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Packers’ CEO Mark Murphy: Lacking in All the Essentials

In the space of less than a week, team president and CEO Mark Murphy took knowledgeable Green Bay Packers fans from elation to deflation.

First, he assured us that the new GM would remain in charge of the head coach. But just days later Murphy announced that the head coach would report directly to him. More about Murphy being a bald-faced liar in a bit.

We probably can agree that among the qualities a CEO should possess are: reasonable intelligence, good analytical ability, good judgment/decision-making skills, ability to communicate well, and high credibility. So how does Murphy rate?

On raw intelligence, I’ll give Murphy a satisfactory grade – so why does he do so many stupid things?

On analytical ability, he gets an “incomplete” grade, because for 11 years now he has never shown us any marked interest in the organization’s football operations. We really don’t know what he thinks are the team’s ever-increasing problems, how they came to be, or how they might be solved.

I might have given Murphy credit for replacing Ted Thompson with Brian Gutekunst if he had acted a few years ago, but c’mon, that’s been a no-brainer for a long time.

As for coach Mike McCarthy and the new GM both directly reporting to the CEO, in the best of circumstances, that’s a dubious way to run a business. In the Packers case, where they have a marginal head coach who is more concerned with his own job security than he is in doing what’s best for the team, it’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Ability to Communicate

Reader comments indicate that many fans agonized through Murphy’s entire 24-minute announcement and Q&A session on Tuesday, January 2. I was so excited by the prospect of a new GM that I gave Murphy a pass at the time. No longer: his comments were poorly delivered, unbusiness-like, evasive, duplicitous – in short, godawful.

If I had a grandson in middle school who gave a speech like that, I’d be out looking for a tutor. By my estimate, in the Q&A portion alone he said “you know” over 100 times, even more than all the “ahs” and “uhms.” As often as not, he failed to even complete his sentences.

There was no eloquence, and few meaningful insights or explanations in Murphy’s presser. Nor was there the appropriate gravity for the moment. Here’s how he began: “Good afternoon. Ah, in case none of you heard – heh-heh-heh – there’s been a change involving Ted Thompson – giggle-giggle – No, I-I thought I’d make a few comments to start off…”

It went downhill from there.

Do any of you remember “Professor” Irwin Corey – the “World’s Foremost Authority?” He was a wild-haired comedian who dressed in a ratty tuxedo and stringy tie. For the latter half of the last century, his television shtick was to step up to the podium and spend an inordinate amount of time arranging his notes, clearing his throat, adjusting his clothes, and otherwise readying himself to speak. Then he would finally begin the speech with: “However” or “Nonetheless.”

Corey was funny. Murphy was not, though he tried to be several times. Corey died last year at 102. Murphy is still working on his comedy act.


The worst of all Murphy’s sins during the past week was that he absolutely destroyed any shred of credibility he might still have possessed.

As mentioned before, when directly asked whether the new GM would remain in charge of the head coach, he assured us he would. Asked again whether the new GM would have the authority to hire and fire McCarthy, Murphy responded, “Absolutely.”

Then, six days later – Murphy issued a news release saying:

“While we have enjoyed a lot of success, we need to improve. With that in mind, the head coach, general manager and executive vice president/director of football operations will report to me moving forward.”

That’s right, Tuesday’s words about who’s in charge of McCarthy are now inoperative.

This was hardly the only whopper Murphy delivered to us. In that same Tuesday speech, for example, he first declared that he alone made the decision to replace Thompson. But when a reporter followed up on whether Thompson was involved, Murphy replied, “Um, I would say… it was a decision that we made jointly.”

Shortly after this, Murphy disclosed, for the first time, that sometime during the 2017 season, McCarthy was given an extension on his contract. When he’s not lying, he’s keeping secrets.

I will NEVER EVER AGAIN believe or trust anything the Packers’ CEO says – and you shouldn’t either. Once someone has lost all credibility, as Mark Murphy has, it can’t be won back.

