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Sadly, The DickRodge Era Has Ended

We’ll always remember the Hail Mary. Unfortunately, we won’t remember much else about Richard Rodgers, AKA DickRodge, and his tenure with the Green Bay Packers.

DickRodge has signed a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles.

First, let’s relive the glory.

And that was really the only truly impactful game Rodgers had in his four-year Packers’ career. Eight catches, 146 yards and the touchdown for the win. Rodgers never had more than 77 yards in another contest. He only surpassed the 60-yard mark twice, if you throw out the Hail Mary game.

I recall arguing with people about Rodgers after the Hail Mary game. He’s finally coming on, they said. One game does not a career make, I said. And who was correct?

In his four years with the Packers, Rodgers twice had seasons (2015 and 2016) in which he averaged less than 10 yards per reception. His Packers’ career average is 9.7 per reception.

Despite playing some receiver in college, Rodgers just wasn’t fast enough to get separation in the pros. He would catch everything thrown his way — he has great hands — and then be tackled immediately.

The 2014 Draft

Let’s run down the list of Packers’ draft picks — Ted Thompson draft picks from 2014.

1. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix
2. Davante Adams
3a. Khyri Thornton
3b. Richard Rodgers
4. Carl Bradford
5a. Corey Linsley
5b. Jared Abbrederis
6. Demetri Goodson
7. Jeff Janis

Now, let’s describe these players.

1. Overrated piece of crap
2. Solid, getting paid like a superstar, better become one
3a. Complete and total bust who Thompson could have drafted two or three rounds later
3b. DickRodge, what else can you say?
4. Complete and total bust who couldn’t find a position
5a. Solid if unspectacular starter
5b. Out of football
6. Sticks around like a cockroach and will probably do so again because of special teams play.
7. By Rob’s standards for him, Janis is an out and out bust, but realistically he’s just a good special teams player and the Packers didn’t need.

So what did the Packers get out of the 2014 draft? Three starters, two total busts, two guys they didn’t care to re-sign and a special teams player.

Packers’ Free Agents

Here’s something else I find telling. The Packers obviously aren’t interested in re-signing their own free agents. The two guys they wanted back — Adams and Linsley — they took care of before free agency began.

They’ve now watched Morgan Burnett, Joe Thomas, Jeff Janis and Richard Rodgers sign elsewhere for peanuts or something close. Of those, Burnett received the only halfway substantial contract at three years and $14.35 million. That’s about $4.8 million annually, which is certainly not breaking the bank.

Burnett was among the Packers’ free agents who got lucky. He actually got more than $4 million guaranteed.

Thomas got two years at $3.6 million from Dallas. He got $600,000 guaranteed, which is the first guaranteed money of his career.

Janis got a one-year deal with nothing guaranteed. Rodgers also has a one-year deal.

What am I getting at? The Packers’ free agents are not in demand. Not by the Packers, not by anyone else.

And that definitely says something.

Let’s go down the list of the Packers’ remaining free agents.

  • Ahmad Brooks
  • Quinton Dial
  • Davon House
  • Ulrick John
  • Brett Goode
  • Taybor Pepper

Other than House, who could be re-signed this week, the Packers — and probably the rest of the league — have little to no interest in these guys. In fact, it seems that the Packers are the only team possibly interested in House.

It’s like the Packers pieced the middle to backend of their 2017 roster together with some chicken wire, duct tape and maybe a piece of chewing gum like MacGyver used to do.

The Tight Ends

So what will the Packers do at tight end without the mighty DickRodge?

They should be fine. They signed Jimmy Graham. They still have Lance Kendricks on the roster for another season. He can pick up the blocking slack.

Then they have a couple developmental guys in Emanuel Byrd, a former undrafted free agent, and Robert Tonyan, who was one of those futures signings.

Mike McCarthy has stated — get this — that he’d like four or five tight ends on the roster. So GM Brian Gutekunst still has some work to do.

One name that’s still available on the free agent market that some people seem to love is former Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis. I don’t love him. He’ll be 34 next month and hasn’t really done much since 2012, when he had 54 for 540 and four touchdowns.

Most likely, the Packers will grab a tight end in the draft and if they keep four, Byrd will be the fourth.

Theoretically, that could take the Packers from the days of six and seven receivers on the roster to five, tops. If you think about the current receiver group, Davante Adams is a lock and that’s about it.

Who’s in after that? Maybe Randall Cobb because he has produced in the past? He also has a gigantic contract that makes no sense. Maybe Geronimo Allison? He looked promising as a rookie, but was disappointing in year two. Maybe Trevor Davis? What the hell has he ever done as a receiver? Maybe Michael Clark? An intriguing prospect, but raw as hell. Maybe DeAngelo Yancey? He’s one of three draft picks that got cut in 2017.

