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Packers A Disgrace To Values They Supposedly Hold Dear


I think it might be time for coach Mike McCarthy to update his mission statement. Or maybe it’s time for general manager Brian Gutekunst to read it. After all, wasn’t this new triumvirate of disaster Packers’ president Mark Murphy put together supposed to break down those silos that existed and help communication at the top levels?

Great start fellas.

Part 1: “Obtaining Packer people”

How can an organization talk about obtaining Packer people when the people at the top of the totem pole are the polar opposite of what they claim to be seeking?

News Flash Packers Nation! Your team is no longer run by Packer people. Your team no longer holds themselves to the standards the franchise was built on and what they did when they celebrated the ultimate successes. This is not the team I know and love.

Brian Gutekunst. You’ve got some balls man. Who are you to spit in the face of one of the all-time great Packers to ever lace them up? What’s your contribution to this organization’s success over the years? This is not rhetorical at all. I really don’t know what players you uncovered or championed… good or bad.

BUT… you were in the right place at the right time when a weak president showed a dearth of leadership rarely seen at this level of business or professional sports. I guess that alone gives you the right to insult not only Jordy Nelson, but pretty much every other player on the Packers’ roster.

Several sources (most notably Jason Wilde ESPN Wisconsin) have reported Nelson was offered slightly more than the league minimum for a 10-year vet, just over a million dollars a year. Earlier today, Nelson received full realization on just how insulting the Packers’ offer was when he signed a deal paying him $13 million guaranteed over two years with the Oakland Raiders.

Part 2: “Stable Structure.”


Sorry! Try again! You guys just cut the heart and soul of your entire organization, the best locker room guy and teammate in order to sign an aging tight end. Not just the heart and soul mind you, but the one player who embodies and has embodied everything this organization is supposed to pride itself on. Everything this organization USED to pride itself on.

Part 3:” Focusing on Character and Chemistry.”

Once upon a time the Packers team I grew up loving would value Jordy Nelson’s character and what he brought to the locker room. But times change and values change, even for organizations.

Mark Murphy buckled like a belt and abandoned his plan to name Russ Ball general manager once Mike McCarthy stuck his nose in those proceedings. The head coach then got his man in Brian Gutekunst, who promptly went against every point of McCarthy’s mission statement in cutting Jordy Nelson.

If this is the Packers’ leadership being on the same page philosophically, then expect a lot more failures than successes in the season to come.

They say winning cures all ills. Well you know what? I don’t even care if it turns out to be the right moves personnel-wise, because as a fan of this team, as someone who has always taken pride in the phrase “Packer People” and what it is SUPPOSED to mean, I am severely disappointed in the manner in which this decision played out and am deeply concerned about the direction of this franchise.

Andrew Chitko

Andrew Chitko is an excellent handicapper and a below average bettor. Although he is capable of uncovering keen insight in to sides and totals, he will almost certainly derail his profit margin chasing ridiculous parlays that have almost zero chance of cashing. Despite his self-awareness on these matters, expect the trend to continue until he hits a 12-teamer for a six-figure score. If he steps out of line and is convinced he has a lock, mortgage your house and bet the other way.



  1. Empacador March 15, 2018

    McCarthy’s mission statement is his own, not the Green Bay Packers. The only things missing are “pad level” and Pittsburgh ties being a prerequisite to Packer people. Murphy and Gutekunst apparently have other ideas. Although I don’t like some of the shit that has transpired since the end of last season, I hope this ultimately leads to McCarthy and his mission statement leaving town sooner than later.

    1. PF4L March 15, 2018

      I think i’m at the point, where if Rodgers let his contract run it’s course. I wouldn’t blame him one bit. I say that thinking the chances of this team returning to a Super Bowl in 2 years are very, very slim.

      If he signs a big deal, he has to go through all the social media bullshit of how selfish he is from some fans. It isn’t enough he makes this a winning franchise. Apparently it”s also his responsibility to right all the wrongs of upper Managements yearly failings.

      He’s almost in a lose/lose situation. He doesn’t need or deserve that shit. And Jordy sure as fuck didn’t deserve to be done the way he was done. What kind of asshole do you have to be to offer a guy like Nelson the veterans minimum? Seriously Gute? At no time did you think that would be a massive insult? You thought he might agree to it?

      Holy shit

      Not a good start Gute. Bad 1st Chapter. You better pray, and pray hard Graham lights it the fuck up this season.

      1. Andrew Chitko March 15, 2018

        I wouldn’t blame Rodgers one bit if he tried to get out of Green Bay.
        Not. One. Bit.

        1. Empacador March 16, 2018

          I third this.

          1. MM²SUCK March 16, 2018

            Here! Here!

