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Aaron Rodgers Not Working Out with the Boys?

That seems to be the word. We’ve seen a lot of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers on the golf course. We’ve seen a lot of him with his supposed girlfriend Danica Patrick. We have not seen him at the gym.

And hey, the guy can do what he wants with his time. However, we’ve already got Clay Matthews, Kenny Clark and, we assume, David Bakhtiari (since his brother is in this photo) working out at Proactive Sports north of Los Angeles.

Always Hydrated! ???????? #WhatAreYouCapableOf

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Rodgers is typically part of this group, although he has been known to make an appearance at Jay Glazer’s gym in West Hollywood. No sign of him there, either, however.

So what do you think this all comes down to? We’re not suggesting Rodgers isn’t working out.

What we might be suggesting is he has another Olivia Munn on his hands. Rumors are that Patrick is dominating his time and the boys are concerned.

Are we headed for 2015 all over again? That would surely suck.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Skinny March 7, 2018

    Well in all fairness when he started going out with Olivia in 14 he went on to have an MVP season. New relationships tend to bring out the best in a person in the first year. Its when you get into year 2 and beyond in a relationship that possibly presents some problem. You see by then you’ve had all the sex and went to the sites and had all the talks and your searching for something new in the relationship. And if the “new” is there the relationship moves on. If it isn’t its done and you would rather sleep out in the garage then be in bed with her. Expect a big season from Aaron this year for now.

    1. PF4L March 7, 2018

      Ok…that’s just about A fkn nuff of this shit.

      Both of you, are suspended off of this website for 45 days. There will be no plea’s for leniency. There is NOT an appeal process. To be reinstated, you must see the Commissioner (Me) and plead your case why you should be allowed back in. Please drop off your man card to the receptionist. My decision is….Final.

  2. Hiiii March 7, 2018

    We’ll in that case, we Vikings fans love Danica. Go Danica go!!!

    She’s in it for the long haul since she’s practically selling stories to the media about them getting married, she even threw shade at Olivia while pretending to be a “source”. Also I heard they’re buying property together or something.

    1. KILLER March 8, 2018

      They are BOTH selling stories to the media. For free actually but on purpose.

      Olivia was a beard. As per their contractual agreement — and to get even more attention — that beard was shaved. Danica is the new beard. Older, drier, more wrinkly, with fattier triceps, but, still, a beard.

      This beard thing helped Olivia, a poor actress, get more roles and is helping Danica, not really a very good driver, sell more books. Meanwhile Aaron gets camouflage for his preferences. I don’t care about those preferences but endorsement deals do.

      It’s just a big ongoing lie to all their fans and to the companies who endorse them. It’s fraud. Aaron ranks below your average crook morally. Especially since most crooks are in greater hardship situations and Aaron is already quite rich.

      Ever wonder why there are tons of pictures and articles in the tabloids of Aaron and the beard of the day? Greater stars are not being followed or found to even one tenth the degree. Is it just bad luck? Hell no. They tip them off. It is all staged photo opps to get the illusion out there.

      Packer fans just gobble it up, yum yum yum, bratwurst, cheese, and beard meal after meal.

      1. Kato March 8, 2018

        For someone that claims being gay isn’t a big deal and natural, I have never seen someone obsess over another person’s sexuality as much as you do. Frankly, it is none of your business what AR decides to do, whether he decides to come out of the closet if he is indeed gay, that is something up to him, and not for you to criticize.

      2. Kato March 8, 2018

        I honestly don’t know what is funnier: a Vikings fan so desperate for attention that he frequents a Packers site or one that expects a guy that is notoriously private to open up about his sexuality

        1. PF4L March 8, 2018

          Not to change the subject, but maybe the lonely boy could give us his take on the NFCCG and what (went wrong) happened. How could the queens shit the bed so bad, with so much at stake.

          Maybe the lonely boy could enlighten us as to what went so wrong with Casey Kasum, with his 63.6 passer rating in the biggest game of his life.

          Or maybe the lonely boy can enlighten us on how his beast of a queens defense would allow Foles a passer rating of…wait for it…..141.4. Yes sir, you read that correctly. I know, it still hurts.

          Give us a game rundown lonely boy…what happened?

          I’m assuming you’ve gotten past the denial stage of grief lonely boy?

          If you cannot comment due to being incarcerated again, we’ll understand.

  3. Kato March 8, 2018

    Even for you Mordecai, this is a whole new level of stupid.