Apparently Jimmy Graham Has A Plane

Jimmy Graham

I guess when you get paid $10 million a year, you can have just about anything. Green Bay Packers tight end Jimmy Graham is more than just a guy who buys things, though.

Graham has been flying planes for years and apparently, he owns a number of them. Here’s one of them.

It’s not the same plane, but the dude looks legit.

They should get that guy down at EAA this summer.

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8 Comments on "Apparently Jimmy Graham Has A Plane"

  1. PF4L

    Rumor has it the writers at totalpackers,com are currently on strike, Late last Friday the writers allegedly said enough was enough. The problems allegedly stem from the issue of being paid Wisconsin’s minimum wage and are demanding California minimum wage.

    Apparently some punches were thrown. Now, picture Mordecai throwing a softball with just his palm (yea, you get the picture.)

    C’mon Monty….PAY THE MEN, and throw Mordi a few bucks also.

    • Moolla

      Wow, I know the off season is dead news-wise but this is ridiculous.

      This is time to hype up our UDFAs and how, this year, they’ll be bringing the Lombardi home where it belongs.

      • Kato

        Hey Witten said he thinks Dez Bryant will end up on the packers. That’s worth discussing right?

        • Moolla

          Rehashing stories and discussions is as good as any news coming out the next few months, so why not?
          That or what Rodgers had for lunch today.

          Heck why not both, lets go crazy!

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