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Teammates Wanted Damarious Randall Cut Last Season

By now, we are all well aware of the meltdown cornerback Damarious Randall had against the Chicago Bears in September. He got beaten on the field, benched and then sent to the locker room after a sideline outburst.

Following the incident, Randall returned to the starting lineup and played well. However, if some teammates would have had their way, Randall wouldn’t have even had the opportunity.

Demovsky says some of the team’s veterans wanted Randall gone after his meltdown.

There was strong sentiment in the locker room at that time to give Randall the boot — sources said McCarthy’s committee of veteran players suggested that Randall be released.

He also says the Packers felt Randall could have played through a knee injury that sidelined him for the final two games. Of course, those final two games didn’t matter, but considering the Packers are notoriously conservative with injuries, it isn’t a good look for Randall.

So here’s a guy who didn’t have the respect of his teammates or the coaching staff. The Packers were probably lucky to get something in return for him via trade with the Browns. They obviously wanted him gone one way or another.

Coach Mike McCarthy was harsh when asked about Randall’s criticism of former defensive coordinator Dom Capers, following the season.

“I’ll tell you what I told Damarious: He needs to focus on himself,” McCarthy said. “He’s got to clean his own house. That’s what I look for him to do in the offseason. He did a lot of really good things. We all understand what happened in the Chicago game, but I thought from the Chicago game on, he played at a very high level. He probably played the best football of his career, but then he didn’t play the last two games. He needs to go home and self-evaluate and clean his own house. We all need to clean our own house.”

Interestingly, Randall already has an enemy in his new locker room. After the Packers beat the Browns in 2017, Randall got into it with receiver Josh Gordon. He ultimately suggested Gordon, who has been suspended by the league for drugs multiple times, was still on drugs.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Kato March 10, 2018

    I always thought it was a strange remark by McCarthy when he said of Randall “but then he didn’t play the last two games.” That now makes more sense, and was a fairly subtle jab at Randall for not playing through injury. I guess If they were going to cut the guy, it’s better to get something for him than nothing. Which also brings into the spotlight Gutekunst’s comment about good players and not just letting them walk out of the door. I took that negatively at first as in the packers would not cut underperforming players. But now, I think that means that they would look to get some sort of compensation for those players. Unfortunately I don’t see the packers having trade partners for Cobb because no one wants to pay a slot guy $10 million

  2. KILLER March 10, 2018

    This is par for the course with the Packers. When a player leaves, even if not of their own free will, their reputation is often trashed via back channel communications with sycophant media. As just a couple for instances that is exactly what happened with Josh Sitton and Bennett.

    With Sitton is was suddenly revealed that he was a “locker room cancer” because he questioned the wisdom of putting him at LT with little or no practice for a game in which Everson Griffen demolished him. He was right.

    For Bennett he got more medical advice that he should have a surgery. Before he could make a decision if he would the Packers preemptively cut him and claimed he “quit” on them. Who quit on who friend?

    Now that Randall is gone let’s all pile on and trash him!

    As per the committee of veteran players, if this is true what is claimed, keep in mind they wanted to cut him after the Bears game. Randall bounced back and played some great football and there were no more known or claimed issues — and there had not been any previous years either. They may have wanted him cut way back then under that circumstance (unwisely as it turned out) but, unless they are true fools, no longer wanted that.

    So why bring it up at all? To try to awkwardly justify a very bad trade.

  3. KILLER March 10, 2018

    Check out that double standard on how Randall could have played the final two games. So could Rodgers but he is the golden quitter!

    Rodgers had full medical clearance, got a few “bruises” in the Panthers game (there are new bruises after EVERY game) and folded up his tent. With Randall and the knee injury I’d have to stress only the player knows exactly how it feels and responds. It is often the case that medical staff say it is up to the player. You are not supposed to say “your choice” and then condemn the choice made. Cowardly hypocrites do that sort of thing.

    Look this is just a bad trade no escape.

    Kizer looks to be as bad or worse than Hundley and will be new to the system. Randall could conceivably end up in the pro bowl — maybe this season when you look at what happened with Hayward and Hyde! A really bad back up QB for a pro bowl potential player? A steal for the Browns!

    The swap of the round 4 and 5 picks on DAY THREE of the draft is there to smoke screen. Odds are whatever players the Packers pick still would have been there at their natural draft spot. It isn’t even worth considering as a factor or benefit in this trade. Neither is this veteran’s-committee-wanted-way-back-when chatter or that he did not play with a knee injury the same games Rodgers did not play — with no injury! — games that the Packers wanted to tank anyway!!

