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J’Mon Moore Knows The Drill, Just Might Succeed

Realistically, no one expects any of the receivers the Green Bay Packers drafted to contribute much in their first season. You’ve got to earn Aaron Rodgers’ trust, which sometimes takes years.

Some guys are never able to earn Rodgers’ trust.

Maybe the one exception was Davante Adams. Although Adams wasn’t a huge factor in his rookie year, he did put up better numbers than most receivers who pair with Rodgers for the first time. Adams caught 38 balls for 446 yards and three touchdowns as a rookie.

That was highlighted by a six-catch, 128-yard effort against the New England Patriots during that 2014 season. So if you take the rest of the totals, not really impressive at all.

However, the Packers will likely be looking to at least one of the three receivers they drafted this year to make a contribution. Based on what he has to say, it seems like fourth-round pick J’Mon Moore gets it.

The highest of the Packers’ three receiver picks, Moore has obviously been reading up. And what does he say about playing for the Packers?

Well, let’s start off with flattering QB1 and then talking about being a perfectionist, which is what we know Rodgers requires to gain the vaunted trust nod.

“A-Rod, he’s the ‘GOAT,’” Moore said. “I’m ready to meet him. I’m ready to go out there and work with him and hopefully be one of his favorite targets. I’m going to make sure I’m on my ‘P’s’ and ‘Q’s’ and make sure I’m working and make sure I get that connection with him (and) go out there and put up some yards for him.”

I mean, if you’re an incoming receiver for the Packers, that’s the script. 1. Kiss Rodgers’ ass. 2. Tell him you are going to work your ass off. 3. Tell him, you too, are a perfectionist.

If 2 and 3 are true, Moore will be a major factor in the Packers’ offense early on.

We haven’t really seen it with Rodgers yet, but he may have no choice but to trust a rookie somewhat this year.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Kato May 9, 2018

    If Adams or Cobb get injured, yeah

    1. Cheese May 9, 2018

      Which is very likely.

  2. cz May 9, 2018

    good story, again, based on what i saw last season, and with nelson and janis gone and hopefully davis leaving since he cant also be a starting wr, i hope all 3 drafted receivers make the team. free up a spot eliminating hundley. he can go find callahan.

  3. PF4L May 9, 2018

    Every QB has to have a certain amount of trust with a receiver. But lets not convolute the idea of trust, and playing up to the standards and within the principles of the Packers offense.

    How many rookie receivers have stepped in his rookie season with the Packers in the last 50 years and made a statement? Sharpe pops in my head, but that’s about it.

    It’s to bad we didn’t have another tall veteran receiver around we could have signed for a song and a dance. Then we wouldn’t be trying to rely on rookies fresh from a draft. But then again, on this team that is becoming the norm.

    1. Empacador May 13, 2018

      James Lofton anyone?

      Sharpe 55 for 791 and 1 TD 14.4 average
      Lofton 46 for 818 and 6 TD 17.8 average

  4. Deepsky May 10, 2018

    I’m not sure how a receiver gains Rodgers respect, but if a receiver drops balls, he won’t make it in the NFL, unless he was drafted in the first or second round and they give him a bunch of chances like they did with Adams.

    We see the highlights and Moore looks like a great prospect. But what we don’t see are his many drops if a corner is anywhere near him, which he’ll see continually in the NFL. If he starts dropping balls, he’s done. He’s only fourth rounder. The Packers won’t give him many chances.

  5. Kato May 10, 2018

    It’s going to come down to whether MM can incorporate them into the offense. Which is a coin flip to me. He is going to have to adjust the offense for these guys or this offense is going to be a colossal failure.

    1. tupac May 10, 2018

      Hardly! These guys aren’t slot WRs. They’ll be across from Adams and that’s it. All one of these guys needs to do is keep the two best defenders off Adams, and hopefully he has the speed to take the fastest corner.

    2. Cheese May 10, 2018

      McCarthy adjust the offense? Hahahahahahahahahahaha….

      1. Drater May 10, 2018

        …over/under 35 receptions for Graham.

        1. Kato May 10, 2018

          Better be over otherwise a madman is coming to 1265

      2. Kato May 10, 2018

        Cheese he has before. When the Chip Kelly craze hit the NFL 4 years ago and everyone was all got and bothered over it. I thought he did a decent job adjusting the offense in 2013 when Rodgers was hurt. However it does seem like he has gotten increasingly stubborn about changing up the offense. Almost to the point in driving me crazy. 2015 comes to mind