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Randall Cobb May Be Looking for a Job

Not particularly surprising here. The Green Bay Packers will have to make some decisions with their receiving corps this offseason.

They have three guys — Davante Adams, Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb — with cap numbers close to or more than $10 million. The Packers could part with Cobb or Nelson and actually save some money. Both are entering the final year of their contract.

Our feeling was the Packers would ask Nelson to restructure and, in reality, take a pay cut. He is coming off his least-productive season since 2009. Nelson caught 53 balls for 482 yards and six touchdowns in 2017. The one thing he does have going for him is he still appears to have chemistry with Aaron Rodgers. All six of Nelson’s TDs came when Rodgers was healthy.

Another thing we have long felt is the Packers would eventually play Nelson in the slot as his career wound down. Obviously, Cobb currently occupies that spot. Also important to keep in mind is Nelson will be 33 in May. Cobb will only be 28 this summer.

However, Ian Rapoport is suggesting that the Packers will end up parting ways with Cobb, rather than Nelson. He discusses the situation toward the end of this video.

Cobb caught 66 balls for 653 yards and four touchdowns in 2017. Even though he outperformed Nelson, Cobb hasn’t come close to the numbers he put up in his career (and contract) year. In 2014, Cobb went for 91, 1,287 and 12.

If Cobb does find himself out of work, that surely won’t last long. However, that leaves the Packers with another hole to fill on a roster that seemingly has plenty. Nelson is probably better suited for the slot at this point, but the Packers will need a big, fast receiver on the outside to replace him. There really isn’t anyone on the roster that appears capable of filling that role.

Joseph Bonham

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  1. Cheese February 14, 2018

    I don’t see the Packers getting rid of Nelson. All over the place everyone talks about how he had a terrible year and he’s not good anymore. Bullshit. That is on Hundleys dumpster fire performance, not Nelson. Before Rodgers went down Nelson had 6TDs in five games. Funny how everyone seems to conveniently forget that one. Jordy isn’t a money hungry guy and he’s already said no football player is worth the type of money he gets paid. That makes it seem like he would be open to a pay cut, if they want to keep him.

    The only reason Cobb would make more sense than Jordy is age. But why pay a guy that kind of money when he hasn’t lived up to his contract since he signed it and can be replaced with Montgomery.

    1. PF4L February 14, 2018

      Bullshit is correct.

      It’s funny how simple minds figured out that Nelson is getting too old for this game and talk about his decline in production. It’s a little hard to be productive catching passes from Hundley a yard or two behind the line of scrimmage. Place a (quality) NFL QB behind center, and show me how Nelson is declining. For a guy who was on pace to catch 18 touchdown passes after 5 games, people are sure quick to write him off. As if Hundley had nothing to do with it. It’s my contention that Hundley had everything to do with it.

      I also think it’s foolish to think Nelson should be moved inside all of a sudden. Based on what, his season with Hundley? C’MON MAN!!

      Show me Rodgers and Nelson back together again, then lets see what he’s lost, if anything. Tell Cobb to take a pay cut, or take a hike. Personally i don’t think Nelson should take a pay cut after over performing his contract in past seasons. Why should Nelson take a pay cut, because Hundley was the QB? Fuck that.

      Put Montgomery back in the slot where Howard, myself and a couple others, thought he should be anyway. Even when he was averaging 5.9 YPC, we predicted, that rb experiment had little probability of working out. Plus they can still incorporate pass plays out of the backfield if they so desire.

      Listen, i don’t know everything, but i do know this much. Before i start to write off Nelson’s effectiveness, i’m going to do it while Rodgers is playing QB. Not while Hundley is in there, trying to become a clone of Aaron Rodgers. I’ll be happy to never see Hundley throw another lateral pass wearing a Packer uniform ever again. He can join whatever team that his favorite receiver Janis goes to. Good riddance with his fake persona.

      1. Ferris February 15, 2018

        Hey now stop piling on to the backup QB that they will trade for a 2nd and 3rd round pick to someone. He wants to win championships so he wants to play where he can start.
        How much can they save by cutting Hundley? $1.45?…… Done, the new GM needs that $1.45 to sign Jason Spriggs to an extension for $1.18. Thanks Ted.

        1. PF4L February 15, 2018

          Hundley wants to be a starting QB, and i want to win the lottery.

          Looks like i have slightly better odds.

      2. Howard February 15, 2018

        Agreed Ty should be in the slot. MM can move him into the backfield with 4 and 5 receiver sets if needed. Ty would be a much more effective runner, if used that way, than Cobb.

        Every time I see Ty catch a ball and run for some reason I see Sterling Sharpe. I guess MM would believe Sharpe would have been a good running back? Maybe, but you want Sharpe in space when he gets the ball. Not saying Ty is Sharpe, but I do think Ty would see his true potential receiving the ball in space. That is best accomplished as a receiver.

        Just because TT and MM made a huge mistake and only kept 2 RBs on the 2016 opening day roster forcing Ty to RB does not require the mistake to continue. Gutekunst should correct this mistake, if MM does not go to Murphy and cry about having his highly successful coaching intuition about players questioned.

        1. PF4L February 15, 2018

          lol….like two brothers fighting….

          “Wait till your Father gets home!!”

          Murphy now likes to be called….DADDY

          1. Howard February 15, 2018

            Never thought of that, but at least Murphy can start out those weekly meetings with “who’s your daddy”.

          2. PF4L February 15, 2018

            Wouldn’t you like to be in the board room the Monday following the game when big Mike meets with them to discuss the game? How priceless might that be, i’d pay to sit in that meeting.

            Just imagine….these men and women who in the real world, know absolutely nothing about football, start asking McCarthy questions or voicing concerns to him. I’m sorry, but i smile just thinking about McCarthy losing his shit while being questioned.

            The circus lives on for another potentially entertaining season. :)

  2. PF4L February 15, 2018

    You want your slot guy to be a possession receiver, move the chains, break one here and there, get safety’s to worry about the inside, etc, etc, etc.

    If my memory serves me correctly the last few seasons, Cobb seems to go down as soon as he’s touched. Without looking it up, i’m almost sure his YAC, and YPC average would attest to that going by my eye test. This is why i can’t stand players who demand max contracts, and then under perform them. It pisses me off to no end. And please, don’t anyone talk about injuries, news flash, other teams outside of Green Bay sustain injured players also. I know……shocking isn’t it?

    My eye test tells me except for last season a bit, he would run his routes slow and half ass. For someone who demanded #1 wide receiver money and got it….no thank you.