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And Finally, Here’s the Packers’ New Coaching Staff

The Green Bay Packers unveiled their new coaching staff on Wednesday. There were a whole bunch of new titles and at least a couple surprises.

We knew the defensive coordinator would be Mike Pettine. We knew the offensive coordinator would be Joe Philbin. Both are new hires, although Philbin perviously held the position. The special teams coordinator remains Ron Zook.

Of the remainder of the assistants, some are new and many of the holdovers received new titles. Here’s who either is a new hire or got a new title.

  • James Campen – offense – run game coordinator/offensive line
  • Jim Hostler – offense – pass game coordinator
  • Patrick Graham – defense – run game coordinator/inside linebackers
  • Joe Whitt Jr. – defense – pass game coordinator
  • Frank Cignetti Jr. – quarterbacks coach
  • Ryan Downard – defensive quality control coach
  • Maurice Drayton – assistant special teams coach
  • Scott McCurley – defensive assistant
  • Jerry Montgomery – defensive line coach
  • David Raih – wide receivers coach
  • Jason Simmons – secondary coach

What to make of this jumbled mess?

Campen was formerly offensive line coach, so he received a promotion of some sort.

Hostler was supposedly hired to coach receivers. However, you can see he got an even fancier title. Raih was previously the Packers’ offensive perimeter coach, whatever the hell that means.

Whitt, the former cornerbacks coach, was promoted earlier this offseason.

McCurley was fired as the Packers’ assistant linebackers coach and then brought back in a different role. Montgomery, who was the Packers’ assistant defensive line coach, briefly left for a college job, and is now back with a promotion.

Simmons was moved over from assistant special teams coach into a position that didn’t exist before.

Graham was brought over from the Giants and given a title that didn’t exist before.

Downard, who we figured would have a role with the defensive backs, instead gets another title.

Interestingly, Winston Moss, who many thought would be canned, remains on staff as associate head coach and linebackers coach.

The wild card is Darren Perry, who is not listed on staff, but still in the building. Perry is looking at other offers. He was the Packers’ safeties coach, but that position has obviously been eliminated. The Packers now have a defensive passing game coordinator AND a secondary coach.

Word is, Perry could still return with a new title, but how many coaches to you need working with the defensive backs?

Mordecai Jones

Mordecai is a writer living in Los Angeles. He primarily writes screenplays, but also does crap like this because GREEN BAY PACKERS, baby!



  1. FTS January 24, 2018

    Passing/Running game coordinators? To many Chiefs, not enough Indians. Good Job Big Mike!

  2. Kato January 24, 2018

    Not really a big fan of this structure. I feel like there are too many voices in these players heads and could lead to confusion.

  3. Empacador January 24, 2018

    McCarthy, the gift that keeps on giving. What a tool.