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There Was No Accountability on Packers’ Defense

We’ve talked about accountability and the Green Bay Packers before. Or, more specifically, a lack there of. It appears we should be talking about the Packers’ defense under Dom Capers, as well.

Players cleaned out their lockers on Tuesday and a number of them were asked about Capers’ departure. Two players stepped forward with the same response — players weren’t held accountable for mistakes.

The first guy would know something about that. Cornerback Damarious Randall was benched early in the season after blowing an assignment against the Chicago Bears. An argument ensued and Randall was sent to the locker room early.

Interestingly, when Randall came back the next week, it started a stretch where he played his best football of the season. While he was held accountable, it sounds like he was the only one.

“Players weren’t executing what they were being told, and I feel like maybe (that) wasn’t being enforced enough, that we were still allowing guys on the field that wasn’t getting the job done,” Randall said.

Rumor is Randall was referring to rookie safety Josh Jones, although he never mentioned his name. Jones played 730 snaps on the year. He had but one interception and PFF gave him a final grade of 48.1, which reflects a totally pathetic level of play.

You could probably throw cornerback Quinten Rollins in there too, although he got injured, so didn’t get nearly as many snaps as Jones.

Now, this one I find downright HILARIOUS! Who else talked about accountability, you ask?

Why, Mr. Accountable himself, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, of course!

“We go from our starters to basically free-agent players. Sometimes that can hurt as we’ve seen through the years that I’ve been here, that we don’t have the guys behind us that we had. Jarrett Bush here when I was a rookie. We don’t have the Micah Hydes that can step in, we don’t have the Chris Banjos or the Sean Richardsons that can step in and be held accountable. I think that’s the biggest thing we’re missing.”

Keep in mind this is a guy who did this in the season finale.

Considering Clinton-Dix plays about 99 percent of the Packers’ defensive snaps, it’s clear no one has ever held him accountable for missing tackles or blowing assignments. Those are two things he did plenty of 2017.

Maybe Randall was talking about Clinton-Dix, as well.

Either way, it doesn’t much matter and comes as no surprise. The Packers never bench anyone. Once you’re a starter, you only get pulled if you’re injured.

It’s not just the Dom Capers way. It’s the Mike McCarthy way, too.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. TyKo Steamboat January 2, 2018

    Our 3-4 is a wimpy Nickel. It’s based off the scheme of creating confusion & forcing turnovers. Fumbles are fluky & the tipped interceptions only fell to us in 2010. A season with Clay Matthews in his prime, Raji playing his only great season & Woodson playing his best ever.

    I hate NFL 3-4. I want a 4-3. We can build it around Clark, Daniels, Perry (playing DE as he did in effing college) & perhaps Biegel or a FA or draft pick. (Imagine if we actually drafted T.J. Watt) … Martinez as our MIKE, Matthews as our WILL & Ryan as our SAM.

    But I doubt it ever will

    1. KILLER January 3, 2018

      I hate the 3-4. So many reasons I better not start. OK, I will start but just a little.

      Except for prevent you are going to rush at least 4 every play. Why not 4 full-fledged defensive linemen? And size wins in the run game. And you have to win the run game to do very well against the pass. If you really want to boil it down, 3-4 vs. 4-3 is really this = do you want a 4th LB or a 4th DL? Whether run or pass play I would always choose a 4th DL.

      Clark and Daniels are a perfect set for 403 DTs. You don’t need a 330 lb DT in a 4-3. Yes, Perry would be good as a rush end DE. You could then draft a DE or get a lighter rush DE and play Lowry in 1st and run downs vs. the ORT.

      Matthews is pretty well washed up anyway. Martinez at MLB. Biegel as back-up MLB. Ryan should be a back-up only. Josh Jones at weakside ala Barron of the Rams. Strong side LB is basically not a starter nowadays. Nickel corner is.

  2. Kato January 3, 2018

    I thought the way PFFgrades work was 50 was an average grade? Someone correct me if I was wrong. That would mean Josh Jones was slightly below average, not awful

    1. PF4L January 3, 2018

      I’m not sure either Kato as i refuse to pay for anything, like PFF, or ESPN “insiders…lmao.

      Like i’m gonna pay money, to read Kipers 2018 mock draft….lol

    2. KILLER January 3, 2018

      I think above 90 is elite, 80s is pro bowl level, 70s above average. So I guess 60s would be average, 50s below average, 40s pretty miserable. 50 might seem like middle of the road but the scoring I’ve seen really has been between 30s to upper 90s which would make 60s about middle of the road they are on.

      But don’t quote me, this is just my best understanding of them.