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Jordy Nelson Has Been Released

The Green Bay Packers are releasing receiver Jordy Nelson.

We expect this was in every way connected to the team’s signing of tight end Jimmy Graham.

The release of Nelson will save the Packers a around $10 million in cap space. It also comes shortly after Nelson said he wanted to play another two or three years. Could it be with the Packers?

I wouldn’t totally rule that out yet. The Packers probably had to shed Nelson’s contract to sign Graham. However, it’s not that they can’t re-sign him at a lower rate. I can’t imagine Nelson wants to play anywhere else or with another quarterback.

His chemistry with Aaron Rodgers is still great, as we saw when Rodgers was healthy early last season. Nelson caught six touchdowns from Rodgers and didn’t catch another one after Rodgers broke his collarbone.

Nelson’s production was almost non-existent while playing with Brett Hundley. Nelson finished 2017 with just 53 catches for 482 yards. Ironically, that came a year after he won Comeback Player of the Year. In 2016, Nelson caught 97 passes for 1,257 yards and 14 touchdowns.

If it really is the end for Nelson with the Packers, it will be interesting to see where he winds up or what his market is.

Interestingly, NFL Network is reporting that the Packers also discussed an extension with receiver Randall Cobb. That would have been executed in order to free up more cap space. That didn’t get done and they instead decided to release Nelson.

Essentially, the front office has chosen Cobb over Nelson.

And shortly after I first wrote this, the Packers released a statement that seems to indicate they have no interest in bringing Nelson back, reduced rate or not.

Nelson has apparently told teammates he would consider retiring if it came to this.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Truth March 13, 2018

    So could cobb have took a paycut to save nelson? If so, and he didnt, fuck him.

    1. Adam March 13, 2018

      Why is it Randall’s responsibility? If they keep or re-sign Jordy, he’s getting moved into the slot. So you expect Randall to take a paycut for someone else so they can also take his playing time?

      Does that seem realistic to you? Do people making multiple millions of dollars per year give off an overall altruistic vibe to you? Do you expect Aaron to take a paycut now that Cousins just got $84M guaranteed? Would you take a paycut at your job so your coworker doesn’t get laid off?

      1. Truth March 13, 2018

        See drew brees

        1. PF4L March 13, 2018

          Guys, guys, guys…..

          Cobb is about ready to bust out back to his 2014 form this coming season.
          He can easily step in and replace Jordy Nelsons production. He did it back in…

          Well, nevermind.

    2. Cheese March 13, 2018

      Fuck Cobb. He’s pretty much been a ghost ever since he signed that contract. Couldn’t even be the #1 guy when he was making $15mil a year. Thanks Brett Hundley, you essentially lost Nelson his job with your shitty play.

      1. PF4L March 13, 2018

        Damn, about Hundley….that’s the first thing i thought of when i heard this, then i thought Gute is another dumb P O S.

        Time will tell.

  2. Savage57 March 13, 2018

    Didn’t the Packers do the same thing with AJ Hawk? Cut him and then re-sign for lower $$.

    Expect Jordy to be back.

    Oh, and cut Cobb and let him go catch passes from Jameis Winston.

  3. Tucson Packer March 13, 2018

    I am still completely shocked by this

  4. TyKo Steamboat March 13, 2018

    Randall Cobb is a smurf. We cut the wrong guy. Fack

    1. PF4L March 13, 2018

      Yea they did.

  5. Kato March 13, 2018

    Absolutely fucking ridiculous. I admit that Jordy has lost

    1. Kato March 13, 2018

      A step. Anyone that doesn’t think so is delusional. But he could still play. And could have been productive out of the slot. Why Cobb was kept I have no clue. Besides Jimmy Graham has lost a step too. This website is total crap right now. Super slow.

      1. PF4L March 13, 2018

        Yes Kato….i noticed as Jordy kept getting thrown passes behind the line of scrimmage from Hundley, that he is slowing up. Hats off to McCarthy for these playcalls.

        Brilliant way to raise someone’s completion percentage, terrible way to try advancing the chains.

  6. Adam March 13, 2018

    I must be in the minority. I’ve been saying this was the likely outcome, and the right business decision since the day the season ended.

    Jordy is no longer a #1, so you can’t continue to pay him like a #1.
    Cobb is certainly overpaid, I don’t argue that one bit – but that’s going get rectified next offseason (if not earlier) by either letting him walk in free agency or resigning him to a cap-friendlier deal. Rumor’s had it that the Pack wanted to restructure his deal but his agent wouldn’t budge, so maybe he becomes trade fodder to a team on the doorstep in exchange for another pick(s) in this years draft – who knows.

    What’s obvious though is that Cobb in the slot, has more upside than Jordy on the perimeter at this point in each one’s respective career. Cobb is 27, is now faster, and is more athletic than Jordy is today. This really is a pretty obvious business decision.

    1. Kato March 13, 2018

      You obviously have no idea what you are talking about. For one, no one is trading for an unproductive slot guy with a $10 million cap charge. Especially in an upcoming draft that is loaded with those types. Two, Jordy has lost a step, yes, but doesn’t make Cobb the better player. The Rodgers and Nelson connection has what, a 120 QB rating over the past 8 years? You don’t break up a pairing like that unless you have to. So what if Cobb is younger? What has he done since he signed that contract? Cobb is easily replaced by Montgomery.

