Keith Jackson, but Lewis is a solid veteran addition. Not only does he solidify a position that has been perpetually weak, he could also potentially open up the offense. Since the Packers released Jordy Nelson, we have long believed that Graham would line up wide as a receiver, rather than next to a tackle.

Graham isn’t known for his blocking and he thrived in that receiver-type role when he played for the New Orleans Saints. After being traded to the Seattle Seahawks, Graham was used as a more traditional tight end — tight to the line, blocking more often. His production decreased.

The addition of Lewis and the presence of Kendricks will allow the Packers to use Graham however and wherever they want.

Big, fast — matchup problem!

Joseph Bonham

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  1. Skinny May 24, 2018

    Super Bowl baby! This was the missing piece!

    1. KILLER May 25, 2018

      There’s some sarcasm. Sarcasm is humor so I commend that.

  2. Ferris May 24, 2018

    Thank Goodness for Brian Gutekunst, at least the dude is trying to make Green Bay better. If it all flames out it will be with the best players that he can get, not with only “Packer guys”, UDFAs and unrealistic expectations for marginal players. If only he were GM 5 years ago when Ted STARTED to go senile, not when he was finally a complete vegetable drooling on national television. I just can’t get that image out of my head.

    1. KILLER May 25, 2018

      The first 1.5 lines appear to be pure dripping sarcasm. Appropriate. But then the lines begin to blur a little bit. Is it… maybe… NOT sarcasm ???

      Is it yanny or laurel? Gold or blue? I just can’t tell.

  3. Kato May 24, 2018

    Good move. A lot of upside

    1. KILLER May 25, 2018

      OK, now HERE we DEFINITELY have some molasses-dripping sarcasm !!!!!

      1. Kato May 25, 2018

        Are you autistic?

        1. KILLER May 25, 2018

          Play-Doh… he is a 34 year old with upside? I guess it was blind sarcasm but, yeah, what you wrote was sarcastic.

  4. PF4L May 25, 2018

    So how much did we pay for this right-right tackle?

    1. Cheese May 25, 2018

      No shit eh? I was just gonna say with that O-line being so suspect, this guy is just added protection for Rodgers.

      1. PF4L May 25, 2018

        Well, if past pattern continues, they will give him a 20% – 100% raise.

        Disclaimer: That is, if they are only negotiating against themselves. If another team is involved it may go higher.

        But then again, maybe finally….it will come with a pay cut over what he made last season and the Packers will shock the world.

  5. TyKo Steamboat May 26, 2018

    No one mentions the fact this guy is a leader. A locker room guy
    He has character & is the type of piece that carries you deep & sets an example for the younger guys

  6. cz May 26, 2018

    But dont we still have Richard Rodgers and John Kuhn? :)