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Some former and current Green Bay Packers have thanked former general manager Ted Thompson.

Jeff Janis loves the guy and why wouldn’t he? It certainly hasn’t been Mike McCarthy that’s kept Janis on an NFL roster this long. Long snapper Brett Goode? He comes, he goes, he and his mullet always come back.

The other guys, though.

My main man Charles Woodson, which is the second-best move Ted Thompson ever made, threw some props.

Thompson also made the folly of cutting Woodson. Unceremoniously. Didn’t ask him to take a pay cut. Didn’t ask him to move to safety. Didn’t ask anything. Just cut him. Woodson went on to record 10 picks in three seasons as a safety with the Raiders. He wanted to stay in Green Bay. But Jerron McMillian is my boy! Well, that’s what Big Ted said, anyway. Woodson did win his only Super Bowl in his time with the Packers, however.

Ted has tried to get rid of Brett Goode more times than we can count. But like punter… well, Ted Thompson sucks at special teams. Like he couldn’t find a replacement for Jon Ryan — who he cut — until this year, Big Ted had never been able to replace long snapper Brett Goode. Boy, has he tried and boy has he failed. When the latest failure occurred, Big Ted had Brett Goode on speed dial. And Goode was always there to answer the call.

Tramon! Much like Al Harris, I can’t really describe how much I appreciate Tramon Williams. Two things immediately come to mind, both from the 2010 playoffs. Michael Vick’s throw to the end zone late in the wild card game. Tramon knocks it away and I yell, “Don’t ever throw on Tramon Williams! Don’t ever throw on Tramon, motherfucker!” And then there was the return in the beatdown against the Falcons the next week — a game the Packers were supposed to get raked in. Right before half, it more or less ended the game.

I’ve seen it reported elsewhere, by actual accredited news organizations, that Ryan Grant was another one of Ted Thompson’s great undrafted free agent signings. He wasn’t. He was an undrafted free agent, but he was on the Giants’ roster. Ted — in a rare move — actually traded a sixth-round pick to the New York Giants for Grant. It was a hell of a trade. Grant ran for 4,143 yards in six seasons with the Packers.

You know the story on Jeff Janis. He’s managed to stick in Green Bay for four years based on his special teams play.

Mike Montgomery, a defensive end, lasted six seasons with the Packers. He started just eight games in that time, but he got a Super Bowl ring for the 2010 season.

Brett Swain, a receiver, lasted just two seasons with the Packers as a backup receiver. He caught a total of six passes for 72 yards. Like Montgomery, he owns a Super Bowl ring from the 2010 season.

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!