      2. Mike Ditka's Mom March 16, 2018

        Bwahahaha. Called it. You people WILL NEVER BE HAPPY.

        Enjoy your misery.

    2. KILLER March 16, 2018

      Gute is bad.

      1. Mike Ditka's Mom March 16, 2018

        Bwahahahahahaha. Oh man, this is gonna be fun!

  2. PF4L March 15, 2018

    It’s not only that Andrew. But…..

    A) i don’t care what anyone says, Nelson is still highly productive with Rodgers.

    B) You a have a wide receiver in Cobb who everyone acknowledges is over paid, and not in Nelson’s league as far as production, so Gute chose to fire Nelson instead of the over payed under performer.(for whatever reason).

    C) You are in negotiations with Nelsons best friend on the team, who you are dependent on whether the Packers are successful or not. That is indisputable.

    D) You have multiple problems of overpaid players in correlation to their production. You have one of those problems staring you in the face, in choosing who you want to cut. To me…this was a no brainer.

    The Packers had every right to do what they did, as i have every right to comment on it. It is what it is. But…..you can’t fix the problems on the team if you choose to ignore them. The longer you ignore them, the longer it will take to undo the years of damage. this team took a step back IMO. The future will tell that story. Those of you who have been around here awhile, may or may not even like me, but…most know, that although i’m not perfect, i’m not wrong very often. And when i am wrong, i own it.

    I could see if Nelson’s production had fallen off the cliff….no problem there. But, in 2016 he ranked 5th in receivers, and 1st in Td’s. Then the 5 games the following season, scored 6 td’s. I don’t know about you, but i’ll go to my grave thinking this was a dumb shit move in every way imaginable.

    Thank you for reading.

    1. Truth March 15, 2018

      Best comment I’ve read to date

      1. Icebowl March 16, 2018

        Scary thing is, for a few sentences I honestly thought about throwing in my 50+ year towel on packers…
        A few more moves like this and it could happen….

        This moves Murphy into league of “sleaze” owners of NFL teams, Bidwell, Spanos, Jones….
        Many have stated it on this site, this guy the core of the problem – he let Teddy screw up and is now empowering GoodArt – can we get young Wolf back?

        To use a recently much overused word, SAD.

        1. Icebowl March 16, 2018

          Looks like I was just echoing comments by fellow old timer….

          03/16/2018 at 7:34 am
          Jordy was one of my favorite players ……

        2. Mike Ditka's Mom March 16, 2018

          Ahhh, is someone not feeling good about the future? Too bad.

          1. icebowl March 17, 2018

            That from a Bearz fan ???

    2. Andrew Chitko March 15, 2018

      If there’s a chance Jordy’s goose is cooked there’s equal chance he will outplay the RAIDERS deal. Just like he outplayed every deal in Green Bay. How you don’t give a player like this the benefit of the doubt is disgraceful. And it’s not like he was trying to break the bank! He was ready to take a pay cut! A BIG paycut! He just didn’t want to take such a paycut that it would be an embarrassment for him to take it. And that’s the spot the Packers put this legend in. The guy who had done everything for them. Who epitomizes what a Packer player should be. Not greedy and squeezing every dollar out. Being a great teammate. Being humble. Being grounded. Giving back to the community. I mean do I need to go on? Jordy Nelson is one of the finest…if not THE finest Packer players ever. Now when I say finest I’m not sure I can even define it myself. He’s not the best Packer player ever but he is the finest example of a Packer. And the Packers organization just took a crap on his front porch and ran away like scared little babies in the night. It’s shameful.

      1. Truth March 15, 2018

        A small example of why people loved him… I have been to dozens of training camp practices. EVERY ONE I have seen Nelson ride a kid’s bike and walk through the fans. Even when he wasn’t a practice participant.

        Conversely I have NEVER seen a Mr.Hollywood Clay Mathews. Who has also “lost a step” and Never outplayed his contract. Or even earned his contract.

    3. KILLER March 16, 2018

      Looking at the cutting and insulting of Jordy Nelson now, without the benefit of future hindsight, it is clearly a horribly misguided move. To the fans, continuity, player loyalty, the message it sends, the product on the field, negotiations/retention of the “franchise”, and, really, in every facet a person could think to consider.

      Most of those factors remain even years from now. There is no undoing what has been done.

      All Gute the Bad can hope for is after-the-fact performance justification. He could still “win” in that one category. It is now clear the Packers had the money for two out of three receiving threats: Nelson, Cobb, Graham. We know which two they chose.

      For Gute the Bad to win even partially both Cobb and Graham need to outproduce Nelson. And by a significant margin! Remember he is going to Carr and will not have the alleged “greatest QB” ever. Nelson also has the disadvantage of a new staff, new offense, and so on. Even so I think it is highly likely he outperforms both Cobb AND Graham over the course of the next two years.

