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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Promises To Get Better

Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix wasn’t good in 2017. It’s possible that former defensive coordinator Dom Capers contributed to Clinton-Dix’s decline in production.

At least, that’s what Clinton-Dix seems to be suggesting. For the first time, Clinton-Dix has admitted that he didn’t play well in 2017.

“Last year we had to do what was best for the team,” Clinton-Dix said. “I wasn’t involved in a lot, but last year was last year. I didn’t meet the standards I set for myself personally.

“With a guy like me with the high expectations I set for myself, I expect more. I have to work on a lot of things to get better at and I’m excited about it.”

Clinton-Dix already likes what he sees from new defensive coordinator Mike Pettine’s playbook. It appears he feels he’ll be more involved in the defense moving forward. We can’t really say that’s a good thing if Clinton-Dix plays like he did last year. However, we’re sure Pettine will get more out of his personnel than Capers did.

One of the recurring themes for Packers’ defenders has been accountability. A number of players have said that not everyone was held accountable in 2017. We have surmised that Clinton-Dix was likely one of those guys others felt weren’t held accountable.

That has been one of the biggest changes under Pettine and everyone seems to know it.

“Everybody has been held accountable,” Clinton-Dix said. “There’s not going to be any loose strings whether you’re a 10-year vet or a rookie. Guys are going to be held accountable and I’m excited about that.”

We’ll see, but we are expecting a turnaround for the Packers’ defense in 2018 after years and years of Capers’ mediocrity.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Cheese April 19, 2018

    Can’t blame Capers for missed tackles and a lack of effort. There’s the blatant miss against the Lions that Leroy Butler called Dix out on.

    Then I was watching the playoff game against Dallas the other day. Dallas had a ballcarrier running down the sideline. Dix shoulder launches himself at the guy, misses, and flies right behind whoever it was. If Dix would have put an arm out he could have made the tackle easily. Come on on man…

  2. Howard April 19, 2018

    Pettine must have placed Dix on Double Secret Probation.

  3. PF4L April 19, 2018

    I find it highly entertaining when anyone talks about accountability from this team or front office. are you kidding me?

    I haven’t seen accountability since the Woodson and White era.

    1. MM²SUCK April 20, 2018

      This ^^^^

  4. Kato April 19, 2018

    I will be seeing HHCD at a bar in Chicago in a little over a week. Does total packers have any questions for me to possibly ask him? Davante Adams, Vince Beigel, and Dave Robinson will be there as well.

    1. Ferris April 20, 2018

      Ask that tower of intellect to spell accountability without looking on his phone.

      1. PF4L April 20, 2018


  5. Big B April 19, 2018

    What are you doing hanging with Kato?!

    1. Kato April 20, 2018

      There is a Wisconsin bar in Chicago hosting “Packerpalooza” next weekend and HHCD, Davante Adams, Vince Beigel, and Dave Robinson are going to be there

      1. PF4L April 20, 2018

        Adams has time for that shit?…lol

        He just scored big time, isn’t he busy Mansion shoppin n shit?

        Plus, his agent must be getting bombarded with models sending him their portfolio’s (resume’s) trying to get a piece of his rich young ass.

        1. Kato April 20, 2018

          Apparently haha. Maybe I will administer a concussion test

  6. cz April 19, 2018

    HHCD=Ha Ha Can’t Defend

    Just like Lacy from Bama’ a bust.

    Dix promise to improve is akin to the Browns coach promising to not lose more games than he did last year.

    1. PF4L April 20, 2018

      Yea, i’m not drivin to that stench (risking my life) to meet that rag bag group (sans Adams). I don’t even know WTF Robinson is. lol

      1. Kato April 20, 2018

        Dave Robinson, the packers HOF linebacker. He will be the only Lombardi era packer I will get to meet unfortunately

  7. Don April 23, 2018

    Improve, Ha Ha !