Packers Lose Out On Name Receivers

Sammy Watkins

We won’t say we are surprised. We were more surprised that the Green Bay Packers showed interest to begin with. However, the two big free agent receivers they were interested in — Sammy Watkins and Allen Robinson — have decided to sign elsewhere.

Watkins is going to the Chiefs. Robinson is going to the Bears.

Here are some interesting numbers.

It’s unlikely the Packers could have approached those numbers, especially since they appear to be sitting on their hands when it comes to the bloated contracts of Randall Cobb and Jordy Nelson.

You can probably also cross tight end Jimmy Graham off the list. Although he hasn’t signed yet, there are rumors the Saints may go up to $10 million annually for the 31-year-old.

Again, I don’t see how the Packers could compete there unless they make some other moves.

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9 Comments on "Packers Lose Out On Name Receivers"

    • Ferris

      Exactly. Watkins an often injured underachiever and Robinson coming off a major injury. Both teams overpaid big time.

    • gregg sipler

      Gutenkist is another moron like ted Thompson. Pay Randall Cobb millions and sign nobody again. Done with GB and Aaron Rodgers shouldn’t sign any extension for these losers. Wolf should’ve got GM job.

  1. MJ

    Yep. Cap space just wasn’t established. If Rodgers signs his extension soon we’ll know where we stand financially. And with that out of the way we can negotiate with whatever cap remainder is left.

    • Kato

      5 years and $40 million? LMAO. It appears the packers got a “deal” for Adams. The Bears deal for Trey Burton is equally insane.

  2. Deepsky

    Wow. Watkins and Robinson are being paid like top 5 receivers. Watkins had under 600 yards receiving last year and Robinson is coming off ACL injury.

    I guess this is why the Bears never contend for the division.

  3. Bobby D

    Gonna be like days gone by…after every FA you’ve ever heard of signs elsewhere we’ll swoop in for the scraps. The “who the fuck is that guy”

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