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The Green Bay Packers might have been smart to address their quarterback need early in the offseason. By trading with the Browns on March 9 to get backup QB DeShone Kizer, the Packers beat the free agency rush on QBs.

On March 14, there were 33 quarterbacks thrust onto the marketplace – mostly backups, but also a few blue-chippers. With the signing of Matt Cassel by the Detroit Lions, the list has now been pared down to nine (in order of desirability): Jay Cutler, Matt Moore, Austin Davis, Derek Anderson, T.J. Yates, Mark Sanchez, Kellen Clemons, Ryan Mallet and Scott Tolzien.

Moore, Davis, Anderson, and Sanchez will probably find a home somewhere. Davis is the only one under age 30. Jay Cutler is seemingly more interested in sportscasting than playing. Clemmons (34) and Tolzien (30) might either retire or stay in shape pending some mid-season QB injuries.

NFC North

The Vikings have both a new starter and backup: Kurt Cousins and Trevor Siemian, the latter just acquired by trade from the Broncos. All three of their 2017 QBs quickly found new teams.

After Green Bay got a new backup, Detroit snatched the Cassel on a one-year deal. He’s been with six prior teams over 13 years.

On the first day of free agency, the Bears backed up their hope for the future, Mitch Trubisky, with Chase Daniel. I previously thought Daniel was one of the better free agent backup prospects. The Bears are paying him well: two years, $10 million, $7 million guaranteed.


I don’t know all the scuttlebutt on New England trading its fine backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, to San Francisco, though I assume Garoppolo wanted a chance to start, not just keep track of Tom Brady’s helmet on the sideline. Because the trade took place after Jimmy G was with the Pats for eight games, he received an extra $107,000 because the Pats reached the Super Bowl. The rest is the thing of dreams: after winning five straight games with the 49ers, Garoppolo was awarded with a five-year $137.5 million contract.

New England’s current backup is veteran Brian Hoyer. Hoyer signed for three years shortly after Jimmy G departed.

The Patriots appear to have plans in the works for replacing Tom Brady, who will be 41 when the regular season starts. On April 4, the Pats made a surprise move by trading top-tier wide receiver Brandin Cooks to the Rams – as if L.A. isn’t loaded enough – in exchange for the Rams first-round draft pick, No. 23 overall.

It’s not much of a secret the Pats are stockpiling draft picks in order to get one of the top QBs in the upcoming draft. More on that next time, as it might involve the Packers.

Rob Born

I’m with Matt: “You gotta make those chunk plays!”



  1. PF4L April 7, 2018

    In related news: When asked about what he thinks of Jimmy Garoppolo’s new contract, Hundley starting shaking and after smashing a window said….”He’s only started seven games and he’s going to pocket 42 million next season.”

    When asked why that upsets him so much Hundley continued…..”Look i started 9 games and i’m going to make $700,000?”….”I call bullshit on that, plus i’m a deer hunter”. Hundley continued on his rant saying “….players like Janis Janis and myself keep getting fucked over”.

    Asked what he is going to do about it, Hundley would only say….”First thing i’m going to do is contact the NFLPA and demand an explanation.

    1. Moolla April 7, 2018


      I don’t know why you keep harping on poor Hundley. Its not his fault the Packers thought he was game ready.

      Also, I never once heard him mouth off about his draft position, that he deserves more, that he wasn’t given a chance or whatever.

      It’s fine you flooding the comments section with your incessant rants against the Packers staff, in fact I enjoy it and think you have plenty of good points. But thats something that is undeserved on Hundley’s part.

      1. PF4L April 8, 2018


        Ok MOOLLA, i’ll play. Not sure if i’ve seen you here before (under that name anyway). Also, i don’t see anything in my post talking about Hundley’s draft position.

        Regardless, if you have never once heard of Hundley talking that he was unhappy with his draft slot and wanting an explanation for it. Either you aren’t much of a Packer fan, or you are just an uniformed Packer fan. In either case, try knowing what you are talking about in the future please. Also….who said he wasn’t given a chance, did i say that? If the answer is no, then stfu as i don’t need anyone speaking for me.

        So…you’d like me to stop making fun of poor Hundley, because you deem it “undeserved”? I have no problem with that my friend, i will do that for you, just as soon as i get done making fun of poor Murphy, and poor McCarthy.

        Thank you for understanding.

        1. Moolla April 8, 2018

          “Not sure if i’ve seen you here before (under that name anyway)”
          Not sure why that matters whether I’ve been here before.

          I vaguely recall him saying something about his draft position, but that’s just something any player would say. That he will go out there and prove that he’s better that his draft position, just canned statements because he was expected to be drafted a little earlier than he was. he never struck me as the type of player that was full of himself.

          “then stfu as i don’t need anyone speaking for me.”
          No, I’m saying that that was something he said. Again he never blamed someone else for his shortcomings, just trying to make a point that a player sucking because those in charge didn’t prepare him/badly judged him/ did not have a better option is not his problem.

          Because of that I do think its undeserved. I don’t believe that Hundley didn’t try his best, it just didn’t work out for him. Saying he sucked is one thing, making him out to be some sort of delusional crackpot who thinks he is better than he is, is what’s messed up.

          1. PF4L April 8, 2018

            04/07/2018 at 7:27 pm
            “Also, I never once heard him mouth off about his draft position….”

            04/08/2018 at 8:39 am
            “I vaguely recall him saying something about his draft position, but…..”

