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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix Feels Pretty Secure

Many of us feel that Green Bay Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix is a bit delusional. He consistently refers to himself as an All-Pro and talks about how quarterbacks won’t throw at him.

And yes, he was once (undeservedly) a second-team All-Pro. That was in 2016. In 2017, Clinton-Dix was straight-up garbage. The only reason quarterbacks wouldn’t throw at Clinton-Dix in 2017 was because he was so damn far out of position that he wasn’t anywhere near the targeted receiver.

And yet, he maintained that he was an All-Pro and QBs didn’t throw at him.

Surely, Clinton-Dix was one of the guys that both Damarious Randall and Blake Martinez referred to as being unaccountable. But there’s a new sheriff in town with defensive coordinator Mike Pettine. He plans to hold guys accountable.

Clinton-Dix should be worried and he just might be.

The Packers have been sniffing around Florida State safety Derwin James. He’s been in for a pre-draft visit and team reps met with him at the combine. James will be a first-round pick and he could be the Packers’ selection at No. 14.

On Wednesday, the team website ran a profile of James. Clinton-Dix took note and tried to shoo the team away from James.

Yeah, great. If the Packers do draft James, which I am all for, he now has a teammate that doesn’t want to play with him. That’s just tremendous.

Maybe someone should alert Clinton-Dix to the fact that he’s a bum and his job isn’t secure. I would be perfectly fine with the Packers releasing the guy. Let’s roll into the season with James and Kentrell Brice on the back end.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. tupac April 12, 2018

    Yeah they traded away Randall instead of the “unaccountable” guy. This kind of garbage belongs on a mouth breathing vikings site.


    1. KILLER April 12, 2018

      Zimmer and Edwards of the Vikings would likely maximize HHCD’s potential. There is probably a lot more there. Look at how Hyde and Hayward blossomed and became pro bowlers once away from the Packers!

      In fact, he has already been supportive of prospective Vikings teammates! When Rodgers told those lies and went on a media campaign to deceive regarding Barr’s legal good football hit and Barr’s behavior after ward (which was poor but only in self-defense to Rodger’s poor sportsmanship) HHCD supported what Barr posted in response about what a poor person Rodgers is.

      HHCD would likely have a lot more fun and be much more successful with the Vikings. He would certainly win more games!

  2. KILLER April 12, 2018

    Much Ado About Nothing.

    As usual, this site purposely bends the truth. Bends it, warps it, destroys it, makes up stuff.

    Look at the two posts by HHCD. He says, in a nutshell, the Packers are not going to draft James because he and is 4 fellow safeties are “hittas” i.e. competent and who excel.

    So here we have a self-confident player (which you want, AMIRITE?) who also goes out of his way to compliment and support his teammates (which you want, AMIRITE?). And this site takes it and turns it into HHCD being “delusional”, “unaccountable”, and “a teammate that doesn’t want to play with him”. Wow. Just WOW!

    You did it!

    Like that time you got the police to think that kid in your grade was really an adult midget who molested you.

  3. KILLER April 12, 2018

    Hey, I’m a Vikings fan but I find myself on this site defending your own players from your depredations.

    HHCD here.

    Trevor Davis a couple days ago.

    Damarious Randall repeatedly.

    Martellus Bennett. Hey, he is the black unicorn and there aren’t too many! He got hurt and was considering surgery so the Packers cut him. Period. That is what happened. Oooooo, you say, he must be eeeeeevil……!

    Attacking the injured, Bryan Bulaga for instance, is just another day for this site.

    Oh. and former players? Good God, if they are no longer on the team you just wish them a slow death dontcha?

    No other team condemns former players nearly so frequently or severely as the Packers. Pathological.

    1. Cheese April 12, 2018

      Oh shut the fuck up. At this moment there are four posts on this article other than mine, and three of them are from you, all of which have multiple paragraphs. Sorry, I’m not counting your words and syllables. A vikings fan who has 75% of the responses on a Packers article? That doesn’t scream lonely and attention seeking.

      Congratulations on defending the bottom feeders of the Packers roster. Please tell me more about how terrible Aaron Rodgers is? On second thought, please don’t.

      1. Ferris April 12, 2018

        Stop replying to this asshole. He doesn’t deserve your words. Once the only person that replies to him is himself maybe he’ll go away. Plus he’s jacking off right now thinking someone may reply.

  4. cz April 12, 2018

    Good story.
    HHCD is either going to perform better or be traded.
    Gute isnt going to give them primadonnas a free pass. He will soon make the roster his, like Ted did, and hopefully the Head Coach too

  5. V April 14, 2018

    Derwin James is a likely future All Pro so picking him (not likely available at #14) would be a great fit. We could trade HaHa for a mid round selection in this or the next draft.

  6. ay hombre April 14, 2018

    If Gute deals Haha I just might start warming up to the guy.