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Competition Appears To Be Coming for Brett Hundley

So, who are the Green Bay Packers going to replace backup quarterback Brett Hundley with this offseason? That’s something I’ve been wondering.

It seems like the answer could actually be no one, despite his terrible 2017 performance. Hundley finished with 9 touchdowns, 12 interceptions and a 70.6 rating. He didn’t throw a touchdown at home and the Packers were shut out in two of those games.


Coach Mike McCarthy again reiterated that Hundley wasn’t ready (or prepared), this week. That’s something he first said after the season. Another thing I’m wondering is why wasn’t Hundley prepared?

Was it lack of preparation on his part? Was it quarterbacks coach Alex Van Pelt, who now finds himself in Cincinnati? Was it McCarthy’s fault?

McCarthy actually appeared to take some of the blame — or at least dump it on his coaching staff.

“That’s something that we should’ve been better prepared for, and I say ‘we’ because it’s not just on Brett,” McCarthy said. “But in the same breath, there wasn’t enough step-up around him, either. It was just one guy. I think that’s the first thing, stating the true evaluation of what went on. Secondly, I look at that position no different than any other, we can’t have enough competition. We need to increase the competition in our training environment.”

GM Brian Gutekunst has also spoke about creating competition at the quarterback spot. So it appears the Packers are going to get someone to at least push Hundley.

However, McCarthy says he still has confidence in him.

“I believe in Brett Hundley,” McCarthy said. “I do fully recognize that he has a lot of football in front of him. He has a big upside. Our structure and our coaching staff, we need to make sure we maximize that, but we also need to learn from the other parts of the offense that we didn’t do as good as we would have liked, and we’ll learn from that platform. I do believe Brett has a big upside, and looking forward to getting back to work with him.”

Personally, I would like to see the Packers add a veteran that has actually won games. It probably also wouldn’t hurt if he fit McCarthy’s system, since it’s clear McCarthy can’t adapt to his personnel very well.

There will be some interesting names out there on the free agent market that won’t break the bank. Plus, Hundley is in the final year of his rookie deal. I can’t imagine he’d be back after the 2018 season anyway.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. PF4L March 1, 2018

    He’s wasn’t ready, this again?……Listen up Fat Mike if you can’t get a QB ready in over 2 seasons, when some rookies start at QB, maybe you aren’t qualified to be a Head Coach in this league.

    1. R. Duke March 1, 2018

      Three years at QB University and still no Investigation by the Office of the Attorney General
      Frauds at work here, no return on investment–failure gets him a contract extension. Fuck Lombardi Avenue.

  2. Howard March 1, 2018

    Below is Hundley’s scouting report before the draft. Hundley is what most of the scouts thought he would be. In fairness the below does not include the strengths listed, but the below weaknesses described prior to the draft would still be accurate for the 2017 Hundley performance.

    WEAKNESSES Hasn’t shown an ability to win from the pocket yet. Protected by playaction-based short passing game that held linebackers and cornerbacks at bay. Internal clock is a mess. Has marginal anticipation, and appears to be lacking in ability to read defenses and create a pre-snap plan. Slow getting through progressions, taking 125 sacks in three years. Inconsistent weight transfer on throws, which affects accuracy (throws sail) and velocity. Needs to reset feet when swiveling from side to side while scanning for next target. Gets crowded in pocket rather than sliding to open space. Short-arms too many throws. Ineffective, inaccurate passer outside of pocket with lowest completion percentage in Pac-12 when scrambling (32.6 percent). Misses opportunities to climb pocket while keeping eyes downfield rather than taking off as a runner.

    SOURCES TELL US “Someone will draft him, but I don’t think he will ever be a starter. He can’t read coverages and struggles to process. It is going to take a few years before he looks like a backup in my opinion. He has a long way to go.” — AFC area scout

    1. Kato March 1, 2018

      Damn. That is a very accurate description of his play last year. He will be washed out of the league in two years

      1. R. Duke March 1, 2018

        Cut Bait NOW… investigate Mc Carthy…

        1. Kato March 2, 2018

          Idk that it is McCarthy’s fault Hundley isn’t better. Sometimes you can’t polish a turd. It is however McCarthy’s fault that he didn’t realize Hundley wasn’t getting better after the first year or two

          1. Empacador March 2, 2018

            Hey this is the same coach who had a window seat developing B.J. Coleman and Graham Harrell. Didn’t realize until the eve of 2013 regular season he needed to make wholesale changes by bringing in Seneca Wallace and Scooter Tolzien. Why would you expect anything different with Hundley?

    2. MJ March 1, 2018

      Yep… seems written after the 2017 season.
      The problem is we don’t know what we have in Callahan, who could, or could not be a capable backup. That, beside the lost games, was the price of stubbornly playing Hundley even though it was clear we did not have a QB teams would come knocking our doors for.

