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Packers Appear To Be Interested In Guards

This was kind of a no brainer. With Jahri Evans likely to retire — or not be re-signed by the Green Bay Packers — the team appears to be sniffing around the combine for guards.

What’s interesting is the guy they’ve shown some interest in thus far.

That’s Notre Dame guard Quenton Nelson. He’s not only projected as the top guard in the draft, but the top overall offensive lineman. That’s not typically a distinction that goes to an interior lineman, but Nelson is nonetheless expected to be off the board before the Packers pick at No. 14.

So why use one of your 30 allotted interviews on a guy you’re unlikely to be able to take? That’s a good question.

On one hand, at 6-5 and 325 pounds, Nelson is an interesting prospect. That’s huge for not only a guard, but any offensive lineman. Surely, Nelson could slide out and play tackle at the next level with that size.

On the other hand, we wouldn’t expect the Packers to trade up draft Nelson when they have so many other needs.

We’re sure there’s a plan in place and we’re sure the Packers will get their offensive lineman at some point in the draft.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. MJ March 2, 2018

    The length of a tackle with the mass of a guard. Prospected to be a decent player from the get go. And if he improves with experience, we would have a very good RG for the years to come, and under a rookie contract. Yes, I understand we have pressing needs at pass rusher and TE, but those don’t get fixed by rookies.

  2. Kato March 2, 2018

    Idk. Offensive line is very important, but really have a limited impact on the game, as opposed to playmakers at the QB, WE, RB, pass rusher, and defensive back positions. Personally, I don’t take a guard in the top 15, and the only offensive line position I take at that point is a LT. I am still a Marcus Davenport, Vita Vea kinda guy.

    1. TyKo Steamboat March 4, 2018

      Amen. I’d love Nelson to fall at 14 but the Bucs will take him at 7

      I also want Davenport at 14 but it will be tight there too

  3. cz March 2, 2018

    This would be a good pick if this coming yr is a building year, where we pick higher the next to get a game changer at a skilled position.
    I say they let Pettine and Philbin battle internally to see who gets first round pick, since their necks are the ones on the line. Whomever gets the pick better succeed

  4. cz March 2, 2018

    Or, maybe it is a Packer bluff to get a trade offer for that pick?

  5. Bob March 2, 2018

    One O Lineman they should get with the 14th pick is Orlando Brown Jr. I think Mayock has him number 2 of O lineman. lol He had the worst stats possible at the combine.

  6. Howard March 3, 2018

    I don’t think that Nelson would make it to #14. If Nelson did drop as guards usually do, then the Packers need to be prepared. The question is do you take a top 5 guy or do you take a 14 or lower guy and skip the top 5 talent?

    One of several problems the Packers have had is drafting for need vs BPA. The Packers always will say they take BPA. So if the team has a top 5 talent available at 14 you take him, as it is also fills a position of need. If you skip a better player for a player of need guess who gets the better player? Your future opponent.

    I have said it before and I will say it again nothing makes QBs more uneasy than pressure up the middle. The defense is a huge problem, but so is having your franchise take close to 50 sacks a year and multiple hard hits in addition.

    1. Empacador March 3, 2018

      They still draft BPA Howard. They draft BPA – at a position of need instead of what most of us understand BPA to actually mean. Like drafting Rodgers even though you had Favre. That was probably the last time they actually drafted true BPA. They simply leave out the “position of need” part. They are shrewd and cunning while reinventing the wheel! Win win! Lol!

      1. Cheese March 3, 2018

        Fave was constantly talking about retirement and wasn’t really tearing it up at the time they took Rodgers. You could argue that it was definitely a position of need, although not immediate. It was a no brainer, yet Ted is looked at as some draft guru because of it. It’s not like TT traded up to get Rodgers. A guy projected to go #1 falls to #24. Low and behold the luckiest day of TT’s career, his paycheck fell right into his lap.

        1. Empacador March 4, 2018

          Yes, Favre was constantly talking about retirement. He still played almost 6 more seasons. Ted was smart to take the true BPA even though they didn’t have the immediate position of need. If we look at Ted’s drafting body of work after taking Rodgers though, it seemed to be BPA, at a position of need. Agree with you, just because he was smart enough to take the guy when he fell to him, that doesn’t make him a draft guru. All those conversion players that failed to amount to anything drives that point home.

        2. TyKo Steamboat March 4, 2018

          The ViQueens passed on Rodgers because they had, wait for it, Brad Johnson

  7. KILLER March 5, 2018

    The Packers — TT and/or MM — self-gutted themselves at the Guard position. They backstabbed Josh Sitton and then refused to even be in the ballpark competitive for Lang. Why? Sitton accurately stated a truth or two politely and professionally that did not reflect well on MM. And Lang dared to be Sitton’s friend!

    So, instead of two pro bowl guards there is a limited Lane Taylor and a gaping hole. And here the Packers are forced to consider using their pretty high round one pick on a guard! Which they otherwise could use elsewhere! Or, if not, they keep the hole or roll the dice on a later pick or spend free agent money for average at best. (Look, they are NOT getting Norwell)

    Made your bed! Time to lay in it!

  8. KILLER March 5, 2018

    Nelson is NOT a Top 5 level pick. No Guard is. He may well be there for the Packers choice but I would not consider that a steal. He has been hyped as being as good as Zach Martin. Well, I think Martin was taken #16 or so overall by the Cowboys. They don’t regret taking him, of course, but Nelson only MAYBE will be AS GOOD as Martin. In which case he will be AS GOOD as Sitton or Lang were.

    So, best case, if the Packers take him and he is AS GOOD as Martin they have saved about six million in cap space but will have given up a fairly high round pick to do so. That is best case folks! Big whoop!

    Nelson has benefited from a lot of Notre Dame hype and also a great LT at all times playing right next to him (Stanley, McGlinchey). He is big but that is not unique and all relative to speed and movement. He did not even run the 40 at the combine, which is highly suspect.

    Will Hernandez has similar size and strength to Nelson. However, he is three inches shorter which is a good thing for a guard due to a lower center of gravity and the importance of leverage. Also, Hernandez runs a 5.15 and I’m pretty sure Nelson is slower. Why? Why, Hell, if he could have run a 5.15 at the combine he freaking would have done so.

    Hernandez is actually a better prospect and may well be available at the end of round one instead of top/middle like Nelson.