      Who, on the open market between Cobb and Nelson would have the most interest and probably deemed more valuable?

      1. Adam March 13, 2018

        Relax, guy. I didn’t imply a Cobb trade as a probable outcome, just a possible (albeit unlikely) scenario if the right circumstance arose between now and the draft. There’s also a ‘possible’ outcome that they release Cobb just like they did Jordy, if the right deal bubbles up. Like say… a Wilkerson deal. Lots of scenarios and lots of moving parts.

        Agree to disagree. I think when you have two WR’s, entering the last years of their deals, both counting for $12M+ against the cap… you release the one that’s five years older and losing a step on the perimeter.

    2. PF4L March 13, 2018

      Jordy is no longer a #1….Why? because Hundley was his QB?

      “Cobb is faster, more athletic and has more upside than Jordy.”………..That’s terrific, he’s also a lot less productive.

      Cobb hasn’t really been fast ever, he’s been quick, there’s a difference, like when he was quick, back in 2014.

      Jordy isn’t a number 1 this brilliant fan says.

      So in Jordys last 21 games with Rodgers, Jordy has 20 td’s and 1,487 yards. If that’s not a #1, then please educate me, what is it?

      “Jordy is no longer a #1, so you can’t continue to pay him like a #1.” – Brilliant fan
      Yes, i know you said “no longer”. What changed? If you said Hundley, give yourself a hand.

      Why stop there, lets look at the better, faster athlete with more upside according to this brilliant fan.

      Cobb..Last 21 games with Rodgers….5 td’s…948 yards. WOW!!…color me impressed. 5 Td’s, in only 21 games.

      Funny, that Cobb is the guy with more upside, considering his production has been declining since 2015.

      It’s funny, how Jordy lost a step, and is no longer a #1, when Brett Hundley was his QB….I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

  7. Mike March 13, 2018

    Where does Jordy end up?? Min, chi set or Dallas? Lol. Hopefully it’s anywhere but those teams.

    1. PF4L March 13, 2018

      Patriots, no brainer.

      And i’ll cheer for him on every catch.

  8. KILLER March 13, 2018

    Hey, I heard the team veteran’s council wanted Nelson to be released following the Bears game so… it’s all good, right?

    1. PF4L March 13, 2018

      Go find yourself a friend to talk to. Got a mirror in your trailer?

  9. PF4L March 13, 2018

    If 1,287 yards and leading the league in TD passes after ACL surgery at age 31 is slowing down, get us two more just like him.

    Everyone in social media refers to Nelsons down season last year as evidence Nelson is slowing down and why he was released. Are people really that fucking stupid? Hundley’s limitations and McCarthy’s “safe” play calling had NOTHING to do with it?

    6 td’s with Rodgers in 1st five games in 2017, 0 td’s the rest of the season with Hundley. See the problem yet?

    Think about it….smfh.

    1. Truth March 13, 2018

      The thing is Cobb is just more versatile. He can catch a 1 yard pass and put a little juke on you for an additional yard of forward progress..or he could lineup in the back field and gain a yard rushing. He is impossible to plan against, unpredictable.

  10. Truth March 13, 2018

    Has Adams or Cobb had a good season or even a game without Nelson on the field?

    The year he was out with the ACL showed Adams true playmaking skills.
    NVM he was “playing through an injury” that year….you know like when Nelson played with broken ribs for the packers and was still productive and the go to target.

    Jordy laid it on the line for the team. And the team shit on him. I don’t care for the “It’s a business” rational..of course its a buisness, but a PROPERLY RUN buisness wouldn’t have went about it this way. They would have managed things better. They wouldn’t have continued pay Cobb or Mathews who were clearly underperforming. Nelson’s producion and team dependance,for his pay, was robbery by the packers. How is Cobb on the team still? Especially when you consider the cost/impact of retaining him. They chose to reward the unproductive, expensive, replacable #3 WR and release the steady hand who laid it on the line.

    The offense got Jimmy Graham. Which I think is awsome. But getting his addition is a wash with the loss of Nelson. Graham is more of a unique athlete and coverge miss match, sure. But the chemistry that AR and Nelson had will not be matched by any duo in this league, esespecially not by ANOTHER free agent TE ( the 4th in 3 years). Would have been really exciting to see the offense with both of them together.

    One more thing…As for Nelson loosing a step….Rodgers definitely UNDER THREW HIM in the game he came back at least twice.

    1. MM²SUCK March 14, 2018

      Solid points all . . . Losing Nelson WILL leave A. Rodgers alone out there. The chemistry is VERY essential to a winning season. Without Nelson, Rodgers loses a moderate percentage of those “tough” plays that he and Nelson could muster each game . . . This move WILL come back to haunt the Packers PERIOD.

      1. KILLER March 14, 2018

        The Packers swapped an aging injury-prone WR with a great team/fan history and QB rapport for an aging injury-prone ball-dropping poor blocking TE. For a QB and HC who are historically poor at utilizing TEs.

        It is hard to argue this makes the team better. It is likely a push but there is a chance the team is now (even) worse.

        But Nelson may be re-signed for much less and that would change the equation.