      If that occurs this move will then officially become a 100% fail. Even right now I cannot think of a worse fail in Packers roster moves/player relationships. Maybe you Packers experts can think of one or two that are worse. OK, I guess the Josh Sitton betrayal does come easily to mind. Dude was a true Packer, loyal to the cause, super reliable, Top 5 guard — even last year he was scored the #5 guard in the NFL, and on a relatively cheap team-friendly contract. Not just a dumb move in the football sense, it was another betrayal in that he was cut just before the regular season in a purposely malicious fashion and then media lackeys were assigned to print that he was a locker room “cancer”.

      Yeah, OK, the Sitton betrayal and the Nelson betrayal are about even.

      Gute the Bad.

      1. Ferris March 16, 2018

        What the hell do you know about a “True Packer” Viking boy? I hate all Viking players equally (Except the child beater and Randy Moss I hated more) Go put on some purple and dream about winning something…maybe a hot dog eating contest.

    4. Ferris March 16, 2018

      I’m glad he’s going to the AFC, all is forgiven if they win a championship in the next 2 years.
      Everyone was upset when Ted they thought TT was going to cut Driver, turned out they waited too long.
      They are not the same, my favorite play was the play action 60 yard bomb to Nelson. They had to do something though. Gute has to own it, in that job you make the decision and stand by it no matter what. A lot of fans wanted Favre to come back and compete for the QB job after his 3rd retirement, good thing management didn’t listen to fans.

  3. Haevs6 March 15, 2018

    First I hate to see Jordy go!! Class act!! At $10M+ & a 33 yr old WR, i do kind of get it, not to mention Cobb & Adams at the same $$….TE does give us a totallly different dimension, depending on who is in Nelso’s old spot….
    Its the old cant keep evryone at top price…..this is 2018, others have stateed what Jody did in 2016… years do matter…wish him the best, hopeful Pack made a good decision stayying with Cobb and Adams

  4. Gute March 15, 2018

    I wondered if others thought these moves were strange. Replace a purple graded player with an orange graded player. Insult one of the class acts of this organization and the NFL with a low ball offer. There has to be something else to this because it’s just plain dumb.

  5. Sanguine camper March 15, 2018

    Fuck Packer Values. The only thing that matters is winning the Super bowl. The Packers could hire felons and if they won the Super Bowl, it would be worth it.

  6. Truth March 15, 2018

    I’ve never felt more disconnected as a fan than I do right now. I would rather cheer for a team with a handful of likable characters to compete than have a perennial SB team. Guys like Jordy and Driver are what keep packer fans as packer fans, atleast for me.

    The packers have cut ties with players that were ‘special’ to me as a fan before (AL Harris, Driver, Ahman green, James Jones) they have also seperated from players who still had gas in the tank for various reasons..but a move has never baffled/offended me like this has..EVER!

    Call me crazy but I honestly wonder if Gute actually wants to force Rodgers to leave so he can build his own team around his own QB. First AVP then Jordy.

    There have been several questionable moves by the management of this team in the past couple months. The decision to move on from Edgar Bennett and Mike Trogvac haven’t received much attention but are more examples. Bennett as a WR coach has coached Nelson,Cobb,Adams, and more. When was the last time GB had to bring in a free agent WR? Same with Trogvac. He developed Daniels, had Clark and lowry coming along nicely, and got decent production out of some pickups like Guion. So what gives?

    Back to Nelson. He may not have been a “number one”. (Whatever that means). But I would definitely say he was the #1 option on Aaron Rodgers’ Packers. I would even argue he was still the best WR on the team regardless of the Rodgers-Nelson effect. I have seen nothing from Adams to prove otherwise. Cobb? Please.

    MIke McCarthy should be more pissed about this than anyone. The Rodgers-Nelson improvision has bailed out his shitty play calling countless times. AND who is going to pick up the challenge flag whe he throws it now?
    One more thought from my personal fan perspective…..There were Literally times last year that I watched Kiser sit down for the anthem, or saw the drama that Mo Wilkerson brought the Jets and thought to myself “Man it is easy to be a Packers fan”
    It was easy to talk shit to other teams fans about the clowns on the team they rooted for or the stupid roster decisions that thier teams made. And now…..here we are.

    I might not so secretly be cheering for the Browns and Raiders this year.

    And I know this rant is all over the place but the point I am trying to make is this is not just about sentiment, I honestly don’t understand this move. I do not think the team, offense or defense, hs improved with these recent moves. The argument could even be made that it has gotten worse.

