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Packers’ 2018 Schedule May Have Been Leaked

Not leaked as in, hey, psschhh, don’t tell anyone. Here’s the schedule. More like leaked in that someone in the Green Bay Packers’ organization may have been carrying around a copy of the Green Bay Packers’ 2018 schedule and someone took a photo of it.

Check out this shit.

The full league schedule is supposed to be released Thursday afternoon. Obviously, several divisions of muckety-mucks know who’s playing who when before the rest of us.

If this is legit, then the Packers’ 2018 schedule looks, in part, like this.

Week 1: 49ers @ Packers
Week 2: Packers @ Jets
Week 3: Falcons @ Packers
Week 4: Lions @ Packers
Week 5: Packers @ Seahawks

Week 10: Packers @ Rams
Week 11: Packers @ Bears (Thursday night)
Week 12: Dolphins @ Packers

We know the Packers begged for a home game to start the season because it will be the beginning of their 100th season. The NFL is going to give them that.

We figured that game came down to the Bears or the Vikings. And obviously, you want a win to kick off your 100th season, so the Bears.

The Bears are the obvious homecoming opponent. Everyone wants to feel good on homecoming.

Step 1: win the game. Step 2: get wasted. Step 3: get laid (pull out).

The Chicago Bears are custom made for this scenario. And, it if this is accurate, it appears the NFL wants their new golden boy, Jimmy Carapollo in the prime time game in week 1. Hey, good for him and his seven touchdown passes in 2017.

The 49ers can bend right over, as far as I’m concerned.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. TyKo Steamboat April 18, 2018

    Saw this on NFL Memes. Looked photo shopped there but it looks legit here.

    I don’t think it’s real because there is no f****** Week 4 BYE …

    & if it is real, I call dibs on Monty’s spare bedroom Week 10.

    1. PF4L April 19, 2018

      Where’s the lonely boy supposed to sleep then?

      1. Kato April 19, 2018

        On a park bench

  2. autpackgo April 18, 2018

    May be a hoax.
    Week 10 is scheduled on November 11th, not 18th.
    Week 12 is Thanksgiving weekend. It can’t be in December. (November 22nd-26th)

    1. Mush April 19, 2018

      Your right there is a flaw in this scheduled. The dates don’t line up.

    2. PF4L April 20, 2018

      Good call Autpackgo

  3. PF4L April 19, 2018

    Lol…..yea, sleep on the 49ers, Jimmy’s got nothing. This Packer team is strong.

    1. Icebowl April 19, 2018

      Definitely would wanna play niners early before Jimmy G. Gets comfortable w his receivers….

  4. Lucas April 19, 2018

    It is 100% fake. The weeks being off is glaringly obvious, but the other issue is that the NFL does not schedule a thursday night road team to play a road game the week before. It doesnt happen. So the Packers wouldnt play on the road in LA and then a TNF game on the road in chicago the next week.

  5. Big B April 19, 2018

    Open against the Bears.