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Packers Have Landed Jimmy Graham

The Green Bay Packers showed early interest in free agent tight end and it looks like they got their man. Graham is expected to sign a three-year deal.

And yes, while we are aware the Packers still need some help at cornerback, they needed some help at tight end too. Graham should certainly be able to provide it.

The tight ends currently on the Packers’ roster — Lance Kendricks and Emanuel Byrd — were unproductive in 2017. Kendricks caught just 18 passes for 203 yards. Byrd caught just two for 31 after coming up off the practice squad. Throw in Richard Rodgers, who caught 12 for 160, and Martellus Bennett, who caught 23 for 233, and the position was more or less a garbage dump.

It’s also notable that all of those guys scored only two touchdowns combined.

Graham caught 57 for 520 yards and 10 touchdowns in 2017. He has career numbers of 6,800 yards and 69 touchdowns.

Graham isn’t a great blocker, but he’s been as his best when he’s lined up like a receiver, which he did plenty of in New Orleans. He’s a match-up problem because of his size (6-7, 265) and speed. We would expect the Packers to utilize him more like that.

The Packers said they were going to be aggressive in free agency and now we actually believe them. Now, about that cornerback position…

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. MJ March 13, 2018

    OK, this has genuinely made me believe they were serious. Not the “see? We interview FAs, we are very active in free agency” we used to have with Ted. Might make for an interesting offseason.

  2. Dave The Lions Fan March 13, 2018

    Sign a soon to be 32 year old tight end with drop problems. Also, Jordy is gone, so that connection that he had with Rodgers is done. The roster still sucks

    1. Ferris March 13, 2018

      OMG-now you’re back like a disease. You have a drop king in Ebron on the roster now. The Lions roster is so bad, TJ Lang is the only player anyone can name besides Matthew “get paid for never winning even one career playoff game” Stafford. NOT ONE!!!!

      1. Ferris March 13, 2018

        Just as a point of reference…Blake Bortles has won 2 playoff games. So go back to playing with yourself.

        1. Dave The Lions Fan March 13, 2018

          I can’t have an argument with you. You clearly know very little. So do you think Trent Dilfer is better than Dan Marino? Dilfer has a ring and Marino doesn’t, so by your logic, Dilfer is better. Get. Lost.

          1. Tucson Packer March 13, 2018

            Are you comparing Dan Marino to Buteerball Stafford?

      2. Dave The Lions Fan March 13, 2018

        You obviously didn’t look up the stats before getting into this argument, did you? Graham dropped more passes and has a worse catch rate than Ebron. He’s also much, much older.

        You talk about not naming players? Darius Slay is an All-Pro. He’d be the best CB on the Packers. Glover Quin is an All-Pro. He’d be the best safety on the Packers, certainly better than Clinton-Dix. TJ Lang is better than any guard on your roster. Rick Wagner is better than Bulaga. Tate, Jones and Golladay are better than Adams, Cobb and whoever is the third receiver. Agnew is better than your return man. Martin and Prater better tan your punter and kicker. Get lost.

        1. Dave The Lions Fan March 13, 2018

          Tucson Packer,

          No. I’m saying the playoff wins argument is stupid. That would be like me saying, “Well Jimmy G has two rings and Rodgers only has one. Therefore, Jimmy G > Rodgers.” Or if someone said that because Bortles has playoff wins and God doesn’t, Bortles > Goff. It’s stupid. You have to take the rest of the team and coaching staff into account. What Stafford is done with this roster the past few years has been incredible. He’s become a clutch, efficient leader.

          1. Ferris March 13, 2018

            I thought the roster was awesome….you listed all those great players…which one is it?

        2. Ferris March 13, 2018

          We all hoped you had gotten lost forever Dave.
          Stafford wins some but not in the playoffs that is my point. Would you take Dilfer and his ring or Stafford and his stats? I never said Graham doesn’t drop balls, I said Ebron does too.
          Glad you can name the players on your team that will never win a Super Bowl. Just as a reminder the best RB to ever play besides Jim Brown and Walter Payton was a Lion…Barry Sanders would have had the all time rushing title by thousands of yards…he quit because the Lions are such idiots and wasted his career…same for Calvin Johnson, probably top 5 all time, Don’t tell me about wasting careers.

