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Gary Barnidge Was a Boss Once…

One of the many holes the Green Bay Packers need to try to plug this offseason is at tight end.

After letting Jared Cook walk in free agency last year, the Packers signed the unmitigated disaster that was Martellus Bennett. On paper, we all loved that signing. In reality, it ranks up there with Joe Johnson as one of the worst free agent signings in team history.

That dirtbag put up 24 catches for 233 yards and no touchdowns before he quit on the team after seven games.

That left the position to Lance Kendricks, another free agent signee, and holdover Richard Rodgers. Kendricks caught 18 for 203 and a touchdown. Rodgers had 12 for 160 and a touchdown.

Not exactly the sort of production we, the Packers or coach Mike McCarthy wants out of the tight end position.

Rodgers is about to be a free agent and considering his previous production, we’d welcome him to sign elsewhere. But the Packers need some bodies at the position.

So how about Gary Barnidge?

If you play fantasy football, this guy probably either made or ruined your season at one point. Barnidge played for the Browns before being released early last offseason. He claims he had offers, but chose not to sign with anyone. Now, Barnidge wants to come back.

“I had calls and opportunities and workouts and stuff like that but I was really frustrated,” Barnidge said on Thursday. “Teams view you like once you’re an older guy, ‘Oh, you’re not worth as much. You can’t succeed. You can’t do that kind of stuff.’ That’s how they do it. That’s not the truth.

Barnidge is old. He’s 32.

However, he didn’t come on until he was 30. In 2015, Barnidge went for 79, 1,043 and nine. In 2015, he caught 55 for 612 and two.

And then the Browns cut him. Prior to those seasons, Barnidge’s high in yardage was 242 in 2009.

So why are we mentioning this guy?

Because he was coached in Cleveland by Brian Angelichio. The same person who is currently the Green Bay Packers’ tight ends coach.

We wouldn’t necessarily expect Barnidge to come in and return to 2015 form, but a reunion with Angelichio couldn’t hurt, could it?

The thing is, Barnidge seems to want big money… for past performance. The Packers — and I would be willing to bet any other team — aren’t going to give that up.

But perhaps a performance-based deal? Barnidge would be wise to reunite with Angelichio. The Packers would be wise to give the guy a look. The cupboard at tight end couldn’t get much barer for Green Bay.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Sanquine camper February 23, 2018

    No thanks, he’s a Clown reject. Only reason he had one decent season is that the Clowns didn’t have anybody else to throw the ball to.

  2. cz February 23, 2018

    Good story for a few reasons…
    Barnidge did make a name.
    Also tying him to current TE coach.
    Most of all, because Packers need a threat at that position, a la Finley, Chmura, West & Coffman.

    If they had such a threat at TE, would the Packers use it often, like the Eagles and Patriots do, or would they seldom throw its way, as since Finley?

    No matter how bad the TE is, they must throw at it more often to open up the receivers.

    1. MJ February 23, 2018

      Yep, defenses can double on the receivers, letting our TEs roam free, and still they would see few passes thrown to them.

  3. Kato February 23, 2018

    Pass. He has been out of football for a year. If he would sign for a little above the league minimum and little in the way of guarantees, then maybe. Honestly, I am surprised that Kendricks wasn’t more successful, but then again he was rarely on the field with Aaron Rodgers since Bennett was around at that point.

  4. Ferris February 23, 2018

    If big money is the league minimum…he may be an upgrade. Jared Cook is 30, everyone would take him back…everyone except senile Ted.