    1. Cheese March 16, 2018

      Definitely with you on the Raiders and Browns train. It’s like all the people that made the Packers into a super bowl team have been driven out, while Murphy sticks around and drives the Packers into dysfunction. We have a spineless amusement park manager employed as the president of football operations.

      Might have to pick up some Nelson and Woodson Raiders jerseys!

      1. PF4L-87 March 16, 2018

        Truth makes a valid point. People talk as if Jordy’s production was way down.

        But here’s the thing….Wasn’t Wilkersons production WAY down after getting his fat deal? Wasn’t Graham’s production down since leaving the Saints?

        But those two, some people can somehow justify, and don’t have a problem with Nelson being offered the vet minimum. It boggles the mind.

        Silly season….lmao.

        Pass the popcorn.

        1. PF4L-87 March 16, 2018

          You want to know what i would have tried?

          Cobb and Nelson take 4 million less, you sign Graham to 8 mill/year. More in line with his ranking in the NFL.

          I think Nelson accepts that. If Cobb refuses, show him the door.

          But what’s done is done. I have a solution. Move Montgomery to the slot, and move Cobb outside.
          Wait….Cobb can’t play outside.

          Never mind.

    2. KILLER March 16, 2018

      Truth, I think you are onto something there. About Gute the Bad wanting to force Rodgers out. In secret, of course. He can’t be too obvious about it.

      Didn’t he learn at the feet of TT? What did TT do when he took command? He got rid of top guards that aided and protected Favre (Wahle and that other guy), alienated Favre repeatedly, right away got a future replacement for Favre to even further alienate him. Practically drove Favre out of GB.

      How did that work out for TT? GREAT. He had a long career. All success was attributed to him. He lasted an unbelievable amount of time despite a poor draft record and a miserable free agent record.

      Gute the Bad must be a fan of TT and has taken some pages out of his playbook.

      He’s basically done everything he can do so far to alienate Rodgers. He has also brought in his replacement to further alienate him. He knew Hundley could not scare Rodgers and knew they would not let him draft a QB with all those needs. So he gave up a future pro bowl safety for Kizer. It is funny though because Kizer, incredibly, is actually a downgrade from Hundley!

      He’s pushing Nelson and Rodgers out of the nest to make it his own nest. He may still extend Rodgers but maybe in a contentious fashion and with some team out in a couple years. It took TT a few years to fully drive out Favre and Gute the Bad knows he has time. Hell, in 3 years Rodgers will be 37 anyway.

      Prediction alert: If this theory is correct then Gute the Bad will not take an offensive lineman in round 1 and will take a defensive player.

      Looks like you guys have about 13 years of Gute the Bad to look forward towards.

      1. Icebowl March 16, 2018

        All I see in your troll-crap…..

        Gute the Bad
        Gute the Bad

        News alert ! it wasn’t funny the first time out of the last 758 times you’ve used it

        1. Ferris March 16, 2018

          No shit…and it’s more than 758 times.

    3. Andrew Chitko March 16, 2018

      The Buccaneers are my team this year. The heart they played with in the final weeks of the season with nothing on the line impressed the hell out of me. Haven’t seen a Packers team play with fire like that with everything in front of them. Winston sucks but they have Fitzpatrick as the backup. I’m almost hoping Jameis gets hurt and Fitz takes the reins. They don’t need first rate QB play as much as they need stable leadership.

      1. Turbo March 17, 2018

        good. Then you can write horrible cry baby pieces for them. By hoping for fitz over well… anyone pretty much nails down your knowledge… or lack thereof. Hurr durr… “I want a veteran Journeyman retread Qb who nfl talent evaluators have consistently let go to lead my team to victory”. Not to mention you are hoping someone gets hurt? How about “I hope the bucs start out 0-2 and they turn to Fitz to save their season”. Now the comment “fitz saving your season” is hilarious in and of itself but hey im not gonna root against the guy. Now Tampa Bay was a shoo in for the super bowl if they had given Jordy a massive contract right? He is the “missing piece” to TB. In fact Jordy is so amazing I imagine Winston would go from struggling to All-Pro…. the story line will be “Winston Set to beat cousins contract… thanks to Nelson” Give jordy the key to the city of Tampa… and super bowl sunday will forever be known in Tampa as Jordy day. I bet Randy Moss is shaking in his boots over the threat Jordy poses to his TD record this year. Rice has gotta be shaking… after all with the parallel career move in going to Oakland… Jordy may go down as literally the best to ever lace them up.

