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Of Course Martellus Bennett Wants To Keep Playing

How about this bag of crap? During his brief tenure with the Green Bay Packers, tight end Martellus Bennett said 2017 would likely be his final season. He was retiring.

But as we’ve all come to know, Martellus Bennett is full of shit.

Bennett now says he wants to keep playing.

As you will recall, Bennett essentially quit on the Packers after Aaron Rodgers got injured in 2017. He claimed he was being forced to play through a phantom shoulder injury. The Packers released him. Bennett was claimed by his former team, the New England Patriots, and somehow, despite his injury claims, played in the next two games.

So basically, he lied about his injury. He lied about wanting to retire. Who knows what else he lied about. Having a pair of testicles, perhaps?

However, the Patriots are on the hook for Bennett’s contract that he signed with the Packers. That was a three-year deal worth $21 million. So now the Patriots have a quandary. Pay Bennett’s $2 million roster bonus or release him before March 14.

In New England, Bennett is a fill-in for Rob Gronkowski, who seems to get injured a lot. Of course, the Patriots have been known to run plenty of two-tight end sets. So it isn’t as if Bennett won’t get some balls if the Patriots keep him.

We’d enjoy nothing more than seeing Bennett forced into retirement. It will be very interesting to see if Bennett has any suitors if he’s released. After the shit he pulled last year, prudent teams are likely to stay away. But you can’t account for desperation and there may be a team or two out there that fits that bill.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. Big B February 23, 2018

    Hope he goes to Vegas with his brother this off-season.

  2. Cheese February 23, 2018

    What a pile of shit. Thanks Discount Ted, or Russ Ball, or whoever thought it was a good idea to write off Jared Cook and sign this clown instead. Add another guy to the list of players we could have had because they were already on the team. Hayward, Hyde, Peppers, Lang, Gunter, Cook. Who do they have in those positions now? Lol. No wonder this team is continually worse off than the year before. Can’t wait to rebuild with the draft and develop (and discard) philosophy! In five years Rodgers might be retired, but we will still be on the way to the Super Bowl because Demetri Goodson and Jeff Janis might finally be in the starting line up. Not because their talent got any better, but because all the guys around them just got worse.

  3. PF4L February 23, 2018

    The Patriots aren’t on the hook for jack shit right now. The Packers paid all of Bennett’s guaranteed money (up front). But don’t let knowledge get in the way of pretending you know what you’re talking about.

    Stick to what you do best Nancy. Telling us who kissed who, and who took a vacation. What’s the dog been up to?