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Blake Martinez: Packers’ Defense Lacked Organization

Although he didn’t name any names (Dom Capers), linebacker Blake Martinez was critical of the 2017 version of the Green Bay Packers’ defense. Without directly being so.

This week, Martinez praised the Packers’ new defensive coordinator, Mike Pettine. In that roundabout way he was also being critical of Capers and some of his own teammates.

Pettine reached out to Martinez, who seems to be turning into a defensive leader, soon after he was hired. Martinez highlighted several points from their discussion.

“Just his need and want of having organization throughout every single part, making sure there’s no mental errors, no missed assignments, any of that,” Martinez said. “He was going to be strict on it. He wasn’t going to let anything fly, if you’re a Pro Bowler or a rookie coming in. I think that was kind of the cool stance hearing from him and talking to him about that because that was one of my things that I wanted to voice my opinion on, just making sure everyone is on the right page at the right time and nothing is confused.”

Essentially, both Pettine and Martinez feel the Packers’ defense lacked organization and committed too many mental errors and missed too many assignments in 2017.

The fact that Martinez mentions that Pro Bowlers and rookies will be held to the same accountability standards is music to our ears. This isn’t the first time accountability — or a lack thereof — has come up in relation to last year’s defense. Former Packers cornerback Damarious Randall was openly critical of Capers not holding players accountable immediately after the season ended.

That’s certainly part of what got him booted out of town. Don’t name names.

In terms of who this message might be designed for, safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix comes immediately to mind. A 2016 Pro Bowler, Clinton-Dix was subpar in 2017 and that’s being kind. If you want to look for a guy who made consistent mental errors and blew assignments, there you go. Still, he played 98 percent of the team’s defensive snaps.

Telling was when Morgan Burnett was injured, the Packers gave the defensive headset to Clinton-Dix. He was so terrible and disorganized, they gave it to Martinez for the rest of the time Burnett was sidelined.

A lot of people also point to then-rookie safety Josh Jones. Other than a couple flashes here and there — and I do literally mean a couple, like two — Jones didn’t belong on the field. Still, he somehow played 70 percent of the team’s snaps.

The Packers have never been quick to bench anyone under Mike McCarthy, especially veteran players, regardless of what they do (or don’t do). It sounds like there’s finally someone in town who will make guys accountable, at least on defense.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. MJ April 10, 2018

    At least the defense shows signs of accountability to come. But it is not always bad. Just ask Adams, who was given countless opportunities, regardless of drops and mistakes, whereas Abbredderis, Janis and Davis got benched after a single bad play.

    1. MJ April 10, 2018

      I am not being a Janis apologist here, he was treated the same as any WR not named Randall, Jordy or Davante.

      1. PF4L April 10, 2018

        I agree, he was treated as if he wasn’t near their level, because he wasn’t.

        1. cz April 10, 2018


        2. MJ April 10, 2018

          The point, explained in simple terms: Adams was not performing any better than any other receiver, yet was given tons of playing time. So much for the accountability on offense.

          1. PF4L April 11, 2018

            Adams was on the field, the other receivers weren’t. I’m guessing the reason Adams was on the field is because they saw potential in Adams that they didn’t see in the other receivers. Therefore gave him a chance and decided to struggle through his growing pains to justify their optimism, it seemed to work out.

          2. MM²SUCK April 11, 2018

            Someone sounds like a Packer’s apologist right now . . .

    2. MM²SUCK April 10, 2018

      This ^^^^

  2. PF4L April 10, 2018

    When i see accountability on this team, in any form, then i’ll believe it. It’s much easier to talk the talk, than walk the walk…just ask Daniels.

  3. Howard April 10, 2018

    Mental errors are to be expected when your DC is almost asleep in the booth during the game. Playing the game should be when your adrenaline level is up. If that is what you get in game time excitement with Capers, I bet practice, film, and game study time was almost a snore fest. MM should have done something about Capers long ago. Beside MM, I guess Moss and Whitt had no accountability in the defenses lack of preparation and organization?

    1. Cheese April 10, 2018

      McCarthy has been on a leadership campaign lately, yet he did nothing about Capers until a scapegoat was needed. You could say the same thing about Slocum too. The Packers front office doesn’t have any leaders. All they have are a bunch of good ole boys who want to keep their buddies around and get a paycheck.

      1. cz April 11, 2018

        precisely, and no single owner to say enuf is enuf

        1. PF4L April 11, 2018

          “McCarthy has been on a leadership campaign lately, yet he did nothing about Capers until a scapegoat was needed.”

          Truer words have never been spoken. And this is just one example of poor leadership, of one person. Trust me, there are plenty other examples with other various team leaders. Some of us have been pointing this out for years.