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It is finally NFL Draft week. The Green Bay Packers remain with several glaring holes on their roster. None is larger than in the defensive backfield, where the Packers have been terrible for years now.

We’ve heard the rumors of who the Packers are looking at — Ohio State cornerback Denzel Ward, Iowa cornerback Josh Jackson, Alabama safety Minkah Fitzpatrick and Florida State safety Derwin James.

It’s possible only Jackson will be available when the Packers pick in the first round at No. 14. James will almost surely be off the board. The same goes for Ward, who the Packers are reportedly the highest on. Fitzpatrick is a possibility, although no guarantee.

So that raises the question of whether the Packers will trade up. They are said to be considering such a move.

“If you want to go up and get Fitzpatrick and you feel he’s a cornerback, not a safety, you probably have to get to nine or 10,” EPSN draft guru Mel Kiper said. “If you talk about James, everybody seems to think he’ll go 7 to Tampa Bay. Denzel Ward, probably up to that 6-7 range because he’s the best corner in the draft.”

So what is the price tag for such a move?

To trade up to No. 10, Demovsky suggests the Packers would have to give up their third-round pick at No. 76, along with swapping first-round picks. To get up to No. 6, the Packers would have to give up their second-round pick at No. 45 and swap first-rounders.

There are a couple different ways to look at this. First, okay, let’s finally get things settled in the defensive backfield. It will come at a cost, but the Packers’ defense can’t continue having a sub-par secondary.

Or you stand pat and take your best available need guy at No. 14, knowing you have other holes to fill (receiver, edge, DB) in the second and third rounds.

My feeling is the Packers will end up staying where they are. They can still land a quality player that can fill a need in the first round at No. 14. Then they can try to plug some other holes in the rounds that follow.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Larry April 23, 2018

    To many holes on this team to trade up and lose precious picks. One of the DBs will still be there at #14. IF you are gonna move up, then go in all the way and make a deal with NYG and get Chubb.

    1. Cheesemaker April 23, 2018

      Totally agree

    2. tupac April 23, 2018

      Yeah sell the farm to trade up and grab a DE that’ll play OLB. Derwin could be our new Nick Collins

    3. Big B April 23, 2018

      It costs too much to move up from 14, but I would package some of those late round picks to move up in the middle rounds. It makes no sense to bring in 12 draft picks, shoot for 8-9 with the last few chosen higher in their respective rounds. I still like Davenport as a pass rusher in the first, then CB in 2nd and a later round. There is much more depth in the secondary choices than there is in edge rushers. Get one while you can.

  2. Icebowl April 23, 2018

    “First, okay, let’s finally get things settled in the defensive backfield. It will come at a cost, but the Packers’ defense can’t continue having a sub-par secondary”……

    Sounds hauntingly familiar to strategy of last two drafts…….

    1. Cheese April 23, 2018

      All because they let two All Pro defensive backs walk without even offering them a contract. Why? To replace them with a one year starter/ basketball player and a first round conversion project who didn’t even finish his rookie contract in GB.

  3. MJ April 23, 2018

    Wait, are we trying to draft a safety only to make him transition to CB?

    1. Cheesemaker April 23, 2018

      LOL. I had the same reaction. Let’s not try Demarious Randall v2.

  4. Bobby D April 23, 2018

    Ted will make sure Gute makes the right call…..most likely the Boise State LB. The old fruitcake loves that look

  5. cz April 24, 2018

    green bay needs to add a playmaker to its defense and to its offense.

    stay where they are and they may add zero
    move up and they may add 1

    trade this yr and next year and they can add two playmakers this yr

    if there are two players they really like and need i am all for trading tomorrow to win today