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Brian Gutekunst Might Be A Genius

Time will tell, as the players selected in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft prove (or don’t) themselves over the next several years. As it stands, the Green Bay Packers have seemingly solidified their cornerback group with the selection of Jaire Alexander. And rookie general manager Brian Gutekunst and his cohorts might just turn out looking like geniuses for the way they engineered the first round in their first draft go-round.

To quickly recap, the Packers traded out of the No. 14 slot. That pick was sent to the New Orleans Saints, who badly wanted edge rusher Marcus Davenport. In return, the Packers took the Saints’ first-round pick at No. 27, their 2019 first-round pick and a fifth-round pick this year.

Then Gutekunst traded back up to No. 18. That deal was done with the Seattle Seahawks. Seattle got No. 27, the Packers’ third (No. 76) and a sixth (No. 186). The Packers also brought back a seventh (No. 248).

So let’s look at trade value. No. 14 is worth 1100 points. No. 18 is worth 900. Let’s say the Saints pick at No. 26 in 2019. That’s 700 points. The fifth is at No. 147 — there’s another 32.2 points. That’s a total of 1632.2 points.

The 76th pick goes for 210. No. 186 goes at 16.6 and then add in No. 248 at one point. That overall total is 1405.6. It’s a net gain of 300-odd points.

And let’s look at the kicker. Although we were/are high as hell on Florida State safety Derwin James, who went at No. 17 to the Chargers, the Packers say they got the guy they wanted all along.

“Jaire is a guy that we targeted all along,” Packers director of college scouting Jon-Eric Sullivan said. “We liked him from the outset. He’s a good football player.”

We are not going to discount the possibility of rhetoric or “best-available” speak here. That said, Alexander was a hell of a player in college when healthy.

He had five picks in 2016. He’s blazing fast — ran a 4.38 40.

Downside? Was injured for much of the 2017 season.

In that sense, he’s made to play cornerback for the Packers. He’s also only 5’10”, which falls below the threshold the Packers have established for cornerbacks.

We know he will compete, though. Alexander was a shutdown-type guy in college, regardless of who he was covering.

The Packers are apparently looking at him as their slot guy, even though he played outside in college. That would likely make the starters Tramon Williams and Kevin King on the outside, with Alexander manning the middle.

We have no opposition to that. But are the Packers going to rely on Josh Jones at safety?

Defensive line: robust. Linebackers: fine, if they can stay healthy. Corners: looking nice. Safeties: uhhhhhh…

But, the Packers have picked up some draft capital with Gutekunst’s maneuvering. The trade was too good to pass up, they claim. As was said previously, the guy has brass balls. We can appreciate that.

Now let’s all hope Drew Brees either gets injured or rapidly regresses this coming season. If that happens, this trade could be amazing. That said, it’s already looking pretty sharp.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Skinny April 27, 2018

    Hopefully Gute gets us back into the third round tonight as well.

  2. V April 27, 2018

    I don’t care about who we picked, I care about watching the careers of the players we didn’t pick that we could have. Only then can you tell if this was wise or idiotic and arrogant.

    1. Kato April 27, 2018

      I am like you on this one. A lot of pundits loved the moves. I am still skeptical and want to see how Alexander and James turn out before passing a whole lot more judgement.

    2. MJ April 27, 2018

      I’m with you on that one. It’s about the blue chip that we may have missed (by only a few spots). And the Saints are more likely playoff bound than not. Therefore, we get one more “meh” guy, that by the end of his rookie year we don’t know if we should keep.

    3. Kristofer April 27, 2018

      Um… Guys, I think V was being sarcastic… because his statement is ridiculous. “I don’t care about who we picked…” If he meant this then never mind, but sure seems to me like a Packers fan would care about who is on the team. Maybe you guys should spend some time away from the computer. Just a suggestion, nothing negative intended.

    4. TyKo Steamboat April 27, 2018

      Easy to compare them to the field after the facts, captain hindsight… DERP

  3. Kato April 27, 2018

    I like Brees too much to hope he gets hurt, but that’s me. The saints have been a very up and down team. I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned into a 12 pick or something. They do play in a pretty loaded NFC south that they could easily finish 3rd in.

    1. Larry April 27, 2018

      Brees does’nt matter. The Saints evolved into a running team last season. Worst case they go 10-6. That pick will be 25th and up.

  4. Hinder April 27, 2018

    I heard Belicheat say something along the lines of “If a guy can’t physically hold up in the college game, he’s got no chance at the pro level. Unfortunately, Uncle Ted and his minions can’t figure this out.

    1. MJ April 27, 2018

      Damn good assessment by Darth Bellichick. It makes too much sense. Who in his right mind expects the hits to become softer at the pro level?

  5. TheTruth April 27, 2018

    T Buckley 2. And 1 didn’t work out so well.

  6. Larry April 27, 2018

    Why pick a guy who could not stay on the field. Now he goes to a team that has the word injury hanging over the organization. Edmunds was the better pick since Clay and Nick are china dolls……..