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Packers’ Stagnation Could No Longer Be Denied

Let’s pat ourselves on the back. Total Packers readers, commenters, and writers knew long before – we’re talking years here – that the leadership of the Green Bay Packers, after being in decline for several years, was nearing the point of utter stagnation.

After years of rising impatience and indignation, most TP readers had arrived at a consensus that this team required massive changes – not so much on the field, as at the top. Administrators and coaches had become predictable, non-innovative, non-inspiring, risk-adverse, and non-accountable. TP led the cry for the regime change we are now witnessing.

Nowhere else were the calls for an administrative and coaching upheaval made more passionately and persistently than right here. The change we’re seeing now should have happened two years ago, but we’ll settle for what we’re seeing in the first hours of this new year: new Green Bay Packers leadership!

First we learned of the departure of defensive coordinator Dom Capers. Then a couple assistant coaches were canned – more might be forthcoming. Finally, the news that general manager Ted Thompson had been “reassigned” came down. We didn’t expect coach Mike McCarthy to lose his job, and doubt that he will as part of the current purge, but what’s just happened is reason enough to be gleeful.

Finally, the leaders of the Packers are being held accountable for their job performance. The players have always known they must perform at a high level and at long last the same standard is being applied to the coaches and administrators. Pro sports is a demanding business.

We eagerly await their replacements. We’ll certainly debate the choices, and we’ll report honestly on how well they are performing as the 2018 season unwinds.

Let’s bear in mind that it took years to take this great franchise from the heights down to what we saw at Lambeau Field against the Baltimore Ravens on November 19, against the Minnesota Vikings on December 23, and finally against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field on December 31. So it might take a matter of years to build the team back up to being a consistent Super Bowl contender.

But the gears of progress are finally turning. We’ve got some great news to celebrate as we begin the New Year. Here’s a toast to starting a new streak of football excellence in Green Bay!

Rob Born

Smart drafters don’t select the best available players, they fill a team’s positions of greatest need.



  1. Empacador January 2, 2018

    Anyone see an extension coming for McNugget in the near future? Anyone? He probably threw up in his mouth a little bit knowing he has to perform this year or be out on his ass. I guess firing a DC/TT is the equivalent of firing a self proclaimed highly successful NFL head coach. Man, I should conjure up a drinking problem so I can get sober, then I have an excuse to fall off the wagon again once they fire that clown. That day should be proclaimed a state holiday, whenever it happens. My only hope is he gets hired somewhere else and falls flat on his face so he can be truly exposed as the fraud he is, and the doubters that still defend that ass clown will finally see the light.

  2. Bobby D January 2, 2018

    Stories now circulating that the board of directors instructed Howdy Doody Murphy to remove Ted Thompson for reasons all of us have known for years. He lost his marbles quite a while ago. Then the question begs to be asked. Who’s been making all these fucked up decisions that have resulted in a roster comprised mostly of total garbage if not 100% Teddy? And are they in line for the GM job? Anybody know what Lil Wolf is capable of? Or Gazuntheit, God bless him. Gonna be interesting for sure

  3. Deepsky January 2, 2018

    The Packers have taken a risk in order to get to the top level again. That’s probably a good thing. Rodgers will be 35 next year and after watching him throw passes short against the Panthers, may be in decline. The time to act was now.

    We assume because McCarthy wasn’t fired and Capers was, they are keeping McCarthy, but I’m wondering if McCarthy fired Capers, not realizing Mark Murphy was about to shake up the front office.

    McCarthy could still be out of a job, especially if the bring in an outside GM.

    That doesn’t mean Thompson and the front office are gone if a new GM is brought in. Braatz brought in some of his own scouts, but also retained several Packers scouts. Wolf kept many Packer scouts, and I believe they were also responsible for the Packers rebirth because Wolf actually listened to them.

    1. Kato January 2, 2018

      They aren’t bringing in am outside GM. This move has likely been in the works for a while. They made the decisions to extend Adams and Linsley, those decisions would not have been made if they were going to bring in an outside candidate. I am just praying that McCarthy isn’t going to have more say in personnel decisions

      1. Deepsky January 2, 2018

        Giving McCarthy any personnel role would be a disaster. Sheesh, I didn’t think of that until you said it. Wolf made that horrible decision with Sherman, so its not inconceivable.

  4. Howard January 2, 2018

    If the Packers were going to hire a GM outside the current group they are falling behind. The Packers must follow the Rooney Rule if hiring outside the organization. You would think interview requests and schedules would be in the public domain by now.

    The Packers last year put in either Gute, Wolf, or Balls contracts what position(s) they would have when TT was reassigned. I could be very wrong, but this is done, and has been since last off season.

    The Packers do need to make an announcement soon if they want a quality defensive coordinator from outside the team. I think they should go outside the current group of position coaches (hop on the bus Gus). If they do go outside the current group some type of stability needs to be shown or no defensive coordinator will want to take the job with a lame duck coach. Unless he is guaranteed the head coach job if a change is made.

    Doesn’t MM usually have a final press conference a couple days after the final game? You would think that MM and the team would like the new GM announced before that conference. It would look foolish to have a highly successful NFL coach conduct a press conference were he is asked multiple questions about his job status and then be told his contract is terminated by a new GM. That could be an interesting press conference if the GM is not announced before hand. The reporters should not let MM get away with saying he will not talk about his future.

  5. Truth January 2, 2018

    Russ ball is the guy who “Negotiated” contracts for people like Perry, Adams and Cobb.

    How the fuck could he be considered for any promotion????

    Negotiated???? Really????

  6. Big B January 2, 2018

    Just a thought- if the new GM wants to choose his own head coach couldn’t he trade McCarthy, since he is under contract, and get some decent compensation? I wouldn’t expect Gruden-esque returns, but if MM is so highly regarded around the league wouldn’t he be worth at least a #1? That would be awesome.

  7. Gort January 2, 2018

    Although a quick turnaround can occur (2016 / 2017 Rams for example) I agree with Rob that we should keep our expectations down to earth.

    We did get finally some of the long overdue changes.

  8. TyKo Steamboat January 2, 2018

    Rob, you were the 1st to give a real analysis of Teddy T’s mental health state. I hate seeming like a 34-year old dick that is insensitive to an older generation, but I couldn’t deny what I was witnessing.

    I was last in line for the “Dump Ted train” but it was now. Capers too, more-so.

    Teddy T drafted Aaron Rodgers, shipped Favre to the Jets, made tough decisions & brought us Ryan Pickett & Charles Woodson for a Superbowl win 1 year after clenching our teeth watching the fucken ViQueens go down in flames in New Orleans. Teddy T in the Packers Hall Of Fame!!! DILLY DILLY!!!!!!!