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Richard Sherman Reportedly Being Released

The Seattle Seahawks were shopping cornerback Richard Sherman and his $11 million salary last offseason. Of course, he was connected to the Green Bay Packers, but the Packers weren’t going to give up a draft pick and then pay that contract.

Now, it appears Sherman will be released, allowing him to sign with whoever he wants.

Naturally, he will be connected to the Packers, but what are the chances something actually gets done? Not very high in our estimation.

Sure, the Packers could improve at cornerback. They just don’t have the money to make an expensive signing and that’s really the bottom line. The Packers reportedly have just over $15 million in salary cap space. They would have to start releasing, restructuring or extending guys like Randall Cobb, Jordy Nelson and Clay Matthews to create more cap room.

So far, there’s been no movement on those fronts.

The Packers also have Aaron Rodgers’ imminent extension to worry about. That certainly could create more cap space, but Rodgers apparently needs to be the highest-paid player in the game and won’t sign until after Kirk Cousins does. So he’s really doing the Packers no favors in terms of signing other players now.

Simply, for those of you dreaming of Richard Sherman coming to Green Bay, it isn’t likely, unless he’s willing to take some sort of low-cost, team-friendly deal. It’s worth mentioning that Sherman is coming off a ruptured Achilles, so such a deal could be possible, but would the Packers even take the risk on a seemingly declining player?

Joseph Bonham

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  1. Kato March 7, 2018

    No thanks. Even if I didn’t think the guy was a prick, I wouldn’t sign him. Those ruptured Achilles tendons are no joke. If he is indeed released, don’t be surprised if teams leaguewide are slow to sign him because that injury, and that drives the price down a bit.

    1. PF4L March 7, 2018

      Everyone is getting rid of their trash, whether it’s from the players being assholes, being overpaid, or under performing, or all three, it’s that time of year.

      They’ll go visit other teams whose fans have big dreams, and maybe sign them. Not learning lessons previously learned.

      Who knows, Wilkerson is in town. Maybe the Packers pay up for the 50th ranked int. lineman according to PFF.
      Then hope he acts like he gives a shit.

  2. TyKo Steamboat March 7, 2018

    No thanks. Team cancer coming off of an achilles injury

    The FA pool is a shallow one this season & we’re only 25th in cap space but here’s my short-list:

    9.) Justin McCray, OL
    8.) Adrian Clayborn, DE
    7.) Justin Pugh, RG
    6.) Teddy Bridgewater, (at the right price)
    5.) Xavier Su’a-Filo, G
    4.) Star Lotulelei, DT (value)
    3.) Sammy Watkins, WR (can’t afford him I realize)
    2.) Andrew Norwell, RG
    1.) Muhammed Wilkerson, DE – The only name on the list I’d over-pay at a 3 or 4 year deal

  3. PF4L March 7, 2018

    “So he’s really doing the Packers no favors in terms of signing other players now.”

    How many seasons has Rodgers been underpaid in comparison to his performance and his peers, and not complained one bit?

    How many favors have the Packers done for Rodgers over the years?

    Rodgers doesn’t owe the Green By Packers shit.

    The longer this shit show of a circus continues in Green Bay, the more i want to see Rodgers win another Super Bowl.

    With whoever.

    1. MJ March 7, 2018

      With all the due respect, you should change your nickname to RF4L.

  4. PF4L March 7, 2018

    After giving it careful consideration….Rodgers should just rework his contract for like 5 million a year, Then they could get another free agent or 2 to compete.

    Yes, i’ll acknowledge maybe this team hasn’t been that fiscally responsible as for as their ROI. Maybe they haven’t been all that stellar in the drafting Dept. But Rodgers shouldn’t hold this team down on a new contract.

    I mean, haven’t the Packers paid this dude enough cash? For Christ sake, the ego this guy must have, what’s next…are people going to start talking that without him, this is a losing team? I say Hogwash my friends. It’s the lesser paid guys, like Mathews, Perry, Cobb, Daniels, the worker bee’s that keep this train rolling.

    Do the right thing Rodgers and help this team out, be a leader for once in your life, and a difference maker. Be a team player, so other people who produce don’t have to take a pay cut.

    1. Cheese March 8, 2018

      How about.. be a team player, so other people who DON’T produce don’t have to take a pay cut.

  5. Savage57 March 8, 2018

    The last time the Packers signed a FA DB with a reputation as a bad locker room guy and a brash loudmouth, I recall things working out pretty well.

    Aw shit, that’s right. No money to sign anyone.

  6. Truth March 8, 2018

    In addition to the Sherman and Bennett moves they are also putting it out that Chancellor and Thomas are available.

    Seattle is, I believe, may adapting and tweeking the Ted Thompson philosophy. Begining by taking out the trash, cutting the fat, or whatever you call it.

    How many players on thier second contract actually live up to it? Not many. Why bother paying a guy 4 or 5 years into the league? They have less motivation, are more injury prone, and get that untouchable confidence.

    Draft and develop, but let them walk after thier rookie contract. Unless you honestly think a player will be more productive and worth the money. Someone you just HAVE to have, like a Rodgers or someone who is top 5 in thier respective position. OR if you need another year out of them take advantage of the franchise tag.

    How successful has Sherman been since signing his contract? Was he worth the price tag and the headache he brought? Was Bennett? Chancellor? Hell no they weren’t. How about Cobb? Daniels? Perry? Mathews? Look around the league Von miller? Dez? There are rare examples but not many. Most come from free agency rejuvenated for a year or 2 in a new environment.

    2nd contracts should be harder to come by, and should have much less gaurentee’s them they do.

  7. Howard March 8, 2018

    Sherman not only had his ruptured Achilles operated on, he also had his other Achilles operated on this off season. I don’t think anyone is going to be signing Sherman until he shows he has fully recovered. Training camp at the earliest.