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Howard January 10, 2018

    CEO with poor presentation, poor ability to communicate, slow to react, and NO credibility. What could go wrong with someone with those leadership qualities in charge?

    1. Michael Meehan January 11, 2018

      Hey! You let Trump alone! Oh, wait. I see. You meant…..

      1. PF4L January 12, 2018

        Welcome…new guy.

  2. Cheese January 10, 2018

    How long does it take for the board to get rid of him? I would love to hear what Ron Wolf thinks of this imbecile.

  3. MM²SUCK January 10, 2018

    Not that the Packers didn’t purge some of the myriad of problems that were making the Packers a very poor team. It is more to the point whom they kept . . . The two biggest weasels in the organization. Shameful. The Buffoon who weekly shows us why he should have been fired years ago. But more importantly the other MM fucktard (Murphy) that allowed this team to continue down the path that they had been on since 2010, with very little input and foresight . . . until it was way too late. MM² The ass and the hole of the NFL football world.

    1. Empacador January 12, 2018

      To be fair, who really thought Murphy was capable of this level of deception? Based on his 11 year track record, as PF4L has been saying, Murphy has basically been inept/incompetent by not doing a thing while Thompson was GM and letting this shit show unfold. Who here would have ever guessed in a week that there were this many weasels involved behind the scenes, McCarthy excluded because we all know what an egotistical blowhard he is. Snaking more power to insulate himself from accountability is right in his wheelhouse.

  4. FTS January 10, 2018

    I’m hoping the reason Murphy put this new power structure in place was to find out who really are/were the silos he labeled when introducing the new GM. I have a feeling that Ball has been orchestrating this toxic environment in the front office. I’m sure Thompson and McCarthy has a lot of blame as well. Hopefully, Murphy has a scheme in place to find out whats really going on.

    GB has lost 5 top personnel bodies in the last 6 years. Something is going on, thats for sure.

    1. Empacador January 10, 2018

      I can’t argue with that. I think there is more Ball behind the scenes too.

      1. PF4L January 10, 2018

        FTS……Murphy is President of the Green Bay Packers, has been for 10 years, he shouldn’t find out what’s really going on, he should already know.

        1. FTS January 10, 2018

          PF4L, just because your the top dog doesnt mean you have all the information. Murphy cant sit in every conversation between every employee in that office. When he was hired, he said he would let Thompson run the football operation while he was running the business side. ArWho wants a micro-manager for a boss anyways. The past few years, I’m sure he saw more than enough to make the changes he needed to make.

          1. PF4L January 10, 2018

            lol…ok tiger

          2. FTS January 11, 2018

            v* ok tiger? That’s all ya got? lol

          3. PF4L January 11, 2018

            That’s all i got Sparky, when i get the kind of beat down you gave me, i’m smart enough to know when to stay down.

          4. FTS January 11, 2018


          5. PF4L January 11, 2018

            Thank you….I now realize, after you set me straight, that 10 years isn’t even enough time to learn how to pronounce his top executives names. Much less know what’s going on around him, maybe 15 years might be long enough, but not 10 years.

            This is why i come in here, so i can learn and be enlightened, by fine people such as yourself.

  5. PF4L January 10, 2018

    Great photo Rob…lol.

    Also, excellent write up. This guys fake laugh, awkward speaking style set me off during that 1st presser. Truth be told, i didn’t view him with many redeeming qualities or hold him in high regard before the presser.

    Here’s also a few things that strike me as odd, as to why he’s still President of the Packers.