  7. Cheese March 16, 2018

    I agree with every sentiment on here. To brush this whole thing off as “it’s just business” is a cop out for shitting in the face of one of your most respected players, and most productive. Anyone that says Jordy is washed up can go fuck themselves. I don’t see how this really makes the team better, and for the little that it may, it definitely wasn’t worth the impact on the locker room, the fans, and the unprecedented chemistry with Rodgers, Last time this offense was without Nelson it ran like absolute dog shit. Davante and Jimmy boy better be worth every penny of those new contracts. Cobb needs a 2,000 yard season to start living up to his.

    87 > 18, 17, and whatever number Graham wears.

  8. jimbo March 16, 2018

    Wow some folks are really butthurt over Jordy. The Packers are simply moving on from him period.

    The same crybabies that wanted FA participation are now crying about it.

    1. PF4L March 16, 2018

      It’s not about being butthurt. There is a right way to do things, and a wrong way.

      Apparently this is the new “Packer Way”.

      Pity you don’t get it, and you clearly…don’t get it.

      1. KILLER March 16, 2018

        Cutting one of your best players to make room to sign a player from another team with a record of injury and dropsies and similar age is not “FA participation”, Jimbo. It is abuse or misguided use of the FA.

        You are supposed to use free agency to IMPROVE your team, not to set it back on the field and to convey a negative anti-loyalty message.

        1. JIMBO March 16, 2018

          Jordy was not one of our best players last year. Hate to break it to you. He will be 33 in May and is on downside. Adams and Cobb have clearly passed him.

          I am confused wasn’t Jimmy Graham in the Pro Bowl? And put way better numbers that Jordy.

      2. JIMBO March 16, 2018

        You have no clue what actually happened behind closed doors. The Packers moved on from Jordy because it was best for the “TEAM” plain and simple.

    2. Truth March 16, 2018

      I don’t recall anyone saying cut the 2nd best player on the team and loose thier identity so we can sign 2 free agents.

      1. Kato March 16, 2018

        So first we are pissed because we don’t sign free agents, but now that we do we are pissed?

        1. KILLER March 16, 2018

          Play-Doh…. You are the “Scott” of this web site.

    3. Kato March 16, 2018

      It is a case of fans thinking they know more than people paid to run a football organization. It happens every time a team moves on from a fan favorite, in every sport. It happened when the packers moved on from Favre. I remember that.

      1. Andrew Chitko March 16, 2018

        Favre was a diva who held the team hostage year after year after year. Brett had everything coming to him and more. Comparing Jordy to Brett is apples and oranges and really unfair to Jordy.

      2. Truth March 16, 2018

        Kato everyone in this room is now dumber because of what you said. Time and time again you prove to know nothing about football. You still defend Mike McCarthy to this date and have no clue how free agency works, among many other stupid things you have said.

        Maybe you are just a troll.

        Or maybe you are just are product of a Mark Murphy lead packer organization. You are exactly the type of fan they want the rest of us to be.

        Myself and others have tried to point of its not the “fan favorite” part we are pissed about. We’re not talking about Kuhn or Crabtree here. We are talking about 1/3 or more of thier offensive production.

        Take away the Brett Hundley variable and there is NO statical evidence that Nelson has lost a step. 33 years old is not a brick wall for a modern day athlete. Especially a motivated one with work ethic and 9 years of experience with the same QB.

        1. JIMBO March 16, 2018

          The fact that Adams and Cobb out performed him last year is statistical evidence. I trust the team to make these calls.

          1. PF4L March 16, 2018

            I’m going revert back to my old saying i brought up…

            If simple minds are happy minds, some of you guys must be ecstatic.

          2. Kato March 16, 2018


          3. PF4L-87 March 16, 2018

            I was referring to you and Jimbo.


        2. Kato March 16, 2018

          Truth- awwww did I hurt your feelings? Go to your safe space. Look, I don’t know that I agree with the move and still probably prefer that they cut Cobb instead. Brett Hundley is terrible, no doubt. But Cobb’s and Adams production remained very similar. Jordy had no issue putting up big numbers with Tolzien and Flynn throwing the ball in 2013. Look, I read and listen to a lot of football talk. Several pro scouts noticed a precipitous drop off in Jordy’s play last year. This isn’t just some beat writer saying this (Although in about every related article you will read they note a drop in his play, not his stats). I “think” the packers thinking here is this team likely will not be making any super bowls this year, and they want to get other young guys playing time, which is tough to do with Jordy on the field. Do you really want Jordy back just to potentially be benched later in the year? This may end up being for the best. The other reason for keeping Cobb may be they are thinking they want to keep him beyond this year (hopefully at a reduced rate). The packers will draft a receiver in the first couple rounds.

          For the record, I do think it was a little shitty that they offered him such a low contract. If they are wanting to move on from him they need to do so with resolve and not offering him something that you know he won’t take.

