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Vikings Could Be Going Hard At Kirk Cousins

Everything seems to point toward the Minnesota Vikings making a legitimate run at free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins.

They have the salary cap space. They also have the need, with no quarterbacks currently signed to their roster. Cousins is going to get a huge contract. So huge, it has Aaron Rodgers waiting around for the numbers to come in before signing an extension of his own.

The Vikings will have competition, of course. The Jets appear to be the other frontrunner. So how serious will the Vikings go? Pretty serious, if you believe this.

Cooley would be former Washington tight end Chris Cooley, who is now a broadcaster and radio host.

Could he get information like this? Sure.

Does that mean it’s accurate? It could be. It could also be misinformation. Perhaps someone interested in starting a bidding war. We won’t really know until free agency opens later this month.

There are always plenty of surprises. However, we do know the Vikings are in play for a guy who has thrown for more than 4,000 yards each of the past three seasons.

What’s interesting is the supposed nature of the contract. I would venture to say a contract like this doesn’t exist in the NFL. First, it’s supposedly fully guaranteed, which doesn’t happen. Second, it’s a relatively short term of three years for a franchise quarterback.

Naturally, it should be pointed out that teams aren’t allowed to negotiate with other teams players right now.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. KILLER March 6, 2018

    I was also surprised it was only for 3 years. Now, though, if this really is what they are offering it is only a starting point and not a final offer. Personally, I’d be shocked if any team gets Cousins for only 30.3 million per year. He is top available with no question marks at by far the most important position in sports and the salary cap goes up by 10 million a year anyway. By the end of a 3-year contract just the increases in salary cap will pay his entire salary!

    A QB of this talent, age, no injury or off-field questions, and resume of superior performance (exceeding Aaron Rodgers over the last three years) has NEVER before become available. Never has and may never again. A truly rare and unique situation. I sure as heck hope the Vikings take full advantage of this amazing opportunity and go for it.

    He’s played 48 out of 48 regular season games the last three years behind a patchwork offensive line. He is a workaholic with zero off field concerns. I am very comfortable with a fully guaranteed contract in this situation. I would trade less overall money for more guaranteed money any day of the week in this situation.

    Sure, if he has a career ending injury right away then the team is screwed and misses the playoffs for three years. But where may we be without a QB? We can try or not try. I say…(dramatic pause)… TRY!

    The Jets leak of giving 70 million in year one I think was definitely on purpose to get other teams to back away and give up and look elsewhere. This leak does not seem like it is on purpose. It is a legitimate and expected offer. Less than expected if anything.

    The Vikings don’t play those games and in this case don’t need to. They can offer Cousins a unique situation for immediate winning the other teams cannot.

    If you are Cousins do you take 31 million a year for three years with each year having very good odds of winning the division and making the Super Bowl or do you take 36 million a year and maybe in three years, maybe, you might have a chance at making the playoffs? I know what I’d choose if I were him. What would I use that extra 5 million per year on anyway that I did not already have?

    1. Ferris March 6, 2018

      No question marks…except he doesn’t win. Green Bay fans hope the Vikings sign him, so they continue in mediocrity for the duration of his contract and be in salary cap handcuffs. No team lets a true superstar QB walk, and he is not one.

  2. Bob March 6, 2018

    How can the number one defense give up 31 unanswered points in the NFCC game and still claim they are a number one defense ? Answer me that killer.

    1. PF4L March 6, 2018

      The same way the queens can spend 3 first round draft picks on QB’s since 2011 and have nothing to show for it. LOSERS.

      Only a queen fan would consider spending 30 mill/a year on a QB who has never won anything, a steal.

      But then again, Maybe the queens and Cousins are a perfect match, neither has won anything.

    2. KILLER March 6, 2018

      Bob, Bob, Bob.

      Every team has bad days and so does every defense. Jaguars were a great defense last year but gave up, what, 44 points to the 49ers !??! It happens. It is life man.

      Every year there is a #1 defense based on yards allowed. Some advocate the #1 defense should be ranked based on points allowed. This year there was no need for debate as the Vikings were #1 in fewest yards per game and #1 in fewest points. Both. #1. So it isn’t a “claim”, it is actually a fact.

      There you go. I answered you, Bob.

      1. PF4L March 7, 2018

        YOU LIKE THAT!!

        YOU LIKE THAT!!

        1. KILLER March 7, 2018

          I SURE DO x TWO!

          1. PF4L March 7, 2018

            The difference being, the Jaquars didn’t give up 44 points in the NFCCG, the kind of game that would vault a team into the SB at their own Stadium. I have a feeling the Jaq’s would have played like they gave a shit and not just lie down whimpering as they got their asses handed to them, like the queens did.

            Bob was asking you why the queens shit the bed in the NFCCG. You didn’t answer him. But…maybe you are right, it is life, for a team like the queens. But then again, shitting the bed in a NFCCG is nothing new for the queens, they haven’t won a NFCCG game since 1976. Yes….1976.

            Matter of fact, the queens are 0-6 since.

            YOU LIKE THAT!!

  3. KILLER March 6, 2018

    OK, let the record show that Killer, PF4L (Piffle), and Ferry (Fairy-Is) all want the Vikings to sign Kirk Cousins. Glad we can agree on something.