    First being the power restructuring. So just because, as he explains it, in talking to McCarthy, Gutekunst, and Ball, he discovered flaws in the process, in lack of communication, etc. Therefore he takes the current structure, and flips it over. Thinking now he should play ‘King and all the servants should report to him. Here’s why i disagree…
    1) That structure was successful for 20+ years.
    2) He’s been the President to oversee the team for the last 10 years. I’m going to repeat that, his job is “overseeing” the team. Even though he has been here for ten years, he just now in the last week, discovers flaws that have been holding this team back for years? Really? So is he admitting he’s been clueless?
    3) On the issue of lack of communication between upper management. citing the fact he just discovered this, isn’t he guilty of the same thing? He didn’t have a clue apparently, so that tells me there was absolutely no communication between him, and the team under Ted.
    4) Murphy has watched Ted’s physical and mental state deteriorate over the years, didn’t he see it? Did all of us see it but Murphy? No one brought it up to him? Nobody on either Board said a word?..And yet, Ted did nothing, by choice…..C’MON MAN.
    5) Just because Murphy watched, and let his GM job’s performance go downhill, is NOT a reason to reorganize the power structure of the franchise, the Packers problem was NOT the power structure in place, the problem was your General Manager has been losing his faculties for years….and you did NOTHING.
    6) Years ago, until now, Murphy has always said he didn’t question Ted. As i said years ago…..Therefore, Ted doesn’t have a boss, and doesn’t answer to anyone. I will say now, what i’ve always said then, Murphy should have been fired, for derelict of Duty. He refused to do his job. Murphy only had two jobs concerning football operations, being Teds boss and overseeing this team, and he failed at both.

    7) Now the question is….when is the Executive Committee going to to do their job……and question Murphy performance?

    Some fans seem confused why this team is always in worse shape than the year before. Some other fans may roll their eyes if some smart ass Packer fan keeps writing…..

    “This team is broken.”

  6. Skinny January 10, 2018

    Im fine with the coach, GM, President “barbeque” that’s supposedly going to start happening weekly or couple times a month. People making too much of that. I see nothing wrong with getting together somewhere shooting the shit about the team, whats working, whats not, hows the wife the and kids etc. That sounds healthy. I was surprised to find out this wasn’t going on to be honest. Christ how the fuck was there no communication between all those guys?

    1. PF4L January 10, 2018

      You were shocked to learn there was a lack of communication in the Packers hierarchy?


  7. Pack Attack January 10, 2018

    Anybody read Andrew brandts article in si? Interesting parts in there to say the least

    1. PF4L January 10, 2018

      Just read it. He’s definitely a Ted fan boy. He got to spend a couple of the good part of Ted’s career with the Packers. He left before the Favre fiasco, and before Ted turned into a vegetable. He also likes to pat himself on the back a bit.

      Otherwise, i think he spent a lot of time saying absolutely nothing

  8. Pack Attack January 11, 2018

    Def. Alot of fluff. Interesting what he said about the meetings of the higher ups. Would like to see someone interview one of these guys that just left to get some perspective on the last few years of Ted and not ten years ago Ted.

  9. Deepsky January 11, 2018

    I think this was all done to give McCarthy more power over the football operations.

    Once again, I’ll mention that McCarthy has family ties with the executive committee. It starts there. McCarthy has had the ear of the executive committee for a long time. He probably didn’t like that Thompson avoided free agency and didn’t draft the type of players he liked. He probably didn’t have complete say in who he could hire as his coaches. And there was nothing he could do about it except complain to the executive committee because Thompson was his boss.

    Look at the end results of this. McCarthy no longer reports to the GM. McCarthy brought in a bunch of his buddies from his home state. McCarthy effectively got rid of all those he thought was holding the team back.

    This MIGHT work out, there are other teams that are structured this way, but this is very similar to the type of issues that caused the Packers to have all those drafting problems in the 70s and 80s.

  10. Ferris January 11, 2018

    Alfred E: “Eliot you got the GM job but you can’t fire McTubO’shit
    Eliot W: Fuck that Alfred E I need control
    Alfred E: Umm Ahhh you know…I umm understand ahhh your position ummm I’ll get back to you
    Alfred E: Get Brian G in here
    Alfred E: Brian G-Money ummm ahhh You got the job if you agree to keep McTubO’shit
    Brian G-Money: SOLD!!!!
    Alfred E: ummm ahhh Eliot…We ummm decided for ahhhh the good of the team ummmm you’re not hired as GM.
    Eliot W: But my name is Wolf!!!
    Alfred E: ummmm ahhhh yeah…it is I hated that prick….ummmm Goodbye