            But,but,but………So….. a day ago you never heard him once complain, now all of a sudden your memory is coming back?

            Listen up fan boy….i’m not going to waste my time talking in circles with you, navigating through your made up bullshit, trying to fix your hurt feelings.

            So here’s what you do……..E-mail Monty, tell him that i’m making fun of, and being mean to Poor Brett Hundley, maybe he’ll straighten my ass out. Who knows, maybe he’ll choose sides and kick me right out on my ass for my blatant mis-treatment of poor Brett Hundley.

            I wouldn’t blame him, because if i was him, i wouldn’t want to lose all of MOOLLA’s contributions to this website. Matter of fact, i think i’ll just e-mail Monty myself and tell him how sorry i am and how bad i feel for hurting your feelings, and beg him for mercy.

            I would also like to apologize for the trouble and emotional anguish of which i have caused you. I was out of line and for that i think that you should F. O.

          2. PF4L April 8, 2018

            Although i welcome any debate and critique from anyone, in the future, please……try to open that door with a clear head, honesty, and some legitimacy.

            Stupid doesn’t live here.

          3. Moolla April 8, 2018

            @ P4FL
            “Stupid doesn’t live here.”
            Oh it lives here alright. Sorry couldn’t help myself, low hanging fruit i know.

            “a day ago you never heard him once complain, now all of a sudden your memory is coming back?
            Mouthing off and trying to say that you’ll prove others wrong is not the same thing.

            You say you welcome any critique, then say that I should take it up with Monty…what? what does emailing Monty have to do with anything? Why are you getting upset so quick?

            Don’t take everything as a personal attack.

            Or actually you know what? Do. Its at least some entertainment during the off season.

          4. PF4L April 8, 2018

            Although i welcome any debate and critique from anyone, in the future, please……try to open that door with a clear head, honesty, and some legitimacy.

            Stupid doesn’t live here.

  2. Cheese April 7, 2018

    $10 million for a backup quarterback. To you Mr.Daniel, I tip my hat.

  3. TyKo Steamboat April 7, 2018

    The Packers really wanted Kizer last season. We traded-back to pick #33 which was sweet as it gives us the 1st pick of the 2nd round & an additional 4th round draft choice. I have to imagine the Packers fielded alot of calls for about 20 hours before picking the top guy on the board & a position of need in Kevin King…

    The Packers purposely tried to leak a story that they wanted Kizer at pick 33 to try to get others teams to trade-up & give-up more than they should at that pick. Also, it would have been a bad look to have your top pick in the 2017 draft be a quarterback…
    After all, the story was true that the Packers actually really did like Kizer as proven by the trade last month

    1 year later, we got the cancer that was Demarious Randall off of our team & a guy whom is probably the 45th best current QB on Earth & a solid back-up for AR along with jockeying for better draft position in later rounds with the Browns too

    1. TyKo Steamboat April 7, 2018

      BTW… Trading-back from pick 29 to pick 33 last year yielded us the 1st pick in the 4th round & nabbed us Vince Biegel at 108 overall although, we missed-out on TJ Watt who went 1 pick later at #30 …

      The Kizer/Randall trade moved us up 13 picks in the 4th round & 12 in the 5th round (for what it’s worth)
      Packers Get:
      Browns’ 4th-round pick (#101 overall)
      Browns’ 5th-round pick (#138 overall)
      Browns Get:
      Packers’ 4th-round pick (#114 overall)
      Packers’ 5th-round pick (#150 overall)

  4. KILLER April 7, 2018

    Belichick is used to getting great QBs on the cheap — Tom Brady in the 6th round (#199 overall), Garoppolo in the 2nd after so many others were taken, Matt Cassel in the 7th, and, of course, what’s-his-face in the 3rd (Ryan Mallett). Bill B. is really not a package-many-picks-to-move-up-for-my-QB kinda guy.

    This draft is QB heavy which means that although QBs, as always, will at first be taken earlier than they should be, it actually leads to value opportunities after the first 4 go. Rosen, Mayfield, Allen, and Darnold will all be long gone before the Patriots pick and the Patriots in no way have the draft juice to get up to them. I think they all go top 10.

    That leaves, 1st, Lamar Jackson. Not a Bill B. QB. Lack of intelligence (13 Wonderlic — OUCH!), a runner. No way.

    The guy Bill B. wants if he takes any QB in round 1 is Mason Rudolph. He has great height, a pocket passer like Bill B. likes, and his main issue is deep downfield accuracy but Bill B. plays the short ball anyway. If the Bills do not take a QB before pick # 22 then the only trade up I foresee would be the Patriots moving one to three spots ahead of them to grab Rudolph.

    If the Bills take a QB at #12 or in a move up higher then I actually see the Patriots waiting until #31 to take Rudolph. And take a LT at #23. They probably want Kolton Miller a Nate Solder clone.

    I could also see the Patriots taking an LT at #23 and then a CB at #31 and wait on QB.

    I do see what you are intimating as per Packers pick and getting in front of the Cardinals. I don’t think you’d get both their #1s out of that deal though. Probably #23 overall and a 2nd, #43 overall. I’d do it if I were the Packers.

    Brady was trying to run the show in New England last year, mind-fucking poor Jimmy Garoppolo and jumping over Bill B.’s head to go direct to Robert Kraft about his long future with the team. I do think Bill B.’s ego demands a Brady comeuppance. To do that properly — get the fan base enthused about a new QB — it probably does need to be a #1 pick.