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Derwin James To The Packers Was A Lock

We were all in love with Florida State safety Derwin James going into the draft. Athletic, big hitter, alpha male that other guys followed.

Apparently, so were the Green Bay Packers.

James was projected to go in the top 10, gone well before the Packers picked at No. 14. That didn’t happen. James slid and was available at No. 14. We waited for the Packers to pull the trigger.

James says he thought his phone would ring and the Packers would be on the other end.

It’s 8:32 pm and Derwin James has two phones in hand, ready for them to ring.

The Green Bay Packers are on the clock, and based on his meeting with them and all he’s heard, he’s expecting them to select him with the 14th overall pick.

Then again, James fully expected to be taken in the top 10, thinking it was unlikely he’d get past the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at eight.

Yet here he is, waiting.


James went three picks later to the Los Angeles Chargers. That anecdote comes from a lengthy story on James published on Chargers.com.

The Packers clearly had interest in James, but had more interest in acquiring another first-round pick. That’s what they did in trading out of No. 14 with the New Orleans Saints. That second pick will come in 2019.

When all said and done, the Packers would move back up in the first round and grab Louisville cornerback Jaire Alexander. That’s not a bad consolation prize.

We won’t know how all of this maneuvering really works out for years. Maybe James is a seven-time All-Pro. Maybe Alexander is Fred Vinson. Who knows what the 2019 draft pick will be.

Those will be the three pieces that will be judged when we look back at the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft for the Green Bay Packers.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Ferris May 31, 2018

    They have Ha’Sean….no need to draft a safety…he said so. Hard to pass on an offer for a 1st Rd pick, can’t fault BG. Plus if they picked him all the fools would say….”Safety!!!!??? we need corners!

  2. cz May 31, 2018

    lots not complaining now …about james not in gb …will be saying i told they should have taken him later.
    incredible draft in my opinion by gute
    there is hope with gute i say.
    had rodgers had young gute in charge sooner, rodgers would have had several more rings. lets hope rodgers has five good seasons left in the tank

    1. PF4L June 1, 2018

      Several more rings?

      How about we let Gute get a regular season game under his belt before we proclaim him responsible for several more rings.

      Just sayin. (again)

  3. Hinder June 1, 2018

    In certain respects Gutey seem eerily similar to Uncle Ted. He can’t seem to get enough TEs or corners and he avoids ILBs and edge rushers like the plague. However, at least he doesn’t draft basketball and baseball players. That’s a positive.

  4. Deepsky June 1, 2018

    How many people wished the Packers had taken Aaron Maybin in 2009 when the Packers were looking for an OLB? A couple of mocks had the Packers taking him. Maybin was a complete bust. You just never know, which is why I think 2 first round choices is better odds than one.