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Somehow, Packers Still Among Favorites for SB53

I guess, should we be surprised? The Green Bay Packers are always among the Super Bowl favorites. There are plenty of reasons that consistently happens.

Oddly enough, the last time we talked about why the Packers SHOULDN’T be among the teams with the shortest odds to win the Super Bowl, they were coming off a disappointing season. It was 2015, when you’ll probably recall, Aaron Rodgers just wasn’t himself. He was more like a really good version of Ryan Tannehill, which is still nowhere near Normal Aaron Rodgers.

None of us were convinced the Packers were a Super Bowl outfit in 2016. Rodgers started slow again and then the Packers lost four in a row in the middle of the season. At that point, they sat at 4-6. We were predicting their doom. We liked nothing about that team at that point.

And then the proclamation. Rodgers: I think we can run the table.

The Packers needed six in a row. They got six in a row, primarily because Rodgers caught fire. That Packers’ team made it to the NFC Championship game before getting hammered by the Atlanta Falcons.

So what about this year? The Packers are coming off a pathetic 7-9 season. They missed the playoffs for the first time since the team went 6-10 in 2008.

Doesn’t even matter.

Odds for Super Bowl 53 are already out and guess what? The Green Bay Packers, are among the favorites as usual. In fact, they sit behind only the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles. They’re just ahead of another perennial favorite, the Pittsburgh Steelers, and division rival, the Minnesota Vikings.

That should also tell you the Packers trial only the Eagles as NFC favorites and they are favored to win the NFL North.

At this point, we’re just going to spell it out. It’s pretty much all Aaron Rodgers.

If he can stay healthy, of course the Packers have a shot. However, they’re going to need to beef up the defense if that’s going to be a real shot.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Mitch Anthony February 9, 2018

    Hey Odds-makers.
    You’re high.

  2. David Scott February 10, 2018

    No, actually the Packers are among the most publicly bet teams in the NFL, and when fans visit Las Vegas what’s a $100 to place a futures bet on them to win the Super Bowl. It’s all a money game, hell San Francisco is tied with Atlanta, New Orleans and Dallas at 20 to 1. These sportsbooks know what they are doing, as we say here in Vegas, Vegas wasn’t built on winners.

    1. KzooPackFan February 10, 2018

      This is exactly right. Of course everyone knows the Packers have a good shot due to Rodgers, but its all about the volume of money bet. Packer fans will bet so the bookmakers don’t have to entice them with better odds. Its a business and it aint about most likely its about money.

  3. Big B February 10, 2018

    Here are Packers top ten Cap Hits for 2018:
    ARod 20.5
    Cobb 12.7
    Nelson 12.5
    CMIII 11.4
    Bakh 11.1
    Perry 10.8
    Adams 10.5
    Daniels 9,8
    Bulaga 7.9
    C Dix 6.0

    Three of the top four are vastly underperforming, and I’d say 7 of those 10 are as well. Top end of roster is old, overpaid, and unproductive. I indict TT. GBP need big changes or we’ve seen our last Super Bowl for awhile.

    1. CZ Stevens February 10, 2018

      We should keep all the defensive guys because guys like Hyde, Hayward and Peppers all show they excel under anyone except Capers who our current guys are under. Who knowa, our first round pick Datone Jones might make the pro bowl under a better system than our no pro bowl starters system.

      1. CZ Stevens February 10, 2018

        After all this money and experience, McCarthy has already shown he can’t develop talent nor get the most out of our players. Oh well, we are stuck with him, for now, thanks to Mark Murphy.

  4. Bobby D February 10, 2018

    Super Bowl contenders? This bunch? I think not! Proved what every Ted Thompson hating true Packer fan has known since the end of the Favre era. This team absolutely sucks without a HOF quarterback under center. Will the Packers win double digit games next year if AR stays healthy? Absolutely! Are they Super Bowl worthy with the rest of the roster, with just a few exceptions, total garbage? Fuck no!!! Holes all over the place and no depth because of the mental patient pulling the strings for the past decade +. By the time this team is truly rebuilt through GOOD drafts and a few SUCCESSFUL free agent signings, Rodgers will be on the golf course full time!