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Yes, You Get To See Aaron Rodgers At the Daytona 500

Well, this is getting real. Or at least pretend real.

We’ve mentioned our doubts about the validity of the relationship between Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and driver Danica Patrick.

The latter has done much more to promote it than the former has. And maybe he just wants to go back to being a private guy. But then, you don’t get into a relationship with someone who wants the exact opposite. Patrick is all about promoting Danica Patrick in any way she can. And here’s a good way to do that — date Aaron Rodgers, make sure everyone knows you’re dating Aaron Rodgers and then talk about Aaron Rodgers.

Patrick was spotted with Rodgers at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am not too long ago. It was the first time they were seen together in public. Although she was in his general vicinity, we’ve heard rumors that they barely spoke. There were also rumors that he almost seemed annoyed that she was there.

There’s maybe one photo of them. She’s kind of standing behind him while he talks to someone else.

But Danica, who is racing her final Daytona 500 and the second-to-last race of her career, made it clear during her media availability that Rodgers would indeed be watching her race.

“I’m actually just excited that he gets to see what I do,” Patrick said. “He’ll get to see me in my [driver] suit. I’ve never seen him in his uniform [to play] in person.”

So there you go. La-di-da.

It’s also noteworthy that Patrick is a Chicago Bears fan. Or was…

Of course, when previously questioned about that, she talked about how much she’s always loved the way Rodgers plays. And of course, now she’d be rooting for the Packers. I mean, if this doesn’t seem like a ruse — and not a very well put together one — I’m not really sure what does.

At least Olivia Munn played the role well.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Jack February 14, 2018
  2. Savage57 February 15, 2018

    On the plus side, Danicrash will have used her last opportunity to take out a portion of the field and mess up someone’s dream of winning The Great American race.

  3. Mitch Anthony February 17, 2018

    Stenhouse was very good in restrictor plate races last year. He ran well in all and won a couple if memory serves me right. Now this year he has qualified and practiced well and will start near the front and the Ford teams run well together in the draft. He’s one of the favorites for sure.

    But this is Daytona. Anything can happen at Daytona. It usually produces a surprise or first time winner. Anyone on the lead lap and in the lead draft can potentially win or have strong finish there. That includes Patrick having a good finish if she manages that.

    My wish. I would love to see Stenhouse win this one and then mock the “title belt” in the victory lane.

    That would really give the gossiping babas in the sewing circle something to talk about.

  4. Mitch Anthony February 18, 2018

    She was running well and running rather smartly until she got caught in someone else”s mess while checking up. Nothing she suffered out there on the track was her fault. With all the crazy blocking going on up front, especially by young Mr. Elliott, it was just a matter of time for another big wreck.

    Danica can hold her head high for her efforts in this race. Now she can go back to being a hanger-on trying to find the front of the pack in the media spotlight as a driver for team clickbait.

    Now maybe this site can get back to football and be less like People or TMZ. Please.