    To judge this trade in the coming years just look at Randall’s play vs. Kizer’s play and how much better Kizer’s play is than Hundley’s was last year.

  4. PF4L March 10, 2018

    ^^ Now breaking down his Novels into Chapters.

    1. PF4L March 10, 2018

      Not to change the subject, but maybe the lonely boy could give us his take on the NFCCG and what (went wrong) happened. How could the queens shit the bed so bad, with so much at stake.

      Maybe the lonely boy could enlighten us as to what went so wrong with Casey Kasum, with his 63.6 passer rating in the biggest game of his life.

      Or maybe the lonely boy can enlighten us on how his beast of a queens defense would allow Foles a passer rating of…wait for it…..141.4. Yes sir, you read that correctly. I know, it still hurts.

      Give us a game rundown lonely boy…what happened?

      I’m assuming you’ve gotten past the denial stage of grief lonely boy?

      If you cannot comment due to being incarcerated again, we’ll understand.

      1. KILLER March 10, 2018

        You mean the game one week after the greatest final seconds victory in NFL playoff history?
        You mean that game the Vikings played 3 weeks after winning the NFC North?
        Or the one 3 weeks after the Packers came in 3rd place in the NFC North?
        The one 3 weeks after the Packers finished with a losing record on the season?
        That game 4 weeks after the Vikings shut out Green Bay IN Green Bay?
        That game 5 weeks after Aaron Rodgers quit on his team?
        That game 7 or 8 weeks after the Packers barely beat the Browns, THE BROWNS, in overtime?
        That game a year since the Packers were embarrassed in the NFC championship?
        That game three years since the Packers enacted the greatest choke in playoff history?

        You mean the game the Packers coaches and players watched while seated on a couch?

        1. PF4L March 11, 2018

          “Yep, that’s the one, you’ve pinpointed it. Now how did they fuck up so bad?” – Jake

          1. KILLER March 11, 2018

            Back up QB handing off to a back up running back behind a line with a rookie center, an OT playing at Guard, and a un-drafted free agent starting at OT. + dome team playing on a grass field in the cold against a premiere defense. I was shocked going into the game that the Eagles were not favored.

          2. PF4L March 12, 2018

            So, what you are saying is, the queens can’t overcome a few injuries and have no depth? Ok, i’m sure those invalid reasons excuses the offense(in your denial stage).

            Now how about that epic collapse on defense? Did the defense not have a good breakfast? Did they think the game lasted 6 quarters? The defense can’t be competitive on a grass field in 40 degree weather? We’re they home sick? Did the players forget to pack enough clean underwear? Did they finally realize their fan base consist of losers.

        2. Cheese March 11, 2018

          The greatest final seconds victory in NFL playoff history?

          HAHAHAHA, don’t flatter yourself. There was nothing great accomplished on that play by the offense. Your QB didn’t evade a pass rush or thread the ball through tight coverage. Your receivers didn’t fight through struggles with the secondary. The Saints cornerback completely whiffed on a tackle which allowed Minnesota’s receiver to walk right into the endzone. You could call it the luckiest final seconds victory in NFL playoff history. Most of all, it was a total fuck up on behalf of the other team which allowed the Viking to win a game they had no business winning.

  5. Jake March 10, 2018

    Yep, that’s the one, you’ve pinpointed it. Now how did they fuck up so bad?

    1. KILLER March 11, 2018

      Back up QB handing off to a back up running back behind a line with a rookie center, an OT playing at Guard, and a un-drafted free agent starting at OT. + dome team playing on a grass field in the cold against a premiere defense. I was shocked going into the game that the Eagles were not favored.

  6. PF4L March 11, 2018

    Lonely boy must still be in denial stage.

    Lets help him out and look at the positive things the queens did in that NFCCG,

    1) The queens stout defense kept the Eagles under 500 yards of offense.

    2) That same stout defense held back up QB Foles to passer rating under 150

    3) The queens defense refused to let a back up QB extend drives, allowing them first downs on only 71% of 3rd downs.

    4) Determined not to lose the game, the queens defense held the Eagles under 40 points.

    5) The queens shut down defense, held a back up QB to under 11 yards per pass completion.

    6) Equally stingy, the queens defense wouldn’t allow the Eagles more than 27 first downs.
    They said “HELL NO”

    7) Make no mistake about it, the queens are no strangers to winning the NFCCG. Not that long ago, the queens won their last Conference Championship. It was in 1976. Most people remember it like yesterday, if they are still alive.