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Packers Have No Starting Running Back

Ty Montgomery, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones… the Green Bay Packers may have a three-headed monster at running back. Or they have a lot of depth, depending on how you look at it.

In 2017, coach Mike McCarthy named Montgomery the starting running back early in the offseason. Then Montgomery got injured and ended up being outperformed by both Williams and Jones.

Of course, both of those guys dealt with injuries of their own and missed time. As McCarthy always say, the best ability it availability. So who’s No. 1 on the depth chart now?

No one, apparently.

“I just want them all to stay healthy and continue to grow,” McCarthy said. “Whoever starts, that’s really up to them. That’s the way I present it to the players. I’m for all of them starting. That’s the competition you want.”

We’re all for competition. However, we will certainly be pulling for Jones.

Jones has shown explosiveness the other guys haven’t. His only issue appears to be in pass protection, which is why he was behind Williams when Williams was healthy, even though Williams lacks explosiveness.

Williams led the Packers in rushing with 556 yards in 2017. However, he averaged a pedestrian 3.6 yards per carry. He did, however, add another 262 yards through the air, while averaging 10.5 per reception.

Jones went for 448 yards, while averaging 5.5 yards per carry. He only had nine receptions for 22 yards, however. Much of that lack of production in the passing game is likely attributable to him not playing on third down.

Montgomery rushed for 273 (3.8 yards per carry) and caught 23 for 173.

If Jones can prove he’s competent in pass protection in his second season, we seen no reason why he shouldn’t be the starter. All of these guys are going to get some carries, but the Packers will have a lead back who will get the majority of them.

It doesn’t look like we’ll know who that guy will be until well into training camp.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Pack Attack March 29, 2018

    This offense is gonna need playmakers. Jones better figure it out. Should be his job to lose

  2. Cheese March 29, 2018

    Thank goodness they converted Montgomery to RB. That one game against the Bears dismal defense two years ago was totally worth it.

    For Pete’s sake, I have to start my replies in a word document and then transfer them to the comment box just in case the page freezes. That is if I don’t want to type it all over again.

    1. ay hombre March 29, 2018

      That’s dedication Cheese. That’s dedication.

    2. Kato March 29, 2018

      I Have had the same issue. website is a POS

    3. PF4L March 29, 2018


    4. Gort March 29, 2018

      Been doing that for quite a long time. Seems to crash every time a new ad loads and it isn’t getting better.

  3. Skinny March 29, 2018

    Nah that’s bull shit. They have two guys who could start. Their fine at RB. Only way I consider RB in draft is if Barkley falls.

    1. Ferris March 29, 2018

      It’s they’re not their…geez
      McRib is sooo stupid, Jones looks like a superstar, Williams looks like he is wearing cement shoes and Montgomery will get hurt on the first snap of camp. They do have a #1…Jones. They also have an idiot coach.

  4. PF4L March 29, 2018

    Two problems is see. McCarthy feels like he can’t feature Jones as the lead back, because the O-line needs additional help, although Jones is somewhat dynamic and he should get more carries, he does suck at Pass Pro. Take that with a grain of salt as i very well could be wrong. Just like the last time i was wrong…. back in 1976, the year the queens last won a NFCCG, amirite Lonely Boy?

    2nd problem….McCarthy seems hell bent on ruining Montgomery’s career by not putting him in the slot. I figured even meager intelligence would discover that this rb experiment was over by now.

    I’ll add, if you want a guy to bust a longer run every now and then, it’s Jones not Williams. If we’re done by 5, 3rd and 2 with 2 minutes left, i’m going with Williams for a fresh set of downs. Both have potential value.

    1. PF4L March 29, 2018


  5. Dennis Dervetski March 29, 2018

    MM play book doesn’t use the run. We have some very good backs if they stay healthy. As far as MM not being sure doesn’t surprise me. After all, he defended, trained, and stuck with Hundley. I’m losing faith in MM.