          1. Truth March 16, 2018

            Hello idioit..you know graham plays primary wmouth wide right? If you “listened to alot of football talk” you would know that HE is going to take playing time away from a WR.

            Also..and this is a big one.. show me a play where Jordy’s ability showed decline..show me one. You are citing that his play declined not his stats..so prove it

    4. Cheese March 16, 2018

      Free agency is meant to for upgrading from the players on your team that don’t produce. No one said to get rid of one of the only guys that consistently produces and gives everything he has. Then ask him to take an insulting cut in pay while other players on the team keep their bloated contracts that they don’t deserve. Does Gute do anything about Cobb or Matthews contracts? I doubt it, which is who he should have been focusing on. It feels like a chunk of this teams heart has been removed for the sake of “making moves.”

  9. Savage57 March 16, 2018

    If Gute would have offered Jordy a reasonable restructure, such as 2 years, $14M, with $12M guaranteed, we would be talking about how best to get rid of the vulture food Cobb and Matthews and their gift contracts. Gute made a move just ‘to be bold’ and probably used up all the goodwill he had and even earned himself a debt.

    Here’s where I measure the idea of swapping Jordy for Graham: Think Jimmy Graham straps on a flak jacket two weeks after breaking his ribs, games up and takes one for the team?

    Neither do I.

    1. Andrew Chitko March 16, 2018

      The funny thing Savage is it wouldn’t even have taken that much money. Jordy just wanted not-insulting money. I feel the Raiders actually DID overpay. That there wasn’t an open dialogue between Jordy and the team about this is just unfathomable. How do they not take Jordy and his wife out for a steak dinner with his agent and figure out what number he will accept and which one will insult him. I mean none of this had to happen this way and it’s a complete failure by especially Gutekunst, but also Murphy, Ball and to a lesser degree McCarthy. We don’t know how Big Mike feels about this deal. Gute was Mike McCarthy’s guy. Maybe Big Mike was on board. Who knows with this team. They’re a disaster.

  10. Cheese March 16, 2018

    There’s a good chance Jordy would still be with the team if 1) Ted signs Jared Cook instead of that parasite Martellus Bennett. and 2) they have a half way competent back up QB behind Rodgers.

    1. KILLER March 16, 2018

      Problem with your perspective is that you are trying to shift responsibility for this epic gaffe from Gute the Bad onto TT.

      Gute the Bad had a choice, any two of the following: Nelson, Cobb, Graham. He chose the worst 2 of that group of three. Hell, he could have had all three and gotten rid of flesh bag of PEDs Clay-mation Matthews.

      Don’t put this on TT. We have his measure. This here is the measure of Gute.

      And now we know: Gute is Bad.

      1. Cheese March 16, 2018

        I’m not shifting responsibility. Just pointing out the obvious. Gute made the decision. These were just the events leading up to it.

        How many times are you gonna squeeze that stupid “Gute the Bad” phrase in from now on?

        1. KILLER March 16, 2018

          “Gute… the… Bad…!” (Sung in an operatic voice while dropping to one knee and sweeping both arms outward.)

          I believe this opera is a tragedy even Aristophanes would be proud of despite being more of a comedy guy.

          1. KILLER March 16, 2018

            I don’t have an exact number for you. Let’s see… several bad moves per year… times a couple articles on each… times one or two posts on each by me… times 13 years. Roughly 104 times coming up.

            Gute the Bad.

            Oops. 105

  11. YOLO7 March 16, 2018

    “Beware echo chambers because they will there fore impart only the wisdom heard in your own head”.
    YOLO7 2018.
    As I read through the comments you guys are more or less repeating the same things
    Jordy was screwed
    Gute is bad
    Its all over
    I love Jordy and all but this is NOT a new way of Packers doing business. History will tell you that, look it up.
    Also look at the comments at the various times these things went down hell just on this website alone you will see the gnashing of teeth and the cries of “What are they doing?” there as well.
    The sun will come up tomorrow people…. take a breath…..

  12. Larry March 16, 2018

    Jordy was one of my favorite players and it still hurts that he’s gone. Only time will tell if it was the right move. I devote a lot of time and some cash into being a Packer fan and living near Chicago the last 50 years ain’t been easy cause well ya know Bear fans suck. All I ask for is accountability from the board of directors. I would like just one of those morons to explain what Murphy has accomplished to keep his job? Not only does he wait a few years to long before sacking Teddy but he keeps him on the pay roll. I mean WTF! One of the classiest players is gone and that P O S is still getting paid? If he does’nt screw up the Cook negotiations, Jordy is still here. I went through the hellish 70’s and 80’s and yet this is the first time in my entire life I regret ever becoming a Packer’s fan. I mean, I’ve seen a lot of clowns come and go but I will always hate Ted Thompson for what he has done to my beloved team…….

