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Here’s a Post-Draft Feel-Good Moment for Packers Fans

Pro Football Focus, the outfit that analyzes how a player performs on every play during a game, decided to rate how each NFL team did in the recent draft. They issued ratings of below average, average, above average, good and elite.

Only three teams received the “elite” ranking. As the title suggests, Green Bay was one of them, along with the Jets and the Cowboys. That’s reason enough to celebrate, but there’s more.

Eight teams were rated as good, six as above average, 10 as average and five as below average. Besides Houston and Kansas City, the teams with the lowest ratings were: Minnesota, Detroit and Chicago. Packers fans couldn’t ask for anything more.

Regarding draft day one, PFF said: “Green Bay is one team with a real case for ‘winning’ the 2018 NFL Draft.” They loved the trade-down and rapid trade-up, which produced a fine cornerback in Jaire Alexander and also a first-round draft choice next year.

PFF likes to compute the passer rating allowed when the receiver who a defensive back is covering is the target of the quarterback. Alexander allowed a passer rating of just 19.9 when targeted in his injury-shortened 2017 season. His rating was even better when he was healthy in 2016.

These numbers are off the charts. In comparison, the top cornerback in the draft, Denzel Ward, allowed a passer rating of 54.0 over his career at Ohio State. Mike Hughes, the third cornerback taken in round one, had a 43.8 passer rating when targeted.

The Packers’ other cornerback selection, second-rounder Josh Jackson, also had a dazzling passer rating of 31.3. How’s this: PFF, applying its sophisticated analytical approach, said Jackson simply had “the nation’s highest-graded season at cornerback.”

As to those Twin Cities wannabes, PFF said that picking cornerback Mike Hughes answered some of the Vikings’ needs, but that he has “off-field character issues” — making him a good fit in Minnesota. PFF implied that their second-round pick, tackle Brian O’Neill, will have his hands full shoring up the offensive line, which PFF described as “still a work in progress.” The only other Vikings picks worth commenting on were a fifth-round kicker and a sixth-round guard.

PFF saluted the Bears for picking the top linebacker in Roquan Smith, but that’s not difficult when you’re choosing at number eight. PFF thought Iowa center James Daniels “should go some way to stabilizing” a weak offensive line. In round three, Chicago chose receiver Anthony Miller — who many Packers fans liked — calling him a poor man’s Odell Beckham. Not much else here to talk about, but it will be interesting to see how well Miller does. He’ll have time to develop, now that Chicago acquired Allen Robinson in the offseason.

Of Detroit’s six picks, PFF mostly praised the choice of Arkansas center Frank Ragnow, number 20 overall. PFF seemed dubious about taking Auburn running back Kerryon Johnson in the second round ahead of many more highly-regarded backs. In taking a monstrous offensive lineman in round five, and a rare fullback pick in round seven, PFF termed this draft as being a “power-focus.”

It goes against what I’ve been thinking and saying, but in view of PFF’s draft grades, perhaps… perhaps the Packers can make a run at the divisional title this year after all.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Kato April 30, 2018

    Yeah. I tend to be very wary of a draft class that has been universally lauded by “experts.”

  2. PF4L April 30, 2018

    Make a run at the Divisional Title?

    Screw that, it’s a fucking banner, lets FED-EX it to the queens as a (joke) gift, we have bigger plans. You said so yourself Rob, PFF ranked our draft class “Elite”. I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t rank our draft in the top drafts of all time, top 5 i’m thinking? Hell, who knows, maybe when they get their first NFL game experience, you know, actually playing in the NFL, they move up to top 3 all time.

    Dream big people!! PFF has spoken.

    Now …..Where can i find all the articles where the experts give out draft grades, before any of these kids even make the roster? LEGIT stuff.

    Super Bowl or BUST!!

    1. Kristofer April 30, 2018

      Man, I am really glad I am not you. Everything you have to say is negative. You seem like you are always negative and just generally a negative person. Try being positive for once, you just might have a better overall day. Good luck.

      1. Kato April 30, 2018

        I mean, maybe PF4L is a bit overnegative at times. I am willing to give Gutekunst the benefit of the doubt for now.

        But he is 100% right to be skeptical. When is the last time the packers have had an above average draft? What bonafide difference makers have they drafted recently? Bahktiari and Adams are the only ones I can think of in the past five years. I like Kenny Clark’s trajectory but he is going to have to continue that this season for him to be considered a success. Linsley is solid i guess. There are more question marks than there was three years ago. This has been a decaying roster. I mean, there are some things to be optimistic about like Pettine, but it’s far from a sure thing.

        New Orleans had a few years of poor drafting and poor free agency decisions, but had a great draft class that vaulted them to being legit super bowl contenders, so anything is possible

        1. PF4L April 30, 2018

          Here’s a positive post for you Kristi, i hope this heals your hurt little feelings. If not, you can e-mail this site and complain until the tears stop.

          04/27/2018 at 4:20 pm

          Which leads me to this….Although Gute hasn’t made any prior moves that really impressed me yet, i’ll say this. He deserves a chance acquiring players, the same as Alexander deserves a chance to show what he can do, or any draft pick for that matter. Gute trading down and receiving the Saints #1 next year wasn’t a bad move, especially if they wanted Alexander and were confident he’s still be there at 18. Although i have no proof, other than his relationship with Schneider, i’m guessing that Gute had that trade to move back up with Seattle in his back pocket. Some have called his trading down ballsy, i think it was pre-planned with Seattle to move back up.

          This is not to say that i won’t get on anyone’s shit if things don’t work out, you know i will, but lets wait and see.

          How is that snowflake, you feel better now?

          Everything i have to say is born out of realism Sparky. If i’m wrong, bring it. We’ll work it out. If not, nobody wants to hear you whine. Maybe you’re just a queen fan and got offended, maybe you’re just a pussy. Maybe both.

          1. PF4L April 30, 2018

            Kato, decaying roster……….i always used the word “regressing”, same thing i guess. What’s your view on the following quote from Rob?

            “… perhaps the Packers can make a run at the divisional title this year after all.”

            “I ask you….when is the last time you read something like this in the off season concerning the Packers?

            To me, that speaks volumes of where we are right now.

          2. Kato April 30, 2018

            PF4L- last season haha. This time of the year is always the time of optimism for football fans following the draft and free agency. At this time last year we were mentally masturbating to the thoughts of two tight end sets, Marty B having 800 yards and 10 TDs, Kevin King and Josh Jones fixing all that ailed with the Packers secondary. What a time to be alive!

            In all seriousness, of course it’s possible. The queens look good on paper, but they lost Shurmer, and I don’t think Cousins is the magical elixer for them. I am not going to proclaim division titles much less a playoff appearance at this point. Like you said, let’s see what happens when the pads come on, I don’t give a shit about some rookie “turning heads” while running around in shorts and a helmet. Did we not learn from Josh Jones last year?

          3. PF4L April 30, 2018

            Last season i thought we had the potential for a top tier scoring offense, and we were on our way until week 6. The defense, i had no illusions over, same with the last 5,6 years.

            So i wasn’t masturbating over this team least season…well, maybe one handed.

          4. PF4L May 2, 2018

            My bad…I was thinking Schneider, apologies to Mickey Loomis.

            I have to beat my heroine and Meth addiction.

            I am going into rehab now.

  3. Gil Thorp April 30, 2018

    Well they did address the long snapper problem.