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Ha Ha Clinton-Dix for Martavis Bryant Rumors Abound

The Green Bay Packers need an outside receiver. We’ve discussed this at length. The Pittsburgh Steelers are looking to unload receiver Martavis Bryant. And here’s where it gets interesting.

There are now rumors that the Packers may trade for Bryant and the player in that trade would be Ha Ha Clinton-Dix.

That’s the sort of bold move we haven’t seen since Ron Wolf was the sheriff in town.

Personally, I beg general manager Brian Gutekunst to make this happen. Bryant certainly has his issues and hasn’t quite lived up to his billing, but Clinton-Dix is an overrated bum.

Remember this in the Packers’ season finale?

Clinton-Dix has gotten by and gained recognition because he was a first-round pick. He has 11 career interceptions, but only 22 passes defended in four seasons. Some guys knock down that many balls in a single season.

Clinton-Dix has no awareness. I will point back to the Luke Wilson touchdown in the NFC Championship in Seattle. That ball was thrown from the other side of the field. It was in the air so long you or I could have knocked it away. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, however, could not.

Sweet safety playing, Ha Ha. Good effort!

Further, the guy can’t communicate. When Morgan Burnett was out in 2017, the Packers initially handed the defensive headset to Clinton-Dix. That lasted one game. Because he was so terrible at getting the defense in position, the Packers quickly turned that duty over to linebacker Blake Martinez.

The guy is a straight-up bum. If Gutekunst could unload him for a bag of chips, maybe BBQ flavor or sour cream and onion, I’d call that a win for the Packers.

Shit, I’d take a wheel of cheese!

As for the other chip, Bryant isn’t exactly a peach either. In three seasons, he has 126 catches for 1,917 yards and 17 TDs. He was suspended all of 2016 for repeated drug violations.

He likes the weed, but that would actually endear him to many of his new Packers’ teammates.

Additionally, the Steelers benched him for a game in 2017 for some social media nonsense. Mike Tomlin runs a real tight ship over there, you know.

But here’s the thing. Bryant is 6-4 and the kid can run. He averaged 21.1 per reception as a rookie. The Packers have no receiver like this. They’ve long needed one.

Deep balls. Jump balls.


No offense to Ben Roethlisberger, but Aaron Rodgers could make Bryant a star.

Let’s make this happen, Gutes.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. cz February 24, 2018

    Good, because Dix, like Alabama Lacy has not been playing to his ability, and because I said we would be better off with Moncrief and Bryant and Adams (instead of Cobb Nelson and Adams) beforethis news came out, when I commented on this article on this site

    Now cut Jeff “Cant Catch & No Moves” Janis and Trevor “Cant Be a Starting WR” Davis, and give some new guys a try.

    1. R. Duke February 27, 2018

      That is too heavy a load to put in a Pack Fan’s mind…they’re still wondering why jordy didn’t catch the TD in the left flat end zone in the epic, space needle disaster.

  2. Ferris February 24, 2018

    If any team wants that idiot Hee-Haw they should trade him for anybody. 85% of the NFL smokes weed, the only ones who don’t are QBs, punters, kickers, long snappers and a few OL men. If he is still on the team he should be inactive.

  3. Skinny February 24, 2018

    Normally I would say NO WAY IN HELL this happens but I’m remembering Ted isn’t in charge. Do it Gute. Come on do it.

  4. Truth February 24, 2018

    Make the trade..then cut bryant

    1. cz February 25, 2018


  5. Truth February 24, 2018

    Also way to cite the “Rumors”

    The only place I find any mention of this is 247sports which is almost as sketchy as this site

    1. b February 26, 2018


  6. ay hombre February 24, 2018

    Fucking do it Gutey. I don’t care if it leaves a hole bigger there than there was with Haha. Fucking do it!

  7. Bobby D February 25, 2018

    I’d rather have a suspended moron on the roster than Who Ahh! At least he can’t do any damage to anyone but himself.

  8. Howard February 25, 2018

    I’m no fan of Dix. In fact I thought the Packers should shut Dix down last year so he would not get injured, thus kicking his 5th year option (approx. 6 mil.) into effect.

    This rumor reads like Bryant trying to get more money (extension) from the Steelers. I think Bryant has indicated he would sit out camp this season without more money. So the Steelers threaten Bryant with a trade to the Packers. Yes that old sick joke.

    You can never say never in the NFL, but I think it would be crazy for a new GM to trade a first round pick for a fourth round pick with multiple suspensions. The next one being lifetime, and threatening to sit out if not shown the money.

    I have my doubts about Dix, but I’ve had bigger doubts over the years about a Capers defense putting all the players in a position to win. Just think of the backlash if Dix turned out to be a solid player for the Steelers and Bryant never plays for the Packers. That is not something you want as a GM for your first move.

    If you want to trade Dix fine, be bold, but try to get a more stable player than Bryant. If you think you have to have Bryant on the team then make sure the NFL is going to lessen their rules regarding weed, otherwise I would take that bag of chips because it will give something for Bryant to munch on while sitting out his next ban.

    1. PF4L February 25, 2018

      Bottom line….It’s not just the weed with Bryant, it’s about his whole me first attitude. He gives no fuck about being part of a team. Bryant threatens to sit out camp? Hell, Sterling Sharp threatened to sit out the season opener, the night before the game. That kind of shit doesn’t fly with me, no matter how good they think they are.

      Hard pass.

  9. cz February 25, 2018

    both players, dix and bryant, may play better in new uniforms by playing with a chip on their shoulders…

    like undrafted players who want to prove they were worthy of being drafted.

    While it would suck idix starts to hit people and knock down throws as a member of a new team, but he wasnt going to play that way for us.

    therefore losing dix would be like losing being in a relationship where you were treated badly, … sure you lose the hottie, but you win by not being treated mentally abused, walked on, taken advantage of, and that is a win.