    It is pretty simple. We have plenty of money. We will spend it. We don’t need to save it for, I don’t know, snow-sledding profiteering…. or buying up Green Bay properties in shady inflated real estate deals….

    Cousins is a clear improvement over Keenum (who I greatly respect!). Signing him makes the Vikings better.

    Looking only at recent history — recent being the last 3 years — Cousins is better than Rodgers. Just straight up, not even considering age, health, and personality dysfunction of Rodgers!

    Your fear and insecurity is showing.

    1. Ferris March 7, 2018

      You say WE. I doubt they consult you and you’re not on the payroll. Cousins is better that Rodgers, Bradford is better than Rodgers, Keenum is better than Rodgers. Since you are on the payroll call that idiot GM of yours and ask him who is better. Fear and Insecurity…. description of a Vikings fan who incessantly posts on a Green Bay fan site.

      1. Kato March 7, 2018

        Killer doesn’t understand simple math. Wins and losses have been drastically different with Rodgers and sans Rodgers. He also talks shit about how bad McCarthy is. Huh. Rodgers does all he does IN SPITE of McCarthy.

        1. PF4L March 7, 2018

          The vikings are NOT done!!

      2. KILLER March 7, 2018

        OK, Ferris (Fairy-Is) and Play-Do Kato:

        Cousins is better than Rodgers over the last three years. That is just a fact. He also is 5 years younger, has no issue injury issues/is more durable, and does not have any known personality dysfunctions while Rodgers has several (and no, I do not consider homosexuality a personality dysfunction. Homosexuality is seen in almost all animals so it is a factual part of nature).

        Trader Rick’s time is too precious for him to waste it talking to me on the phone and I would not want him to. Especially since I already know the answer. Any legit GM would take Cousins over Rodgers.

        Here, take this test to see if you would make a good GM=

        Select one of the following. It has to be A or B, no write in answers allowed.

        A. 29 year old QB with higher QB rating in an extremely challenging setting with poor supporting cast, started 48 of 48 games last three years, no known injury concerns, no off-field concerns, workaholic.


        B. Nearly 34 year old QB with lower passer rating in an offense shaped to him with good WRs, was able to play about 37 of last 48 games, recovering from collarbone break and surgery, quit on team late last year to make himself healthy scratch for last couple games, known to employ beards to clumsily disguise his sexual nature, preoccupied with endorsement deals and Hollywood makeovers, known for ego and arrogance and throwing teammates under buses, and has disowned his entire direct and extended family because it was convenient for him to do so.

        If you choose A, you have potential!

        PS I am outnumbered and bullied here but never back down. Clearly my fear and insecurity make me brave and confidant!

        1. PF4L March 7, 2018

          “PS I am outnumbered and bullied here……”

          But you come in here anyway…lmao.

          Lonely Boy.

        2. Truth March 7, 2018

          KYLE R -(KILLER)
          What teammate did he throw under the bus?

  4. Big B March 7, 2018

    Fun Fact: The franchise with the most all time playoff losses? That would be your Minnesota Vikings-29.
    Packers have 70% MORE wins than they do and about 25% FEWER losses. Impressive.
    Still, Packers can’t sign any FA talent because of cap limits; bloated contracts like Mathews, Cobb, Nelson, and Perry are gonna bring us down.

  5. PF4L March 7, 2018

    FUN FACT: Blowhard queen fans think they are an instant winner with Cousins.

    I guess the same way they thought when Favre came a callin.

    Let me guess lonely boy, your response is Cousins is better than Rodgers, and better than Favre…..

    Better call Canton!!


    1. KILLER March 7, 2018

      Blowhard? Hahaha. If persuasive logical arguments make me a “blowhard” then we can all be sure you are not a “blowhard”.

      We’ve won the division two of the last three years. We are already a winner even without Cousins. It is just that Cousins would be an upgrade at the most important position in sports. Thus the enthusiasm.

      Favre did have his best career year as a Viking and did help us get to the NFC championship. He did not have much left in the tank though. Cousins is ten years younger than Favre was in 2009. But Rodgers is nearly as old as him. But more injury-prone….

      1. Ferris March 7, 2018

        A “Winner” wins championships, not 2 out of 3 division titles.
        Plus Cousins will likely go to Denver, nobody chooses to live in Minnesota.
        Is he still the best FA ever if he signs with Denver?

        1. PF4L March 7, 2018

          Lets clear dem walls in da trophy room boys, we got some banners to hang!!!


    1. Ferris March 7, 2018

      The may hang a banner for that in that dump of a stadium…nice to win something

  6. Bob March 7, 2018

    This is what I see happening with the Vikings. they are going full all out to get Cousins. but my guess is the Broncos will end up with him. Now if you are one of the other three free agent QBs would you want to stay in Minnesota after being the second, third or fourth choice. I see the vikes drafting a QB in the second round and hoping the get lucky. Which they won’t.

    1. PF4L March 7, 2018

      I don’t really care if they sign Cousins, bring Favre back, or re-sign NFCCCG MVP Casey Kasum. doesn’t matter, it’s the queens.

      But what would be priceless, is them spending their 4th 1st round pick on a QB since 2011.