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The Supreme Good Fortune of John Dorsey

The ex-Packers exec (and player) had to be the happiest man in Cleveland on Thursday. Here’s a guy who parted ways with Kansas City prior to the 2017 season. He was out of football until December when the Browns named him their general manager.

So what does the veteran GM walk into? A pathetic team, but also one with two draft picks out of the top four. Has that ever happened before? I’ll give you time to think about it.

I went back to 1990. In that year, New England had the No. 8 and 10 picks. In 2008, Kansas City had the No. 5 and 15 picks. In 1991, Dallas had the No. 1 and 12 picks.

Getting warmer, in 1997, Seattle had the No. 3 and 6 picks. In 1994, Indianapolis had the No. 2 and 5 picks. And in 2000, Washington had the No. 2 and 3 picks. But we have a winner: Indianapolis had the top two picks back in 1992.

Having such good fortune isn’t a guarantee of success, however. In 1992, Indy chose defensive end Steve Entman and linebacker Quentin Coryatt. Entman lasted six years and Coryatt seven years in the NFL. Neither was ever named to a Pro Bowl team. After finishing 9-7 in 1992, the Colts didn’t better that mark until seven years later, the second season of a QB named Manning.

As if GM Dorsey didn’t have enough gifts handed to him in the first round, he also wound up with the first and third picks of the second round. His bounty: QB Baker Mayfield, CB Denzel Ward, T Austin Corbett and RB Nick Chubb.

Things like this happen in places like Cleveland. Just a year ago, the Browns had three first-round picks, including the first overall choice, which they used to select defensive end Myles Garrett. Despite missing the first four games due to an ankle sprain suffered in practice and another due to a concussion, he notched 31 tackles and seven sacks on the year.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Kato April 28, 2018

    Actually think he screwed up. I preferred Darnold over Mayfield. And I thought passing over Chubb was foolish

    1. Mitch Anthony April 28, 2018

      Agreed. You’re blessed with those two high picks right off the bat and take two players not projected as top 5 talent. Totally agree about Chubb.

  2. TyKo Steamboat April 28, 2018

    I am suddenly very happy John Dorsey is NOT the Packers’ GM

  3. PF4L April 28, 2018

    I’d take Dorsey if it was my choice, which it’s not.

    As i’ve posted, he walked into a great situation with great draft picks and a lot of spending capital.

    The only thing i knock him for is not having personnel control of the head coach. If your a GM for a moron like Haslam, you have to have full control. Much like Ron Wolf insisted he have to take the Green Bay job.