Plenty of interesting angles for the Packers between now and training camp.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Ted Thompson showed signs of Jerry Jones delusion in thinking he could outsmart everyone else by drafting players two to three rounds early. Adams and Linsley were the only thing of worth in that draft.

    1. PF4L April 4, 2018

      Start analyzing these drafts from 2011 and up, and you discover most (not all) of the reasons we are where we are now.

      1. Cheese April 4, 2018

        Not sure if it has been done on here before, but someone should analyze the Packers past drafts going back 2011, or however far they want to go. I have a good idea of what the result will be, but it would make for a good laugh either way.

        1. PF4L April 5, 2018

          Good idea :)

  2. Dennis Dervetski April 4, 2018

    Other then Adams, we don’t have any threats.

  3. Carl DeLuca April 4, 2018

    Of course a simple signing of Rodgers to another team results in a giant bitch session.

    1. Icebowl April 5, 2018

      Gotta admit That was a great play ! Friggin ARodg almost hitting the rafters at LionDome….
      The shot of the Fans in blue going instantly from cheers to total disbelief is the best !!!!
      As a lifelong Pack fan I’ve been there, too often as of late….

      I always thought (more like hoped) Rodgers (as Janis) was just on the edge of breaking out – never happened.

      I wish Richard all the best in Phillie. I think Peterson and his staff may be able to push him to the next level…

      1. PF4L April 5, 2018

        Yea, i don’t think Brady is shaking people off like that and making that throw. But then again, with his line, he doesn’t have to.

        3 Lions against 5 Packer lineman, and Rodgers is running for his life. God help us.

        1. Icebowl April 8, 2018


  4. V April 4, 2018

    You could literally throw darts at a board (blindfolded) with available draft players in any draft and score a better haul than the geniuses at 1265.
    Remember last year when everyone banged the table for TJ Watt only to have their hearts broken by letting him slip away? If Kevin King isn’t a Pro Bowl caliber player this season that will be another example to add to the enormous list of failures.

  5. PF4L April 5, 2018

    I can’t believe the Packers can get away with treating our hero’s so terrible. If you catch a Hail Mary pass, that alone gives you elite status amirite?

    At least acknowledge their lofty accomplishment with a guaranteed 6 year deal? A statue outside of Lambeau? At the very least, induction into the Packers Hall of Fame.

    That’s 2 players disrespected in a week and i won’t stand silently by without taking a knee or something. Maybe a petition is in order.

    1. Icebowl April 5, 2018

      You bet your as s we’re Whining….
      Thanx for invoking memories of the Great E.Wolf – The Burt Hater and Petition Starter
      What ever happened to him ?…
      His scriptural eloquence was not dissimilar to that of Killer The Dead….. Hmmmmm perchance he joined the Deep Purple State…

  6. Kato April 5, 2018

    5 tight ends? They are barely even utilized in the offense now, why the hell do they need more unproductive players?

  7. Howard April 5, 2018

    Would anyone be suprised to see MM try to convert Clark to a TE? Put some meat on his bones and try to make him the next college basketball player turned TE. He can learn under Graham. Blocking you say? Who cares about a TE blocking. Blocking is for the conversions from college TEs to OTs. ;-)

    1. Cheese April 5, 2018

      No player is safe from the title of conversion project.

    2. PF4L April 5, 2018

      Blocking, lol…remember the hype of signing Bennett about how well he blocks (myself included), and that put him ahead of Jared Cook in our minds.

      Oh well…lets try again….anyone got 13 million lying around?….Russ?

      1. Howard April 5, 2018

        Yep, that was the big plus in my mind with Bennett. Bennett could block better, maybe not as fast as Cook, but damn what a blocker and could probably catch better (remember how many drops Cook had in NFCC). Boy was I Wrong! Bennett couldn’t block, catch, or put out any effort.

        One of many things A. Rodgers does well is he will throw receivers away from big hits. That means receivers have to be prepared to get down or adjust to the side so they don’t run into a big hit. Cook and Bennett did not adapt to that. I think Graham with his Patellar tendon history may also have a problem adjusting to throws that are meant to protect him.

        1. PF4L April 5, 2018

          I think he gets a ton of targets with Nelson gone, and Philbin back. He’ll get decent production because of Rodgers and i think Philbin brings the tight end back in the offense like back in 2011.

          My guess (if healthy), 820 yards and 11 td’s. Not worth 13 million, but a decent red zone target. It might be the first time a tight end on this team gets 100 targets.

  8. Deepsky April 6, 2018

    Rodgers stole reps from Lance Kendricks who is a much better tight end and probably needs to be targeted more to get his catch percentage up. Rodgers was a huge disappointment his entire career.