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Packers To Consider Internal Candidates for D Coordinator

This will surely excite many of you. Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy will consider internal candidates to fill the now-vacant defensive coordinator opening.

The overwhelming feeling appears to be that the Packers should get a fresh start and hire someone from outside the organization. And they may still do that — they will look both inward and outward. However, it appears there will be one or two people currently on staff who get a look.

Demovsky says those guys will be cornerbacks coach Joe Whitt and safeties coach Darren Perry.

The first reaction is and should be, don’t those guys coach two positions that have been bad the past couple years? And of course the answer to that is, yes.

That said, it isn’t as if they haven’t turned out solid positional groups as well.

Whitt has been the Packers’ cornerbacks coach since 2009. So he’s overseen players like Tramon Williams, Charles Woodson, Sam Shields and, briefly, Al Harris.

Perry has also been in his current position with the Packers since 2009. His hits would include Nick Collins and Morgan Burnett. It should also be pointed out that he made guys like Charlie Peprah and Atari Bigby look like serviceable starters.

Obviously, the argument against hiring one of these guys is it’s more of the same. However, neither guy has been a coordinator before, so no one knows what they’d bring to the table. Most likely, their defenses would be different than Dom Capers’.

Personally, I am still in favor of some new blood. There is a downside to that, of course. The current players — those that are on the roster next year — will be dealing with a new scheme and new staff. There’s bound to be a learning curve that will have to be dealt with.

Joseph Bonham

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  1. Howard January 1, 2018

    News is The Packers are searching for a new GM. TT is transitioning? To a new role.

    I say bring in fresh ideas and new faces on the defense. Don’t go for an internal promotion unless that guy was loudly questioning most of Capers calls the last 2 seasons and TT’s defensive draft picks and choices for the 53.

  2. Kato January 1, 2018

    And Ted Thompson is out as GM!

    1. Howard January 1, 2018

      Exact same time. I must have beat you by a second :-).

      1. Kato January 2, 2018

        Haha yeah my boss had just texted me to tell me

  3. Mike January 1, 2018

    New gm. Hell yeah! Would seem maybe even McCarthy isn’t safe unless the new gm is one of the internal guys. I really hope the d coordinator isn’t internal.

    1. Andy Peth January 1, 2018

      We need a CLEAN SWEEP. Ted and Dom are gone, and Mike must follow them out the door.

      It infuriates me to think McCarthy could be involved in choosing a D-Coordinator, when the new GM will likely want to hire a new Head Coach!

  4. Capt. Fritter January 1, 2018

    Bring in someone from outside with a fresh perspective on things. Things are too stale in Green Bay. As for the players learning a new scheme, hell they never learned the old one.

    1. Andy Peth January 1, 2018


      Why on earth would we want ANY current Packers’ coach to be retained? Why?

      1. Empacador January 2, 2018

        I don’t think EVERY coach sucks. Some were probably toeing the company line not to invoke the wrath of McNugget. But a new coach should get to hire his own staff. Those coaches can interview and if they mesh with the new regime, bring it. Agree with whoever said it though, McNugget can’t be feeling very comfortable right now when it will be put up or shut up time. Way overdue for that prick.

  5. MJ January 1, 2018

    Capers’ scheme was too complex for most guys. It took them more than a season to learn it. And then you see the mental work they go through just to line up properly and in time. And that is not enough, since we frequently get to see an uncovered WR, with no defender in sight within 5 yds. So there you have it: the system paved the way for mental mistakes pre- and post-snap.

  6. PF4L January 1, 2018

    Forget promoting current position coaches, none of them has earned it.

    I don’t know if he’s qualified, but consider Kevin Greene.

    This defense needs a new attitude, voice, passion and killer attitude. That just described Greene.

  7. Andy Peth January 1, 2018

    Why is McCarthy involved at all? He needs to be fired too!!!

    Seriously, it’s a travesty to keep Mike and allow him to hold back this team another season. A complete travesty.

  8. Deepsky January 2, 2018

    OMG, after watching the Lions game with defensive backs constantly out of position, I hope they don’t name Whitt or Perry.

    Bring in Vic Fangio.