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Packers Are Firing Assistant Coaches As Well

The Green Bay Packers aren’t stopping the bloodletting with defensive coordinator Dom Capers. They’re also firing some of his assistant coaches.

Demovsky says assistant linebackers coach Scott McCurley and defensive line coach Mike Trgovac have been fired, as well.

McCurley had been with the Packers since 2006. He was the assistant linebackers coach for the last four seasons.

Trgovac had been with the Packers since 2009. He was previously the defensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers. Some thought Trgovac would actually be a candidate to replace Capers, considering his past experience as a coordinator.

This may be an entire housecleaning on the defense. We’ll update as we know more.

Joseph Bonham

Joseph is a fiction writer when he isn't doing this. In his spare time he likes to do manly things like drink beer and procreate.



  1. MMTTDCSUCK January 1, 2018

    The firing of MM and TT are also needed for this purge to be successful . . .

    1. Kato January 1, 2018

      None of this will successful unless the defense is better next year

      1. PF4L January 1, 2018

        Capers should have been replaced years ago. But the thing about it is, it’s an empty move. It’s a “don’t look at me” move for TT, and Fat Mike…it’s DOM’s fault!!

        Let’s consistently miss on defensive draft picks, lets be the youngest team in the league, lets rely on the current draft for play makers instead of developing…then when the heat get’s hot, lets fire the guy who has nothing to do with those failures.

        If only treat a symptom of the disease, you are still left with the disease.

        This team is still broken.

  2. Bobby D January 1, 2018

    TT is the biggest obstacle and he ain’t going anywhere. Nobody’s gonna be able to coach the garbage he’s assembled

  3. MMTTDCSUCK January 1, 2018

    I will soon be changing my “name” to MMTTMMSUCK . . . If this site allows me to . . . The new “MM” being Mark Murphy. Looking forward to seeing ALL of these charlatans gone ASAP.

    1. Cheese January 1, 2018

      Looks like TT is out as GM. His new role, who knows. Hopefully late night janitor crew.

  4. KILLER January 1, 2018

    Scapegoats. Packers are big believers in scapegoats. They are like reborn Aztec tlatoani pulling hot beating hearts out of sacrificial victims on top of temple steps. Nowadays, of course, human sacrifice is frowned upon. But they can still pull off a scapegoat!

    A few years ago it was back-up TE and special teams ace Brandon Bostick after the Packers — in so many ways — lost to the Seahawks in the playoffs. They figured they were so close just a little tweak — cut that MFing 3rd strong TE! – and all would be well.

    The worse the situation (for the Aztecs it would be things like famine, war, pestilence) the greater the sacrifices/scapegoats required. A defensive coordinator. Some defensive position coaches. Likely there will be a player or two or three as well (Nelson? Cobb? Clay-mation Matthews?). The tlatoani are carefully studying the swing of the scales….

    1. KILLER January 1, 2018

      First time out of the playoffs in years. A losing 7-9 record. Swept by the Detroit Lions. Swept by the Minnesota Vikings. Mucho scapegoating needed!

      It buys TT and MM time because then they can claim they fixed the problems… and skip over the part about how those problems, IF they were problems, were in place due to them and directed and supervised by them.

      1. PF4L January 1, 2018

  5. Empacador January 2, 2018

    Can’t fire, you know, the actual LB coach Winston Moss, because he is also an assistant head coach, so let’s fire HIS assistant. Moss better excel at whatever role he gets in the future, whether DC or head coach elsewhere because the McNugget tree isn’t the kind of stigma you want on your resume. Right now all those coaches (like Philbin and McAdoo before them) have a sort of “kiss of death” thing going on after being affiliated with McNugget.