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Jimmy Garoppolo Pushes Aaron Rodgers’ Number Higher

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo broke the bank on Thursday. Garoppolo has reportedly agreed to a five-year deal worth $137.5 million.

That annual salary puts Garoppolo at the top of the NFL and quarterback pay scale, surpassing Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, who came in a paltry $27 million annual salary when he signed last summer.

When will the madness stop!?

I think we all agree Garoppolo looked pretty good for the 49ers and Patriots before that. However, he has only seven career starts.

It has been rumored that the Green Bay Packers have wanted to put quarterback Aaron Rodgers back atop the pay scale. His current annual salary is $22 million, which places him eighth on the pay scale, pending unrestricted free agent Drew Brees (who is included in that ranking).

It has also been rumored that this objective is now the Packers’ top offseason priority.

Is the deal coming soon? That wouldn’t make much sense if the Packers want to make Rodgers the top-paid guy. Nor would it make sense if Rodgers wants to be the top-paid guy.

The wild card here is going to free agent quarterback Kirk Cousins, who played out the string in Washington. Washington just went and agreed to trade for former Kansas City Chiefs starter Alex Smith. They are clearly not going to carry both of those guys on the roster.

So where does Cousins land and how much does he get paid? It’s very possible he could get a deal larger than Garoppolo’s on the free agent market, which opens in March.

Will all of that in mind, we’d expect the Rodgers’ contract extension around April at the earliest. And there’s at least a possibility he could be the NFL’s first $30 million man.

Imagine that.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. Kato February 8, 2018

    Jesus Christ. 8 starts? The quarterback market is absolute lunacy.

    1. PF4L February 8, 2018

      Hundley is crying right now in his rented Condo saying….”It could have been me, it should have been me!!”

      The difference between Garopollo and Hundley is Garopollo shut his mouth and showed you how good he is, where Hundley endlessly flaps his gums telling you how good he is. As a side note…..anyone ever notice that Hundley tried his best to mimic Rodgers, on and off the field? Truly pathetic imo.

      Funny how the talking heads on sports talk stations are now talking about our need of getting a new back up QB.

      Hundley is long, long way from getting traded for a #1 pick, and getting an explanation from that team on why they passed him up in the draft. Reality has a funny way of humbling oneself. Reality tells me that Hundley should be grateful if a team will pay him to be a back up.

      I never was a Hundley cheerleader, and i never bought into his pre-season hype of 2015. I’m not going to sit here and puff out my chest acting like i knew better, but i should.

  2. PF4L February 8, 2018

    If Stafford’s and Garopollo’s market value is 27 mill/year, in what world do we live in if Rodgers isn’t worth 30 million a year?

    Rodgers will get it (sooner or later) and should make no apologies while taking it. Now…….with that said, when it happens, i’m sure all the dullards will take a break from watching Adam Sandler movies to comment how Rodgers should take a discount and be a team player. But will say nothing about all the current bloated underperforming Packer player salarys. Not to mention stupid moves such as front loading a free agents tight end contract (Ball/Thompson) outsmarting everyone. How did that work out Russ? You get your (our) money back yet?

    Yea, Rodgers should take a pay cut…..so they can use that money in the smartest way possible to build a Championship team. History tells us a far different story.

    If i was Rodgers, i’d want 5 years at 150 million and not a penny less, with all of it fully guaranteed, all of it. Or i’d wait out his current contract. Why?…..Because he’s one Green Bay Packer that actually earns his paycheck, be it a player or team executive.

    This team is still broken, until it’s not.

    1. MJ February 8, 2018

      So, according to your brilliant and heaven-sent logic, anyone who disagrees with you is a dumb Adam Sandler movie fan. In any case, if Rodgers cashes in big, he will have accepted that no more rings are attainable for this team. But hey, he can always be the best stats QB, right up there with Marino, but with one SB. Eli Manning and Big Ben send their regards. Oh, and Nick Foles has just matched Rodgers’ ring count.

      Prefering that Rodgers not take every single penny from the team, I however acknowledge that his salary jump (8M?) would be only enough to either get a FA or extend one of ours. And one guy won’t make that much of a difference. Proven game changers come more expensive than that. A championship team is largely built from three previous good drafts. A bunch of playmakers or contributors still on their rookie contracts, without the need for that year’s draft class to light it up from day one.

      So, there you have it. Both possible perpectives can have some truth to them, things are not either 0% or 100%.

  3. PF4L February 8, 2018

    Whoa….what gave it away? When i said dullards? Yea, that was a good clue i guess. Sorry, Adam Sandler movies are stupid, but the fight with Bob Barker was kinda cool. BTW…whose to say Rodgers hasn’t already accepted the fact no more rings are attainable in Green Bay. He’s a fairly smart guy. He’s also recently stated in an interview that SB’s weren’t as important to him as they once were. Lets be honest if Rodgers truly wants a another ring, he’d wait and join a team that’s 1 QB away from winning. I don’t see it happening with this team. Why do i feel that way you may ask? Because i’ve been paying attention.

