Mike Daniels: Packers Still Favorites In the North

Mike Daniels

Everyone has positioned the Minnesota Vikings as the favorites in the NFC North. The reasoning, they went 13-3 last year and have added quarterback Kirk Cousins and defensive lineman Sheldon Richardson.

Green Bay Packers defensive tackle Mike Daniels isn’t buying it.

“I definitely pick us as the favorite,” Daniels said on NFL Network. “Look at the moves we’re making.”

Daniels started with the new coaches the Packers have hired. You could surmise that he didn’t think much of the guys they replaced…

“Starting with our coaching. You know how I feel about coach (Mike) Pettine. I don’t even have to go down that rabbit hole again because I’ll never shut up,” Daniels said. “Bringing back coach (Joe) Philbin. The last time he was here, we went 15-1 with the 32nd ranked defense. You can see his contributions are going to be great.”

Daniels also pointed to Aaron Rodgers’ return, which will obviously be significant. He’s also fired up about the team’s defensive line.

“We just brought in Muhammad Wilkerson. You just made an incredibly strong defensive line into possibly the best in the NFL,” Daniels said.

“I got another tough Jersey dude with me (Wilkerson). You know Kenny (Clark) had a great year last year. And then we have Montravius (Adams), a young guy, and Dean Lowry, who had a really underrated second year. So, hey, bring it.”

The Packers’ defensive line should indeed be a strength of the team. Of course, the defensive backfield appears as if it will remain a weakness of the team. As it stands now, the Packers will be great at stopping the run and possibly getting after the quarterback, but they won’t be able to cover anyone.

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8 Comments on "Mike Daniels: Packers Still Favorites In the North"

  1. FTS

    D-line looks solid on paper, they just need to stay healthy. The pass rush and secondary needs to improve.

  2. Scott

    LOL! He mentions improvements in Free Agency! First couple were coaches! LOL! Reading headline from packersnews.com and it says…. “Same old, same old for Packers in free Agency”.

    They brought back Williams at CB which was an OK move at best.


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