    3. MM²SUCK March 5, 2018

      The Packers should have that scout in their arsenal! Because they obviously DO NOT have one that knows what he is doing . . .

  3. Cheese March 1, 2018

    Well well, look at this. There was just an article posted on this very site about how players in GB weren’t reaching their potential. Then, the first sentence I read from Mr.Highly Successful is- “That’s something that we should’ve been better prepared for, and I say ‘we’ because it’s not just on Brett.”

    There it is, McCarthy admitting that the coaching staff didn’t properly prepare one of its players. Then he blames it on not having more players at the position to create competition for Hundley. Seriously? Hundley has been here for three years. Does that mean you and your staff haven’t been doing their jobs for three years?Taysom Hill is being talked about like he’s gonna take the QB position in New Orleans when Brees retires. That kid had more drive than this entire coaching staff combined. Also, GB had Callahan but refused to try him out over Hundley. So much for accountability and “competition” hey Mike?

    Here’s the kicker, “I believe in Brett Hundley. I do believe Brett has a big upside, and looking forward to getting back to work with him.” Lol. Either he’s talking out of his ass for the camera, or this guy doesn’t fucking get it.

    1. MM²SUCK March 5, 2018

      He doesn’t get it period CHEESE. Plus, Buffoon plays favorites, he always has. Personally I been over this Buffoon since 2010. When is this fucker going to leave?

  4. PF4L March 1, 2018

    They have to stop pandering to all these players. It’s getting close to the point where i can’t even watch these guys speaking. It’s all a big love fest unless they need to fire someone to take the blame. Heaven forbid the Head Coach be responsible for his football team and his hand picked coaching staff.

    Like i said, these guys have 2 or 3 more years. then maybe by the grace of god, someone can come in and repair the damage.

    Sorry Aaron, win another MVP or two, collect your cash and call it a career. At least you won one ring and didn’t get shut out.

    1. R. Duke March 1, 2018

      These guys?? Incest in Brownshirt County is pandemic. Now, when there was a chance to keen haus you get double-talk and listless commentary from the clown patrol….

  5. MJ March 2, 2018

    Hundley can be a starter. In the spring league, that’s it. He can then tell Manziel about how he will be a HoF, will choose his next team and salary, and demand an explanation for not being picked in the draft.

  6. Capt. Fritter March 2, 2018

    Cut Hundley. Trade Danica Rogers and his soon to be $30 million a year salary to the Browns for their first 3 picks in this draft plus next years #1. Get a shiny new young qb at #1 to groom, grab Barkley at #4 so we have a real offensive weapon, and a defensive stud with #14. Then add a veteran free agent qb on a cheap contract. You get future starters at qb, rb, defense for rookie contracts which are helluva lot less than what Rodgers would cost, plus they are young, and if the qb you draft busts, you still got 2 picks in the 1st round next year to try again. Saves the salary cap and sets the Packers up for the future.

    1. MM²SUCK March 5, 2018

      Good points.

  7. cz March 2, 2018

    If Aaron Rodgers was a Free Agent, it woyld be the largest Free Agent contract, or a boatload of draft picks.

    As far as Hundley. He seemed better in preseason the yr he was drafted than at any point since being refined by McCarthy.

    Finally, if McCarthy cared about the Packers winjing, he would step down and get out of the way, so someone younger, and born sharper than he, could finally get a single chance to help Rodgers and co win. But he hasnt the integrity.

    1. PF4L March 3, 2018

      Hundley was the 3rd string QB then, hence, he played against other teams 2nd and 3rds, and a whole bunch of guys that never made it in the NFL.

  8. Big B March 2, 2018

    Can we take back McCarthy’s Street (Way)? Name it after Woodson or Driver, but this guy shouldn’t be immortalized.

    1. Empacador March 3, 2018

      The Packers have their version of Jeff Fisher. Albeit one that has more regular season wins thanks to his QB in the regular season and actually has 1 Super Bowl win because he happened to be the highly successful head coach presiding over the team at that time. His greatness deserves to be honored, nay, he INSISTS we remember his greatness!! Lol!

      1. Empacador March 3, 2018

        Wait until they erect that statue right next to Lambeau and Lombardi!!

    2. Ferris March 3, 2018

      Go Vandalize that sign…take it down a piss on it. Rename it Mediocre Avenue and intersect it with Carried by Rodgers Way.

    3. Gort March 4, 2018

      That is exactly why the guy should be rteired BEFORE things get new names.

  9. cz March 4, 2018

    Maybe if Brett wears no 4, he’ll
    automatically play like a Starr.

  10. Gort March 4, 2018

    Polish a turd . . . .