    1. Icebowl March 16, 2018

      Well said Larry, it took guts to hold the Green & Gold torch thru the 80s, especially living in Bearz Country…
      My hats off to you my friend….

      I don’t know if after supporting this team for 50 years I’m just done… The whole NFL greed and disrespect thing has been adversely affecting my tastebuds for a few years now.

      It may be time for me to switch to watching golf…..

      1. Larry March 16, 2018

        It got me into a few fights, won some and got my butt kicked a few times. My family are all Bear fans so not a day goes on I don’t thank one Brett Favre. He turned it all around for me. In the 70’s and 80’s people would laugh at me or make snide comments when I wore a Packer jersey or tee shirt. But after Favre, they would look at my #4 jersey and a look of pain would cross their face and then they would just avert their gaze to the floor. That was a great feeling!

        1. Icebowl March 17, 2018

          My daughter lives in Chicago, had a Bearz boyfriend, thankfully dumped the sleazebag.
          She got me a #15 Bart Starr jersey that I wear w pride to all packers games

          1. Icebowl March 17, 2018

            Oh, she’s as big a GB can as i

  13. Truth March 16, 2018

    James Jones:
    ” I won’t tell you the number that Jordy told me they offered him, but it was bad. Really really bad. Insulting. And the thing is, he was still considering taking it. He didn’t want to leave. He was shocked”

    1. Cheese March 16, 2018


    2. Icebowl March 16, 2018


  14. Fuck yourself March 16, 2018

    This website should be called TotalWhinyCunts

  15. Drater March 16, 2018

    Wow emotions are running high this morning…let’s take a deep breath and see how this off-season develops

    1. Larry March 16, 2018

      Every time I try to take a deep breath, I cough up some Ted Thompson bile……..

      1. PF4L March 16, 2018

        We’ve been taking deep breaths to see how the off season develops for some years now.

        Fuck that.

        We don’t know what’s going to happen? Fans are going to hope Wilkerson wants to play football again instead of quitting on his team. Lessons from Bennett, not learned.

        We are going to hope Graham can perform equivalent to his compensation.

        We are going to draft players and hope some of that rookie draft class performs like All-Pro’s immediately, ignoring real world expectations from a rookie draft class.

        If all that happens…idk, maybe win a game in the playoffs?

        1. Kato March 16, 2018

          Kind of like when the Patriots traded for Randy Moss?

  16. JIMBO March 16, 2018

    Yes folks the Packers moved on from Jordy and TT haters are crying. It is clear that this site attracts folks that really don’t enjoy football.
    Here are the stats from last year. Clearly Jordy isn’t the 2nd best player in GB or even in our Wr core. Jordy 2 33 just like James Jones and Greg Jennings before him has lost a step and was the odd man out.

    Stats from last year

    Davante Adams 74 885 10
    Randall Cobb 66 653 4
    Jordy Nelson 53 482 6

    1. Icebowl March 16, 2018

      How was he doing before Rodgers went down …. ?

      1. PF4L March 16, 2018

        How did James Jones do in 2015 after “he lost a step”.

        I remember now, outperformed 26 year old Randall Cobb.

      2. jimbo March 17, 2018

        Yardage was pretty mediocre. But Jennings was a star with Rodgers not so much with out him.

    2. Truth March 16, 2018

      I said without the hundley effect……

      Even TV broadcasters were pointing out that Nelson was open and over looked by hundley.

      1. Icebowl March 17, 2018

        So there’s your argument down the drain….
        Selective data dude….
        Next year at this time THIS WILL BE THE REAL DATA : Gruden/Carr will make him best receiver in NFL in 2018….

    3. Larry March 16, 2018

      TT haters are crying cause that clown was a BRUTAL GM and is still getting paid! It has nothing to do with enjoying football but rather having some common sense. Those idiots who blindly worship Teddy need to buy football 101 for dummies………..

      1. PF4L March 16, 2018

        9 mill/year to sit in your office and watch some football tape, play some solitaire, and drool on yourself.

        Only in America.

  17. MM²SUCK March 16, 2018

    As much as they have slapped Rodgers around by NOT getting him the requisite players YEARLY. He should leave just by default. This team is so massively under manned and under coached, it is a testament as to mega-talented Rodgers has actually been. Fuck these fucking fucks! Go Rodgers! Put an End to this “Groundhogs Day” scenario in Green Bay and get the fuck out of here while you still have a few good years in you . . .

    1. Icebowl March 16, 2018

      I love you man….!

      1. MM²SUCK March 16, 2018

        Back at you my friend!

