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Aaron Rodgers Is Predictably Sad About Jordy Nelson

The more I think about this, the more it pisses me off. Yeah, sure Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is sad that his supposed boy, receiver Jordy Nelson, got released on Tuesday.

You know, he could have done something about that, though.

Rodgers had to wait around for his contract extension. He had to wait around until Kirk Cousins gets paid by the shitbag Minnesota Stinkings. He has to do so, so he could satiate his ego and then become the highest-paid player in the game again.

Danica will probably be real impressed. And happy, since she doesn’t have a career anymore.

I mean, sorry. But let’s say the Packers had completed Rodgers’ extension before free agency — something they said they wanted to do. Then perhaps the Packers would have had more salary cap space (likely). Perhaps, as we said earlier, they would been able to extend Randall Cobb (to create more space), in order to sign Jimmy Graham and Muhammad Wilkerson. Perhaps they wouldn’t have had to cut Jordy Nelson at all.

All just hypotheticals, of course. All hypotheticals Rodgers would not let the club explore.

But now AR is REAL sad. Sorry to see my friend go, but at least I will be the highest-paid player in the league again!

Could have done something about that, jackwagon.

But if it’s any consolation, the Packers cutting you allowed me to achieve one of my most vacuous goals!

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Vick March 13, 2018

    Still can’t believe they let Jordy go cause of the season he had with the worst backup quarterback in the NFL. Jordy would have taken less money to stay in GB and play with A-Rod. Especially since the Packers receivers always seem to be getting hurt. Hope he signs with Patriots and gets 1,500 yards & 15 touchdowns with Tom Brady. Lol.

    1. PF4L March 13, 2018

      Amen brother

    2. Turbo March 14, 2018

      Funny… Davante had no issues with the same quarterback. Nelson certainly isnt done… but if you think hes a 12 million a year wideout at this juncture you are living in 2010.

      1. PF4L March 14, 2018

        Funny…Adams is on the right side of the field, where would Hundley run to, his right? It’s natural he’s looking for him. Did McCarthy want Hundley running right, throwing back across the field to Nelson? I don’t think so either.

        What was Nelson worth in 2016 coming off a ACL injury?

        What has Cobb been worth the last 3 seasons in relation to his earnings?

        Is the light coming on yet?


  2. PF4L March 13, 2018

    Ok, Mordi has brought us some clarity, it’s Aaron’s fault.

    That was simple.

    Good thing that’s cleared up.

  3. PF4L March 13, 2018

    Monty, you be sure to keep Mordi on the payroll, writing his vacuous articles.

  4. Bob March 13, 2018

    Don’t be to quick to feel bad about Jordy, if you read what Gute said there could be a chance of him returning. He has a meeting with the Raiders tomorrow and I think it is to test the open market. The way it looks to me Jordy didn’t want to take a pay cut so will test free agency. Maybe just reading to much into this but one can only hope.

  5. Truth March 13, 2018

    If I’m Rodgers I’m waiting for Matt Ryan to sign now..then using him as leverage when I sign my new contact with the team and coach of my choosing

  6. Yolo7 March 13, 2018

    He was given a chance to stay didnt take it case closed. But really pooping out whose fault it is Mort?
    You will never get that Puliitzer at this rate!

  7. Kato March 14, 2018

    Mordecai is a special kind of stupid. Even if Rodgers took a pay cut (which he shouldn’t) the front office obviously had a figure in mind as to what Jordy was worth to the team this year. Regardless of anything else happening. Doesn’t mean that the front office is right, but that is the reason Jordy was cut, not Rodgers upcoming extension

    1. KILLER March 14, 2018

      Play-Doh is actually (surprise!) correct.

      But not all the way. I think this move also has a subtle tone or scent of “F you, Aaron.” From Gute and the front office. They wanted to extend Aaron, Aaron did not play the game by their rules, and this is their “pust business” way of pushing back.

      Seriously, swapping an old WR for a shiny shiny old TE? At best that is a push. But Graham is a bad blocker who also has dropsies and is going to an offense poor at utilizing TEs. So they may well have downgraded just to give Aaron the old “F you!”.

      Won’t sign with us on our time line? Want to be the highest paid QB in the game. Well, lookee here what we do to your best friend on the team….

      Aaron is a lying prima donna. But he does have backbone. Not sure how good of a friend he is though. If he refuses to resign and leaves in a couple years we will know then.

  8. Deepsky March 14, 2018

    Don’t be shocked when Aaron Rodgers gets traded. Like I said, you guys wanted Thompson gone, a new GM has come in, he may just want “his guy” to be the quarterback, especially now that his comments make Gutekunst look bad.

    1. MAMASBOY March 14, 2018

      No way any one would trade one of the greatest and expect to win a super bowl without him. There isn’t a GM who would get rid of him.

      1. PF4L March 14, 2018

        The GM couldn’t get rid of him even if he wanted to. The GM postion in Green Bay has been neutered.

        There is a new Sheriff in town buckaroo, and his name is Daddy.

      2. Deepsky March 15, 2018

        Ask Brett Favre or Payton Manning if that statement is true.