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Casey Hayward Is Still Pissed

Whether or not you believe the Green Bay Packers screwed up in letting cornerback Casey Hayward walk in free agency without offering him a deal, one thing is certain. Hayward put a giant chip on his shoulder.

Since leaving the Packers for the Los Angeles Chargers, Hayward has twice been named an All-Pro. He’s developed into one of the best cornerbacks in the game and he’s done it playing outside. That was something the Packers didn’t think he could do.

When both he and another cornerback the Packers didn’t want — Micah Hyde, who is now a safety for the Buffalo Bills — made the Pro Bowl, Hayward was quick to throw shade at the Packers. And, okay, probably rightfully so.

Hayward has claimed that he’s the best cornerback in the league. Maybe he is. But he still gets no respect and he’s always happy to point that out to everyone.

The dumbass top 100 players list is being slowly revealed on the NFL Network right now. Hayward didn’t like his ranking.

Here’s one point.

I’d love it if any Packers’ cornerback could even make this list. Like, even in the 90s. Hell, be ranked No. 99 for all I care. That’s an improvement over sucking balls.

Here’s another point.

I don’t care about this list.

Yeah, it’s voted on by other NFL players, but it’s a fucking list. Lists are completely subjective and dumb. A diversion when nothing is going on.

I pay no attention and neither should Casey Hayward.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Don May 22, 2018

    Another great move by uncle Teddy, releasing him and Hyde. Brilliant

    1. Kato May 22, 2018

      Neither were released. They were just allowed to go into FA. I take it you are a genius and knew after Haywards first four years that he would be All pro the following two years? Gtfo. There are some people here that complain like PF4L that complain, but they are actual logical complaints. Not just complaining about shit to be a miserable bastard. I thought it wasn’t a great decision to let Hyde walk, but I wasn’t heartbroken, I always viewed him as a solid role player that was replaceable.

  2. Skinny May 22, 2018

    One major fuck up letting this guy go. The second will be not getting Dez in here. Oh and surprise surprise Davante opens up camp on the injury report. Nah we don’t need any experienced WRs in here.

    1. Ferris May 23, 2018

      A lot of people wanted Hayward gone when his contract was up. He did not play like an All Pro while in Green Bay. He was always getting burned and seemed like he was out of the play a lot. Maybe it was coaching but I understood when they dumped him. It’s too bad that he turned out to be better than he was in Green bay. Hyde on the other hand, was a bad move. They knew what they had in him. They played him out of position and held on to Ha’Sean…stupid.

  3. Drater May 22, 2018

    Perhaps someday the Packers can address other positions, besides CB, with their high draft picks?

    1. MJ May 22, 2018

      LOL, sad but true.

    2. Cheese May 22, 2018

      Or how about any position not on the defense?

      1. Kato May 22, 2018

        Someday. Probably the year after AR retires

        1. Cheese May 23, 2018

          Jaire Alexander, Kevin King is pretty much a first round pick, Kenny Clark, Damarius Randall, Haha Quittin Dix, Datone Jones, and Nick Perry. The last two offensive picks in the first round were Brian Bulaga and Derek Sherrod in 2010/11. Not exactly playmakers if you ask me. Sherrod is a bust and Bulaga is decent when he can stay on the field, which is rare.

          In fact, going all the way back to 2003 the only other offensive player taken in the first round was Aaron Rodgers. In 2008 the Packers used their first round pick to trade down into the early second. Who did they take with that pick? Jordy Nelson. The two most productive offensive players Green Bay has had over the past ten years. That just goes to show the need for quality impact players. Not a bunch of late round or UDFA projects. What has the defense done with its plethora of first round players? Lol..

  4. Kristofer May 23, 2018

    You’d take a CB at number 99 on the list? I think HHCD is ranked in that spot, not a corner, but still a DB. Move HHCD to corner and have Tramon move to safety in his old age.