        1. Icebowl March 17, 2018

          My crystal ball tells me the letters BG may find themselves in your moniker soon my friend

    2. Larry March 16, 2018

      I would not blame him if he ran out of GB faster than seeing a D-lineman chasing him. He should have seen the writing on the wall after the Farve treatment.

  18. Howard March 16, 2018

    First Gutekunst is the GM so he is responsible. For the first time in a long time the GM stood in front of the press and took responsibility for the Nelson mess. Gutekunst even said he spoke to Rodgers after the fact, but you cannot have that conversation ahead of the release. That had to be a hard conversation. To me it was a mistake to release Nelson the way the Packers did, however was it a Gutekunst decision.? You never know with this clusterfuck of a management team set up by Daddy.

    I was sure I heard Daddy say that Ball was the contract’s/money man. I would believe a low ball offer if true was from Ball not Gutekunst. In addition the way MM has been throwing his dick around I would believe MM if he wanted Nelson would have complained to daddy. I would not be one bit suprised that MM felt Nelson did not do enough to make MM’s next great QB and MM look good enough. I can see MM not wanting Nelson otherwise MM would let it be known Nelson should stay. My guess is Nelson somehow let MM know that Hundley sucked and MM did not like it.

    Daddy got what he wanted when he set up the cover for hard decisions. Right now I will give Gutekunst a chance. The rest not so much.

    Good luck to Jordy! Jordy and his family deserve the best.

    1. PF4L-87 March 16, 2018

      I would pay good money to know the real inside story on how this went down.

      Murphy has this structure so muddled up in gray matter that when something happens, you’re not sure who to point the finger at. Maybe that’s how they want it, idk.

      I get job titles and positions, but i no longer view these guys as singular, I view them more as a dysfunctional rich family, wanting to stay wealthy. Keeping Grandpa around and comfortable, feeding him apple slices as he was once the hierarchy of the family.

      Could you imagine….if Rodgers all of a sudden retired, like really retired.

      He would set 1265 Lombardi Avenue in a tailspin that would crash and burn.

      I know it sounds fucked up, but i would laugh.

      1. PF4L March 16, 2018

        I would pay good money to know the real inside story on how this went down.

        Murphy has this structure so muddled up in gray matter that when something happens, you’re not sure who to point the finger at. Maybe that’s how they want it, idk.

        I get job titles and positions, but i no longer view these guys as singular, I view them more as a dysfunctional rich family, wanting to stay wealthy. Keeping Grandpa around and comfortable, feeding him apple slices as he was once the hierarchy of the family.

        Could you imagine….if Rodgers all of a sudden retired, like really retired.

        He would set 1265 Lombardi Avenue in a tailspin that would crash and burn.

        I know it sounds fucked up, but i would laugh.

      2. Cheese March 17, 2018

        If Rodgers pulled a Barry Sanders? Lol, this team would be fucked.

        1. Icebowl March 17, 2018

          Excretment happens

          1. Icebowl March 17, 2018

            Back to the 80s, except Bearz will still be in last place !

    2. MM²SUCK March 16, 2018

      Good points Howard.

    3. KILLER March 16, 2018

      A management structure that blurs the lines of responsibility?

      Just what they wanted, just what they knew they’d need.

  19. Don March 16, 2018

    you wanna win? put your bigboy pants on and play the game! no crying

  20. PF4L March 16, 2018

    I predict in the somewhat near future, Murphy will be in front of reporters explaining (with a awkward fake laugh) why Gute doesn’t enjoy dealing with the media and answering their questions.

    1. Icebowl March 17, 2018

      There are a couple of ex WH press folks that could be recruited to do this job

  21. Turbo March 16, 2018

    This is the saddest group of circle jerk posts ever assembled. You are grown men literally crying like 12 year old girls cause a man was laid off and found a new job. Another posters said it right “echo chamber”.

    Get over it. Heres a thought his “best friend” who is “going to leave no matter what” now that Jordy is gone (for the player he lobbied for.. just like he lobbied for Adams) could easily tell management…. “look guys year one of my 100 bazillion dollar contract I would like to make 5 mill less to keep jordy around”. You cant have your cake and eat it too… Rodgers is going to leave green bay my ass… he couldnt even leave for the next 4 years if he wanted to…. and realistically he is not going to pass up the massive contract they offer him (part of it made possible by cutting Mr Jordy).

    Stop being such pussies.

    1. jimbo March 17, 2018

      Well said!

    2. Icebowl March 17, 2018

      Ok I’m over it

  22. PF4L March 17, 2018

    And we have………..

    1. PF4L March 17, 2018

      100 comments. Haven’t seen that in a long time here.

  23. Carl M DeLuca March 22, 2018

    This site bitches and bitches over and over about not making moves under Ted. We makes moves and then site continues to bitch and bitch…