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James Jones Still Likes Jordy Nelson

Have we mentioned how we love James Jones? Yes, of course we have. Even though he didn’t get the middle of the stick the last time around, James Jones will always remain one of our favorite players. The Hoodie (since banned) says what’s on his mind and we appreciate that.

JJ was asked about the tenable wide receiver situation in Green Bay. The Packers could cut Jordy Nelson and/or Randall Cobb to pick up some salary-cap space. Both are in the final year of their deals.

Either could be released this offseason and the Packers would save around $10 million. There have been rumors that Nelson would be willing to restructure his deal. That appears to be the most logical option, considering the Packers have invested in Davante Adams and they can’t realistically pay three receivers at, more or around $10 million per season.

There are decisions to be made. Jones believes the Packers will restructure Nelson so he can retire as a member of the Packers. He also believes they will keep Cobb at his current salary.

“If I was the GM, knowing that Jordy probably only wants to play one more year, I sit Jordy down and I say, ‘Look, how can we restructure you? How can we get this done so you can come back? I want you, Davante and Randall on the field so we can make another run at the Super Bowl (now that) we get Aaron back.’ How can we work this out so it’s good for both parties and you can retire as a Green Bay Packer?’

“As for Randall, I’ve been in that offensive room with coach Mike (McCarthy) and him putting in the game plan. So I understand how valuable Randall is — to all of the packages. You can put him in the backfield, you can line him up in the slot, you can line him up outside, he can run the ball.

“I think Randall is too young to take a pay cut. Jordy? He’s old. Jordy’s on his way out. So you get one, two more good years out of Jordy, that’s good. … But I would definitely keep both of them.”

Jordy is old…

Jordy IS old in terms of receiver years. He will be 33 in May. We’ve spoke about it at length — Nelson would be better suited to wind down his career in the slot, which is also where Cobb plays, pretty much exclusively.

So you make the call.

The Packers need one, not both of these guys at this point. They are interchangeable. They sure as hell do not need — and cannot afford — both of them at their current salaries.

Barring an outright release of one of the two, Nelson at least has to take a pay cut. Then McCarthy just needs to figure out what to do with the overabundance of slot receivers he has.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Cheese February 24, 2018

    Who said Jordy only want’s to play one more year? Cobb definitely isn’t worth the money he has been getting paid so why doesn’t he take a pay cut? If he doesn’t like it replace him with Montgomery. Not everyone can retire a Packer. And if they want to, I suggest they sign a one day deal at the end of their career after going elsewhere. You don’t keep around under performing players at $10 mil contracts for sentimental reasons. Jordy on the other hand has actually earned his money. Are you gonna ask him to take a pay cut because the rest of the guys don’t live up to their contracts and refuse to restructure? Just like Aaron Rodgers, everyone wants him to take less money because of all the other under performing players sucking up the salary cap. Let’s pay #12 like the 10th best QB in the league while paying both Matthews AND Perry top ten linebacker money, and pay Davante like he’s the 4th best WR in the league even though he’s never had a 1,000 yard season. Great logic!

    1. PF4L February 25, 2018

      It’s refreshing as hell to read a post from a Packer fan that “gets it”.

      More to follow when i’m sober.

  2. PF4L February 25, 2018

    I think JJ is off the rails concerning Cobb. He’s ignoring the fact that Cobb’s production has steadily gone done each year since his big contract (he demanded). Ignores the fact that when needed, he couldn’t be that #1 receiver when we needed him to be. He brings up Cobbs versatility in the backfield, bit when you really look at it, that was a failed experiment.

    James also notes Cobb is too young to take a pay cut. Wtf is that?…really? Sounds to me he could fit right in replacing Ted as General Manager with that kind of logic, ignoring his lack of production.

    Ironically when Nelson sat out the 2015 season for his ACL, JJ was signed for $870,000 and was the Packers #1 receiver. Wasn’t Cobb paid 15 million that season.

    So if i’m going to ask Cobb or Jordy to take a pay cut. I’m not asking the guy has over performed his contract, vs the guy who has underperformed his. Does that make any fucking sense? Or as Jones indicates, should we just keep shuffling cash toward Cobb because he’s still in his 20’s?

    As a General Manager, if you can’t find a slot receiver to give you what Cobb gives you for 70% less, you may want to find a new career. Matter of fact we already have him in Ty Montgomery.

    Cut or trade Cobb, take that 9.5 million, and sign a difference maker, because Cobb isn’t one.

    Besides Perry, i can’t remember a Packer player being paid so much money, for one stand out season, 4 years ago.

    Look….i’m not trying to come off like i could have done a better job than Ted as GM of this team since 2011, but i’m not saying i couldn’t have either. Although i am saying if i was President of the Packers since 2011, we wouldn’t have this mess as i would have terminated Ted years ago. But i might not have built a sledding hill, so i have that going against me.

