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Jordy Nelson Says Packers Weren’t Close

Former Green Bay Packers receiver and current Oakland Raiders receiver Jordy Nelson was on NFL Total Access on Tuesday. He discussed a number of things, but the interesting part was something former teammate James Jones previously suggested: the Packers low-balled him.

That was Jones’ assessment of the situation.

Nelson used different words, but more or less says the same thing.

“They offered a pay cut. To me it wasn’t close. I think J.J., with his breaking news and doing some interviews, he put it in a great way. They offered me a pay cut. It wasn’t close. I still considered it, but at the end of the day, it wasn’t there and there wasn’t any wiggle room. It was pretty cut and dry what they wanted to do and that was move on. We accepted that and look forward to being in Oakland.”

From what we’ve heard, the Packers offered Nelson a veteran’s minimum-type deal to stick around. He ended up getting $7 million per season in Oakland. That’s a good business decision.

Here’s the full interview.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. PF4L March 28, 2018

    Could we possibly assume (based on this) that Jordy would have stayed here for, 2.5 mil? Maybe 3-4 mill? But the Packers said here’s our offer and refused to talk?

    If that would bear out to be true, and i’m not doubting Jones and Nelson. How sad would that be?

    Sometimes i wish i was one of those guys who could just switch his favorite team. Ok, i lied, i don’t wish that, but fuck……i don’t know how much longer i can deal.

    1. KILLER March 29, 2018

      Piffle… come to the purple side….

      But, seriously, you’ll need to complete grades 5 thru 12 first. There’s a higher set of standards over here. + It may be illegal for me to recruit juveniles. I’m not in Arkansas.

      It’s funny because I was just thinking “Why do the Packers have any fans right now? Sure, other years, but, right now, who do you root for and identify with? The whiny grudge-tastic lying beard-utilizing QB? Really? The lying money-grubbing incompetent leadership? Really? The lying spin-doctoring double-speaking scapegoating egotistical selfish coach? Really?

      I’m sure there are a few great guys on the roster but they can be found, likely more numerously (now that Sitton, Lang, and Nelson have been alienated), on other teams. The management, coach, and QB are the face and soul of a team. That is one homely face with a shitty soul!

      While Piffle surely can’t make the cut most the rest of you are invited over to the purple side. (Not Play-Doh, Fairy-Is, or Iceballs obviously.)

      1. PF4L March 29, 2018

        Come to the purple side….lol

        No way i could….I don’t know how to do the …Hey!! WE WON A NFC N. BANNER DANCE.
        Bummer….i know right.

        Speaking of which…when are all the queens fans gathering to celebrate winning a 4 team Division Banner? Surely there must be a parade planned.

        Too soon Barney?

    2. tupac March 29, 2018

      You keep assuming that they had a spot for Nelson in their plans much less their scheme…

      We could sit here and just assume that they didn’t value his 21 touchdowns in 20 games… but it’s more likely they just have other plans.

  2. Sanguine camper March 28, 2018

    The Packers didn’t offer Jordy anything because they didn’t want him back. Did you watch the games last year? Jordy is slow. The Packers need speed at that position and keeping Jordy around would make that situation worse. This is not the 2010-2014 Jordy anymore. Jordy now runs like he has lead in his shoes.

    1. PF4L March 28, 2018

      Is this the same Jordy Nelson in 2016 that led the NFL in touchdowns and ranked 6th in yards with 13 YPC, and tied for 3rd in 40+ yard catches, coming off ACL surgery?

      That slow Jordy Nelson?

      Maybe if Jordy didn’t have lead in his shoes, he could have caught more than a measly 20tds in his last 22 games with Rodgers.

      He’s a has been, old news, should have retired.

      Thank you for educating me Sanquine. I learn everyday from all you fine people and i am grateful.

  3. Skinny March 28, 2018

    Stay tuned for more Packer Tales with Jordy Nelson. Coming this fall to your local FOX affiliate.

  4. Pack Attack March 29, 2018

    I too thought he looked slower last year. Was it because of the way things went dwn? Idk. What i do know is that i will be watching more Raider football this year to see what a motivated Jordy can do. Especially w/o a wanna be qb throwing him the ball.

  5. Cheese March 29, 2018

    Here’s a theory, with the Packers paying Davante and Graham out the ass, how would it look if Jordy had more catches/TD’s/yards than those two while making a fraction of the money? Kind of like James Jones and Cobb. By getting rid of Jordy, it will bring more targets to the rest of the receivers and justify their bloated contracts. This would help Cobb too. At what, $34 million this year for three receivers, you don’t want to take away production from those guys and give it to someone getting paid 3-4 million. It would make management look like the idiots that they are. By taking away Rodgers favorite target that all but guarantees he has to throw it to Graham, Davante, or Cobb. Their production goes up, brilliant! It also means that the team can keep Montgomery in his stupid little conversion role at RB, even though he had fewer yards than both of the rookies in the same position.

  6. Truth March 29, 2018

    Terrible buisness decision by the packers. Not just on the football operations side, but as far as PR and fan retention in an already difficult time for the NFL.

    Ther literally lost money on this. Nelson was probably the second most recognizable packer on the team. He did more charity work in the community than anyone else, that I know of. He laid it all out on the field. He embraced GB and the fans.

    In reality that couple of million dollars is pocket change, and the effect on the salary cap could have been easily manipulated with a signing bonus.

    I don’t know the full extent of damage that thi situation did to the fans. Most seem to have moved on, but myself and atleast a decent amount of others are still offended by this and concerned about what is/will happen to the packers in the next few years.

    If they just plain out didn’t have plans for Nelson, a one year 4 million (probably less) deal with the understanding that this is it, would have saved the team from a lot of backlash.

    As I’ve stated in other comments I think it was a dumb football move.

    But I also think it was just a dumb move for thier product and identity.

    Every year I take off a week of work in late July or the beginning of August. I take the family to a hotel in GB go watch 2 or 3 practices, hang out around the general GB area, spend a bunch of money on crap I don’t need, HOF, Lambeau tour, and get pumped up for the season. For the first time in 10 years, we just decided to go to the fucking Dells instead. The decision wasn’t ONLY because of me being “butt hurt” over the Nelson handling. But it did play a big part in our reasoning. It was just my family’s “Buisness decision”.

    1. PF4L March 29, 2018

      Well stated….

      It wasn’t all that long ago i remember Mark Murphy speaking to reporters, and telling everyone how much
      Packer players look up to the Packers, as well as players around the league, explaining it’s because how well they treat their own.

      It’s things like that that make it impossible to like Murphy, one of many.

    2. KILLER March 29, 2018

      At least the Wisconsin Dells really rock. Great water parks, great tubing, and that there “wonder spot” where the water seems to flow up an incline and switching spots on an evenly balanced wood beam seems to switch which person is the taller. Good stuff!

      Yeah, man, whose jersey would you buy? Who is really good and is gonna be there at least 3 more years? Adams? Maybe but then you’ve got that whole “way overpaid” element there (+ this guy is maybe one reason Nelson was ridden out of town on a rail). Hard to take pride in that. Rodgers? C’mon! He is like a flesh pinata stuffed with personality dysfunctions. With his ego and grudge-tastic nature he may play out his contract and leave or force a trade. Bahktiari? Maybe. But it is hard to really front an o-lineman: “High five me! Did you see Bahk’s block!?” A: “Why no, I did not. I mistakenly watched the ball.”

    3. tupac March 30, 2018

      You are a fan of the Packers, a team that is in contention at least once every three years….for 20 years!

      1. Truth March 30, 2018

        Being a fan means different things to different people