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Packers Done Doing Jake Schum Any Favors

The Green Bay Packers released punter Jake Schum last offseason. They decided they were going with undrafted rookie Justin Vogel at the position.

Vogel went out and averaged 44.4 per kick, with a net of 41.0 (thanks, Jeff Janis). He hit 19 of his 71 punts inside the 20. It was a good move. Vogel was the Packers’ best punter since Ted Thompson jettisoned Jon Ryan for who knows? All that bum has done is punt successfully for 10 years for the Seattle Seahawks.

Ted Thompson — just can’t judge punter talent, among other things…

Anyway, for whatever reason, after cutting Schum — who, yes, we affectionately refer to as Jake Bum — the Packers brought Schum back and put him on injured reserve.

Now this could be a sign that he was actually injured and was going to file an injury grievance with the league over being released, but typically, those guys just get injury settlements. Then they are released with an injury designation. Schum, on the other hand, was re-signed and then immediately placed on injured reserve.

So perhaps the Packers were hedging their bets. If Vogel doesn’t work out, we’ve got Schum sitting here for the future.

Well, Vogel did work out and now Schum is officially out. The Packers decided not to tender the restricted free agent on Monday. According to Demovsky, Schum is ready to kick again, but he’ll become an unrestricted free agent because of the non-tender.

So, I guess so long again, Jake Bum!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!