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Everyone Wants Aaron Colvin, But Do the Packers?

It came out on Wednesday that the Jacksonville Jaguars are not planning to re-sign cornerback Aaron Colvin. From the Jaguars’ point of view, that makes sense. Although Colvin is a very good cornerback, the team already has big money invested in A.J. Bouye and they will soon have to pony up for Jalen Ramsey.

Those are two of the best cornerbacks in the league, right there. Ramsey graded out at 91.8 at Pro Football Focus. Bouye wasn’t far behind at 88.0.

With those two guys manning the outside for the Jaguars’ stout defense, Colvin manned the slot. And what the Packers need right now is another solid outside cornerback. If you recall, the Packers wanted Damarious Randall in the slot in 2017, but injuries to other guys ultimately forced him outside.

But this what’s interesting about Colvin. Some have compared him to Casey Hayward, who, as you surely remember was a very good slot cornerback with the Packers. Then the Packers let him walk in free agency and he became one of the best outside corners in the game with the Chargers. Poor coaching in Green Bay, some would say.

Clearly, there isn’t any poor coaching going on with the Jaguars’ defense. Likely the only reason Colvin was playing the slot there is because of the presence of two other shutdown-type guys ahead of him.

A better comparison might be that of Al Harris, who the Packers traded for from the Eagles in 2002. Harris was the Eagles’ slot corner because he was stuck behind Troy Vincent (Badger great) and Bobby Taylor. You know what he did with the Packers. Not only did he play outside, he became a Pro Bowler.

He also once shoved an entire football game up Matt Hasselbeck’s ass.

I will never, ever tire of watching that highlight. Just like I will never, ever tire of watching the greatest Packer of all time, Charles Martin, toss Jim McMahon and the chance for a Super Bowl repeat in the trash can.

So let’s look at Colvin.

Here’s what’s not to like.

  1. He hasn’t recorded a single interception in his four-year career.
  2. He was suspended four games for PEDs in 2016. Another potential suspension could be 10 games, a season or indefinitely.
  3. Has had at least two documented concussions, although both supposedly in college.
  4. Speed is questionable. He didn’t even run the 40 at the combine when he came out of Oklahoma.

And here’s the upside.

  1. We know Colvin can play. PFF gave him an 80.0 grade for 2017. He helped make Davon House expendable in Jacksonville.
  2. Despite coming into the league recovering from a torn ACL, Colvin has played in every game but two possible games in the three years since. Health is obviously a key with any guy the Packers sign.
  3. He’s physical and instinctive, something that — let’s be honest — the Packers have a dearth of at the cornerback position.
  4. He’ll be 27 in October, so potentially plenty of good years left.
  5. He’s a solid blitzer, as evidenced by his four sacks in 2015.

Price tag? That’s where we have a hard time speculating.

Hayward’s deal with the Chargers was modest — three years, $15 million. There’s risk, but if the Packers can bring in this guy for that price, I say go get him.

Monty McMahon

Monty McMahon is one of the founders of Total Packers. He is probably the most famous graduate of UW-Oshkosh next to Jim Gantner.



  1. Howard February 22, 2018

    Colvin was listed with a concussion in 2016, but Hell he has had less reported concussions in the NFL than D. Adams. I’m certain Colvin made an Int. Against the Bills in the playoffs this year. It was more of a tipped pass from Myles Jack. Except for that Int. Not sure that Colvin had much of an impact in any of the playoff games. Maybe the teams were avoiding him and going after Ramsey and Bouye? Doubtful but maybe.

    1. MJ February 23, 2018

      Don’t forget that stars like HHCD strike fear in the QB’s heart and are not often challenged. Might as well be the case with this lad.

  2. Jay Jones February 24, 2018

    The article states Colvin didn’t even run the 40 presumably at the combine following his college career. The author of this article failed to mention Colvin suffered a serious injury during the Senior Bowl and wasn’t anywhere close to being ready to run full out at the combine. He appears fast enough now!