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Packers’ Defensive Coaching Staff Shaping Up

Nothing official has been announced in terms of the Green Bay Packers’ coaching staff and there’s still a bit of uncertainty on the defensive side. Guys have been hired, but their roles haven’t been announced. But here’s an interesting development. A guy who was fired has been rehired.

That guy is Scott McCurley, who was the assistant linebackers coach. He was let go when Mike McCarthy fired defensive line coach Mike Trgovac. What has he been rehired to do? That’s still uncertain.

However, Demovsky says he’s back.

He also says special teams assistant Jason Simmons will have a role on the defense, as well. Maurice Drayton was brought over from the Indianapolis Colts to take Simmons’ old role.

Many of these positions appear to be in flux.

The Packers brought on Patrick Graham last week. He’s coached both defensive line and linebackers. It is rumored that he would coach linebackers for the Packers, which could put Winston Moss on the outs.

Additionally, you have former cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt, who was promoted to defensive passing game coordinator. That presumably ticked off safeties coach Darren Perry, who interviewed for the same position with the Houston Texans. It is said that Perry could still return to the Packers, but that’s probably only if he doesn’t get the job in Houston and has no other options.

We wouldn’t expect the Packers to replace Perry if he leaves, due to Whitt’s promotion.

So the Packers probably have their defensive staff set. We just don’t know who these guys will actually be coaching.

Joseph Bonham

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  1. FTS January 19, 2018

    I don’t care about titles, I just want results.