          1. Dave The Lions Fan March 13, 2018

            I don’t care about those players. New GM and new head coach. Different times. But the Packers stay wasting Rodgers. You can’t even deny that.

      3. KILLER March 13, 2018

        Fairy-Is, you can only name those two players on the Lions? You’re not much of a football fan.

        You can’t remember Golden Tate or Marvin Jones? Ezekial freaking Ansah? Darius “Big Play” Slay? Wagner? Robinson? Lawson (yeah, not too good a player but you should at least recall that iffy PI called on him in GB for about 61 yards)? Ngata? Abdullah? Whitehead?

        Most of the NFL think of the Packers as Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews, and Jordy Nelson. And now Nelson is gone and Matthews is a shivering shell-shocked PED shell of his former self. Though his former self was not really him it was PEDs wearign his skin.

        You can criticize the Lions roster but, when you do, you are also putting down the Packers. Because that roster outperforms that of the Packers. Whatever you think they are the Packers are worse. Or not as good depending on if you are a cup is half full or cup is half empty guy (yeah, we do know which you are, don’t we?).

        1. Ferris March 14, 2018

          The point is Killer, I don’t care about the Lions players, you and Dave being here on this site is so pathetic we all just enjoy getting you fired up.
          One name on the Vikings I do know is McKinnon….wave bye bye to him. Cue the Dalvin Cook will be back and we don’t need him response…just like Dave said the Lions are better without Calvin Johnson.

          1. KILLER March 14, 2018

            I’m happy for Jerick. Man, 7.5 million a year! For an RB! And he was our #3 RB! And he is now the 4th highest paid RB in the league!

            He did have a very good run in MN and we certainly did well with that 3rd round pick. He’ll do great in SF. That’s another perennially poor team that will do better than the Packers next year (along with the Browns… and many others). I wish him the best.

            You made a good point that Dalvin Cook will be back. We also have Latavius Murray, of course. That said, McKinnon had a unique skill set that is important in today’s NFL. We like Mack Brown on our depth chart as well but I would not be surprised if we take a small/fast/pass-catching RB even as high as RD 3.

            I would not say we are better off without McKinnon. But I sure woudl say we are better with Cook all year and without McKinnon than with McKinnon and without Cook. So, yes, even if we draft no one and despite the loss of McKinnon, IF Cook stays healthy I expect the Vikings will improve on their #7 rushing attack next year.

            The Lions, in a way, did become better without Calvin Johnson. Their offense remained high-performing, no drop off, while they obtained a ton of cap space. So it did make them a better team.

  3. TyKo Steamboat March 13, 2018

    Often-injured tight end that can’t block. Great

  4. PF4L March 13, 2018

    I have no words…

    But i will.

  5. Hinder March 13, 2018

    Dave can’t be a LIons fan, he has all earmarks of a Minnysoda Vikinks fan. One, he Is more concerned with what the Packers are doing than his own team. Two, he can write so he’s not a product of the Michigan schools.

    1. PF4L March 13, 2018

      Lions fan, queen fan, what does it matter, those fan bases get along pretty well, they have one huge thing in common.

      Envying the teams that have actually won a Super Bowl. Or in Detroit’s case, envying teams that have won more than one playoff game in the last 58 years.

    2. KILLER March 13, 2018

      We’d certainly welcome him as a Vikings fan. He has spirit and makes cogent arguments. His writing skills are suspiciously good but not all Lions fans are from Michigan.

      You know just because some guy — generally and most likely a very handsome dude loved by family, neighbors, and community — posts frequently on this site does not mean that guy is “more” concerned about the Packers than their own team.

      The Packers are a 7-9 team with poor coaching, a Keystone Cops defense, an aging decrepit beard-utilizing QB, and a surrounding cast of no names many of them grossly overpaid. Is it really possible for this team to be a “concern” at this point?

  6. PF4L March 13, 2018

    “Graham isn’t a great blocker.”

    I wouldn’t know, i’ve never seen him block anyone.