Muhammad Wilkerson Reportedly Also with Packers

Muhammad Wilkerson

The Green Bay Packers have landed their second big free agent signing of this offseason. They reportedly have Muhammad Wilkerson, who was released by the New York Jets early last week.

Wilkerson happened to be one of the few thoughtful free agents. He visited multiple teams — in this case, the Packers, Saints, Chiefs and Redskins — before deciding the GBP was his team.

Simple deal, according to that fucking Vikings’ homer, Pelissaro.

Not surprising that the Packers gave Wilkerson a one-year deal. He’s had down years with the Jets the past two seasons, with just 3.5 sacks in 2017 and 4.5 in 2016. That follows a 12-sack year in 2015.

However, we know Wilkerson credits now-Packers defensive coordinator Mike Pettine for getting him to the double-digit sack level, something Wilkerson also accomplished in 2013, the year after Pettine left for Buffalo.

We do not certifiably know if Wilkerson can get back to that level of dominance. But let’s think about how he could. Let’s look at the Packers’ defensive line. Mike Daniels consistently takes up double and sometimes triple-teams on one side. Kenny Clark is an emerging star in the middle. Let’s add Mo Wilkerson to that.

He’s said to turn it off and on when he wants. Apparently, he has the respect of Mike Pettine to get out there and break his ass.

Mike Daniels, Kenny Clark, a motivated Muhammad Wilkerson?

Double-team who? Maybe the Minnesota Vikings and Jerk Cousins can tell us when he signs his fully-guaranteed (hahahahahahhahaha!) new contract?

Gutes getting it done! The Packers still need some cornerbacks, though…

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20 Comments on "Muhammad Wilkerson Reportedly Also with Packers"

  1. TyKo Steamboat

    the only FA i wanted! Should have been Graham on a 1-year deal & this guy for 3…

    Anyways, as Bill Parcels says “There are only sop many men on the planet like this …

  2. Bob

    With a D-line of Mo , Daniels and Clark should make the secondary play better than what they have been in the past. Can only hope.

  3. Capt. Fritter

    Land a couple big names for short term deals, cut an over the hill player, keep from blowing the cap up. There is a new sheriff in town and he ain’t afraid to make some moves. Like the Graham signing, figgered Nelson was gone, wait and see on Wilkerson. Get Rodgers extended and go find some cornerbacks. It all sounds good in March. See how it looks in the fall. Win or fail, at least they are shaking things up.

    • TyKo Steamboat

      The biggest signing the Pack made was getting Mike Pettine as our D-Cord. You’ll see

  4. jeremiah

    Throw in Dean Lowry too. We could actually put 4 lineman in on running downs. This plays into the 3-4, 4-3 hyrbid Pettine runs. Best day in years of Packers off-season was today. Miss you TT!!!!!

    • jeremiah

      I think having a solid front 4 will make all our corners better. coverage can only hold up so long with no pressure to speak of 90% of passes. I know its a weak spot but I think this made them all better. Id rather have Kizer as my 2nd or 3rd string QB and Ted Thompsons dick size than D Randall on the team still.

  5. Bob

    Just watched the show , 10 worst free agent bust. At the end the comment was made that for every free agent that plays well on the new team there is two to three lemons. Lets hope the Packers free agents are not a bust like M Bennett .

    • PF4L

      Bennett quit and packed it in on the Packers last season.

      Anyone want to guess what Wilkerson did the last 2 seasons with the Jets after winning the lottery?

      • Icebowl

        I’m Not that stoopid….

        Though Jets not exactly a team that brings out the best in players – Geno Smith locker room incident exposed just the tip or the iceberg…

        hoping Pettine can motivate this guy…

  6. Sanquine camper

    Signing MO Wilkerson on a one year prove it deal has no downside. Packers need more pass rush and its not coming from Kyrell Fackrell

  7. Icebowl

    A whole lotta love going on here – had to check if I was really at….
    Really, Really Hoping the optimism is justified

        • PF4L

          I knew it wasn’t, it’s all good.

          I’m a bit different than most. Optimism is fine, but when the hype of free agency is over, when the hype of the draft is over, after pre-season MVP awards have been given out, the team still has to show it’s for real on the field, in real games.

          I need to see it happen before i cream my shorts. Otherwise i’ve seen this movie before, too many times.

          Show me a healthy Rodgers with a 10-3 record, a top 12 defense in scoring, with three games to go, and i’m a believer. Until then, pass the popcorn.

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