    Gutenkunst….strap yourself in, you’ve inherited a shit story.

    1. Cheese February 25, 2018

      Cobb’s “versatility” in the backfield consists of a few gimmick plays now and then that rarely result in much of anything. Tell me they can’t do that with Montgomery since they officially made him the full time gimmick running back last season. Boy did that last long.. Aaron Jones rushes for more yards on a single play than Cobb does in an entire game. Put Ty back where he belongs and get rid of Cobb’s bloated contract, whether through restructure or dumping him.

      “Ironically when Nelson sat out the 2015 season for his ACL, JJ was signed for $870,000 and was the Packers #1 receiver. Wasn’t Cobb paid 15 million that season.”

      Haha, wow. $15 million and he can’t even be the #1 when Nelson goes down. That says it all right there. I’d say Cobb owes JJ about half his salary from 2015. Maybe that’s why Jones is being so nice. He’s trying to get some of the money Cobb owes him.

    2. Kato February 26, 2018

      PF4L, I slightly disagree with you here. While I admit Jordy has more than earned his money, especially considering he played on a cheap contract from 2008-2013, I don’t know that he is the player he once was. He had no problem racking up numbers with Tolzien and Flynn in 2013 while Rodgers was injured. Also keep in mind players like DeAndre Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald have had shit QB situations for basically their entire career. I think part of the reason Jordy was effective early last year with Rodgers is they have incredible chemistry, probably one of the most potent duos in NFL history. Hundley had his limitations and a revolving door at many positions on the offensive line didn’t help matters, but as a casual observer, it didn’t seem like Jordy gained separation like be once did, and he seemed to wear down as the season went on. Maybe he was dealing with an injury?

      My take though is the packers should have Cobb take a paycut, and if he doesn’t take it, cut him. He is of no use, he isn’t a #2, he is really an average slot receiver at this point. The packers have all the leverage in this situation. Cobb won’t get more than $5 million on the open market.

      1. PF4L February 26, 2018

        I get it Kato, But here’s the way i look at it….

        I will NOT judge Jordy Nelson from when Hundley is under center, in anyway shape or form. The last I saw of Jordy with a real QB he scored 6 times in 5 games. I don’t give a shit about his yards, 6 tds is getting it done. Games are won by points, not yards gained. That’s my last sample of Nelsons play (pre-Hundley) And until i see a decline in production with Rodgers, they shouldn’t talk to him or touch his money.

        You are correct, Jordy Nelson seems to have some cosmic connection with Rodgers, where they always seem to be on the same page. But listen….here’s the thing, Rodgers isn’t going anywhere, so why should any of that change?

        I’m not so sure Jordy couldn’t get separation, even if that were true, if he can catch 14 or 15 td’s a season without getting separation, he’s still under paid. As far as wearing down….he knew he wasn’t going to be a playmaker with Hundley, I also believe a lot of players wrote off the season after Rodgers injury and i don’t blame them. Anyone with half a brain knows that without Rodgers, and with that defense, that team was going nowhere. The Packers were lucky to beat the 3 losing POS teams they beat in Rodgers absence.

        Of course this is all just my opinion. But until i see Nelson can’t produce, i sure as shit won’t write him off just because of Hundley and his inabilities. I understand that Hundley wanted to be a starting QB and play his way into the HOF. But the reality is, the viewpoint of Hundley, from a lot of people smarter than i am, is they don’t even think he’s a quality NFL back up QB.

        1. PF4L February 26, 2018

          I seem to also remember some people writing off Rodgers back in 2015.

  3. cz February 26, 2018

    The problem is that when Hundley was in there, Cobb was still making plays. Nelson saw a huge dropoff. You keep Cobb for that and for being young.

    Personally, I think both are overpaid compared to other WRs which hurts the balance of the team.

    And, what also hurts the team is their lack of stretching the field.

    All the short throws could be to the RBs.

    Because they failed resigning Cook, and blew it on Bennett, their top problem on offense is still no stud TE. Get one if those and get him the ball.

    1. PF4L February 26, 2018

      The problem when Hundley was in there, was Hundley was in there.

      Jordy had 6 td in his first 5 games, Cobb had 4 all season.

      When a pass play with Hundley is designed for Nelson to catch the ball 2 yards behind the line of scrimmage, that isn’t a recipe for success.

      Also, Hundley is right handed, Nelson didn’t have the time to run his routes with Hundley. Cobb has shorter routes. Hundley also always rolls out to his right, throwing across the field over to Nelson downfield isn’t in Hundley’s skillset. Although Hundley tried to pretend he’s Rodgers, he’s not.

      Nelson had 3 games where his ypc were under 4 yards with Hundley. How does that even happen? It happens when he’s catching the ball behind the line of scrimmage. I don’t see Julio Jones catching many passes behind the line of scrimmage

      CZ…Was Nelson overpaid compared to other receivers in 2016, 2014, 2013, 2011?