    Did Adams cash in big? Did Cobb cash in big insisting he gets paid like a #1? Did Perry cash in big? Did Mathews cash in big? Did Daniels cash in big?

    But Rodgers, shouldn’t cash in? Is that what i’m hearing from you? Seriously?
    In other words, it’s ok that all those players should cash in more than their performance deserves, but Rodgers, should take less money than his peers, because he should……take one for the team right? SMFH

    If Rodgers doesn’t cash in, then what? Then they have a Championship worthy defense, special teams unit, team? Hasn’t history taught us anything? A Championship isn’t won based on what your QB is making. It’s won from a collective team effort starting with the President on down. You think the Packers are that team? This team is broken in so many area’s.

    So if Rodgers stayed at his salary, they could then use that 8 million to help build a Championship team? Hmmm….interesting, wasn’t Bennett just signed for 8.05 million?

    This team needs far better drafts, free agency pick ups for veteran depth, trades, whatever. Overall, they need far better player acquisition than they’ve gotten in past years.

    Have you noticed the team regresses each season, has more needs than the previous season? So Rodgers should then take a pay cut to help fix that?

    BTW…Big Ben won a Super Bowl with a 22.6 passer rating, throwing for 109 yards, 0 tds and 2 picks. Send my regards.

    I don’t judge Rodgers talent or worth on how many rings he has. I know better.

    1. MJ February 8, 2018

      Sure we have a bunch of underperforming guys. Now, Rodgers grabbing the cash will help solve that problem? Or push the team farther from a possible SB?

      1. PF4L February 9, 2018

        And Rodgers taking less cash will fix those problems? But he should take a pay cut over his peers and be the one to pay for those problems? Problems he had nothing to do with.

        Know when to say when!!

        Fuck….i’m losing brain cells here.

  4. Cheese February 9, 2018

    These contract numbers for average or unproven quarterbacks are ridiculous. A backup who started 7 games is now the highest paid player in the league? Kurt Cousins, Andrew Luck, Carson Palmer, and Joe Flacco all make more than Aaron Rodgers? Talk about swinging for the fences.

    Who’s to tell Rodgers he shouldn’t try to sign for $30mil? Which he clearly deserves based on the market.
    Rodgers does more for this team than anyone. It’s not his job to be their financial advisor/ financial aid. If they want him to do that then #12 can be part of the new Jekyll and Hyde power structure and tell them who to sign. Even if Rodgers did give them a discount who’s to say they don’t piss it away on some top of the league contract for some idiot like Clinton-Dix? Sure, take one for the team Aaron. You’re the only one who deserves your contract. Nevermind those bloated salaries for guys who don’t live up to their pay. Nevermind those quality players that we refused to sign the would have really helped. YOU need to take less money because YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING.

  5. Kato February 9, 2018

    I hate to say it, but the packers should trade Rodgers. I don’t think they are all that close to winning a super bowl. Rodgers deserves $30 million annually. If not more. Probably closer to $35 million. It would be best for both parties. Rodgers should go to a contender that can win now, he is owed that. He has paid his dues on the packers. The packers on the other hand, whether or not they want to admit it, are in need of a full rebuild. They need draft picks. What good are you doing yourself paying a QB $30 million a year if you aren’t a serious contender for a super bowl? They don’t have a single game changer on defense. Really, on offense for that matter besides Rodgers. They have some nice players, but not nearly enough.

    1. PF4L February 9, 2018

      Usually….if someone said to trade Rodgers, i would jump on there shit. Kato knows that better than anyone. But it won’t go down like that this time.

      Kato brings up some issues worth dissecting. When i have some time, i’ll elaborate.

  6. Howard February 9, 2018

    The contract Rodgers currently holds runs about 13% of the total Packers salary cap. If Rodgers did receive 30 mil a year it would take up approximately 16% of the projected 2018 cap. If the league cap keeps going up about 10 mil a year Rodgers would still average about 13 to 14% of the cap hit at 30 mil a year. I see no reason to complain about 30 mil a year.

    I respectfully believe we should not consider the trade Rodgers talk. The saints are a prime example of how one draft and off season can help a team. We need to give Gutekunst this year. I think Rodgers will. That will mean Rodgers is not going to get serious with a new contract until after this years draft and free agency. I think (or hope) Gutekunst may be very aggressive in both the draft and free agency.

    1. MJ February 9, 2018

      I keep dreaming that Rodgers will “wait and see” about the managerial decisions to force them accountable. I mean, at 22M his salary is not bad, is it? Furthermore, after his current contract runs out, he can decide his next team AND salary if the Packers show no accountability and no intent to muster the best team they can field. That way, even McCarthy has to play lights out to “help” Rodgers decide to sign again with GB (and therefore keep giving him job security and bragging rights about how an offensive genius he is). Or, if GB management gives a good effort to assemble a championship caliber team, Rodgers can sign stay with GB at for 30M, 35M or a blank check.

      1. MJ February 9, 2018

        *stay with GB for 30M, 35M …