Aaron Rodgers’ Projected Contract: $32 Million Annually

Aaron Rodgers

The Green Bay Packers are going to dump a truckload of money at quarterback Aaron Rodgers’ doorstep sometime soon.

Now that the Atlanta Falcons have (temporarily) made Matt Ryan the highest-paid player in the game at $30 million annually, the bar has been set for Rodgers’ new deal.

What is that deal going to look like? CBS Sports has a projection from former agent Joel Corry. He brings the number in at $32 million annually, which seems logical.

The new money comes in at $160 million. Since it’s actually an extension and Rodgers has two years left on his current deal, the total value would be $202 million over seven years. Projected signing bonus: $52.5 million. Projected guaranteed money: $87 million.

We would expect the guaranteed money is likely the sticking point between the Packers and Rodgers right now.

The Minnesota Vikings gave Kirk Cousins a fully-guaranteed contract for three years and $84 million. That money is fully guaranteed at signing.

Ryan’s extension went for five years and $150 million. He got $94.5 million fully guaranteed at signing and a total of $100 million guaranteed.

The Packers aren’t in the habit of handing out those types of guarantees. Rodgers likely wants to better the Ryan numbers. So perhaps there’s the holdup.

What the Packers typically do with large contracts is build in per-game roster bonuses. In other words, if you play, you get a nice chunk of change for doing so. Rodgers has these incentives in his current deal and the Packers weighted linebacker Nick Perry’s contract with them, as well.

So when might this deal get done? We keep hearing “soon.” We would suspect it will be done before training camp. The Packers have plenty of time to work it out between now and July.

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16 Comments on "Aaron Rodgers’ Projected Contract: $32 Million Annually"

  1. Winterishere

    I’m probably in the minority, but I say let his two remaining years ride, franchise him a year or two if you have to and see what he accomplishes. By that time he will be 38, if he hasn’t gotten another ring by then he probably won’t.

    • cz

      i agree.
      not every qb is as durable as favre or brady
      better to reassess in 2yrs
      he breaks a collar bone a third time, we were right

  2. Cheese

    Rodgers has said he doesn’t care about being the highest paid player in the league. You know he’s full of it, otherwise he wouldn’t have waited for everyone else to sign.

    • Kato

      Agreed. But I don’t fault him for wanting to be the highest paid. Fuck, I would want to be as well

      • PF4L

        When a player gets extended, usually their guaranteed money is over with, or coming to an end. I would guess Rodgers is no different. I’m guessing he’s highly interested in the guaranteed many as any intelligent player would be.

        I would guess that Rodgers guaranteed money will be over what Ryan got. When you are in your 30’s, on your last big contract, i would think it’s all about the guaranteed money. But if Rodgers also wants to be the highest paid, God bless him, i think he’s earned it.

  3. Sanguine camper

    Hey wait. Wasn’t Rodgers all miffed about his qb coach getting axed and was getting ready to play out his contract and leave. As usual, a bunch of off season clickbait nonsense.

  4. Deepsky

    I think the Packers might have a good argument that Matt Ryan should be paid more. Ryan has only missed two games of his entire career, while Rodgers has missed the majority of two of the last five years. Ryan’s QB rating has been higher the last few years too.

    I’m not saying Ryan’s the better QB, he’s not, but one could make a case for paying Ryan more than Rodgers.

    • Adam

      Yeah, some valid points there. But at the same time, Aaron can pull up the record sheet and say “You guys were 5-12 during those spans without me” And needed OT to beat a winless Browns team. Pay me”.

    • cz

      ryan is likely to not drop off as he ages like a scrambling qb like wilson or rodgers are…guys who get galf or more than half of their success on the run. Manning, Brady, Ryan at 6’4 or 5 just stand in the pocket and throw darts.
      Harder to be as quick afoot 15 seasons into a career.

      • PF4L

        I’m sure Rodgers would love to sit in a nice clean pocket for 4 seconds and not have to scramble. On the other hand, no one is better at it than he is.

        • cz

          no question Rodgers is the best of all of them … hopefully the Danika Effect (Bears fan/hate Packers family) effect doesnt affect like the Olivia (family doesnt luke her) effect.

  5. Kato

    Look, Aaron should get whatever he wants from the Packers. No person deserves to make that kind of money but that’s capitalism baby. That is his market worth. That’s what you get working in the entertainment biz in this country. The games Rodgers has missed could be a slight bargaining chip in the packers pocket to limit guaranteed money, especially since there are two years left on his deal.

  6. ay hombre

    Rodgers is fucked. His whole career played under McCarthy. What a waste.

    I’m so sick of this team I would wet myself if Rodgers demanded a trade and then retired when the Packers refused. I’d laugh my ass off.

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